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  1. Wayland the Smith

    Welcome Back Everyone!

    Back on board! And yes I bought Black Wolf as opposition to my RC fleet! Oh well.
  2. Wayland the Smith

    Marketing the North Star pre-orders

    Hi Mike Also, if it's possible, I'd really like the opportunity to buy the fortified prison model outside of the Corsican Incident box set.
  3. Wayland the Smith

    Russian modular battleship

    Looks great - I like the colour scheme! Looking forward to seeing your take on the Mark II superstructure.
  4. Wayland the Smith

    Russian modular battleship

    Thanks, but both the large and small ones are very three-dimensional so quite easy to paint. I did the large one in light blue and then went over it with a blue wash which gave more definition. It's also fairly simple to pick out the 'studs' on the smaller ones.
  5. Wayland the Smith

    Pakhtusov Battleship

    I'd thought about that - great idea! Trouble is the bridge/smokestack sections on my existing ships are all firmly glued down!
  6. Wayland the Smith

    Russian modular battleship

    Thanks! I was trying to mimic the St Basil's colour scheme, but didn't think I'd be able to match the spiral stripes!
  7. Wayland the Smith

    Pakhtusov Battleship

    I'm not sure. I was assuming it was something to do with propulsion. I think the glacier generator must be represented by the special bridge piece, and the target jammer is an internal.
  8. Wayland the Smith

    Pakhtusov Battleship

    No - only finished late last night! And given our schedule and upcoming holiday it won't be for at least a fortnight. Will report back - should give some effective long-ranged firepower, but I'm not sure it'll be a regular replacement for my usual Khatanga. And thanks!
  9. Wayland the Smith

    Pakhtusov Battleship

    I've already posted in the hobby forum, but here are pics of the new modular battleship, finished last night. More on my friend's blog: http://theleadmountainboys.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/pauls-new-battleship.html My only slight disappointment in painting it was the area between the rivets on the panels. On the earlier models this was a recessed groove, and I rather liked the grimy effect that filling this with a dark brown wash gave. On the new ship it's actually a raised ridge, which I didn't think would take the wash so well, so it won't quite match the existing ships in my fleet. Other than that it was great fun to paint and I'm really pleased with the result. I magnetised the alternative parts for easy swapping between games - pics on the blog. Can't wait to get it on the table now!
  10. Wayland the Smith

    Russian modular battleship

    I finished mine last night. I'm not sure how to add photographs to a post, but there are some images on my friend's blog here: http://theleadmountainboys.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/pauls-new-battleship.html. I wasn't too sure about the rear end and ultimately just fudged things with dry-bushing. The one disappointment for me was the area 3between the rivets on the panels. On my existing Russian ships I have always infilled this recessed area with a dark brown wash and rather liked the grimy effect. However on the new ship there is a raised ridge between the panels, rather than a groove. I didn't think this would take the wash so well, so didn't try it, so it's a shame it won't match my existing ships. Other than that it's a great model and was fun to paint - looking forward to trying it out in a game now! Oh - I think that worked!
  11. Wayland the Smith

    Corsican Incident

    Thanks for adding to this thread Spartan Mike. Will you be able to share an image of the fortified prison model soon? And is this likely to be available outside the box as well as the new ships? I'm asking as I already have a lot of the existing models in the box. I love the idea of the scenario! Very much looking forward to seeing more about this new set.
  12. Wayland the Smith

    Movement after mine detonation

    That's exactly what we assumed. Thanks for confirming.
  13. Wayland the Smith

    Movement after mine detonation

    Forgive me if this has been asked before, but if a ship detonates a mine during movement, perhaps during its minimum movement say, can it then carry on with the remainder of its movement allowance? I assume yes, provided it doesn't receive an engine failure critical effect, but I wasn't able to confirm this in the rulebook.
  14. Wayland the Smith

    Episode 33 of the Element 270 Podcast - EotBS

    A great listen - really thorough coverage. Very much looking forward to your coverage of the changes to the Russian Coalition orbats.
  15. Just downloaded this and looking forward to listening. My group has just started the armoured game so this sounds really useful. Cheers

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