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  1. A good step toward your list is the patrol fleet. Grab that sucker, get some games in with it, then figure out what else yout would like. I would also try to find a Battle for Valhalla box. That would get you to 6 cruisers, get a Tyrant Battleship (drool) and more Armsmen.
  2. I was counting the admiral as 2, oops!
  3. Nice tokens! I'm ways on the edge of wanting to pick up a set. Are the cardsame that come with useful and interesting?
  4. Made a little painting guide to help newer people. Hope it helps! http://afterimagedan.blogspot.com/2015/12/tutorial-painting-made-easy.html?m=1
  5. N20Joe, I just use a drill and it's fine. Never needed a pin vice. Just set the drill bit where I want it and pull the trigger slowly.
  6. Captain Frederic, sounds like a cool fleet. I almost always take 1 unit of Plumbata. Scout can be game winning at times. But our frigates with pack hunters are excellent. I do like the heavy cruisers but tend to prefer the regular ones to them. The regular cruiser firepower is almost the same. Weapon shielding is great, but then your heavy squad is 160 points more for a squad. That's a ton of points. Personally, I have had more success with the heavy cruisers in smaller games. They are really hard to wipe out at that level and you have so few battle log to reward an enemy who kills through your 400pt squad. A Falxs is a net battle log swing of 12 with your admiral. The heavy cruisers at 10. More fragile, but 20 hit points to finish the job. True, your admiral is on a fragile ship. Just shunt them in!
  7. I'm not arguing which makes more sense, I'm arguing looks. Too my eyes, it's gold, red, blue-grey, blue, yellow, green. But hey, you like what you like!
  8. I've never found it to be an issue. I've drilled every ship hole deeper no matter what to help with stability. I also replace the acrylic rob with steel so it's sturdy as hell. Never needed a drill press. I really like the color scheme. The things sticking off the battle station look a little too much like birthday candles for my taste. The purple with the green and magenta is just downright pretty. I would probably consider a black, blue, or purple wash over the purple before the highlights. It tones down the drybrush clalkiness some. So does a varnish spray, I have found.
  9. Looks sweet! Only thing I would prefer would be only blue glow instead of blue and green. Too many colors for my eyes at that point.
  10. I wouldn't post it. It doesn't help the war log indicate game balance unfortunately.
  11. Perfect. So next, I would get another cruiser box and magnetize if you want to go cruiser/heavy cruiser heavy or I would go for the gunship box.
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