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  1. Battletech normally uses a hex map, but there are quick conversions used for non-hex set ups that have been around for almost the same length of time.
  2. My nearest shop just posted saying they aren't even sure how much they will open, even if the governor decides to go full clearance. They did a slow close where they shut down the game room and the hobby room, but leaving the shop area open. Then they did just curb-side service till full shut-down, then they arranged for online gift certificates for the meanwhile. They are talking about doing a reversal of the previous, with curb-side service, after installing some anti-bug measures. As it is, only a couple counties have been hit hard in my state (Arizona has a whole lot of empty space with very few people living there), leaving the metropolises the ones that are any real concern. Downside is that I live on the outskirts of the largest one.
  3. My local stores are supposed to open in May, but that may still be changed. Even then, the nearest one was still high on Warhammers and Star Wars, so I don't know how far Firestorm may go.
  4. Well, getting a boarding crew to carry something that would infect another ship would be a hard sell unless it totally wasn't going to work on them. As it is, if you're going to assault life support, why bother with a slow* developing system when you can just trash it, which will have faster affects during an armed conflict. If it was for a campaign system and they were planning on the crew making it out with their unknown virulent cargo, then it would be a good thing to do, but for something that would see effects in the average game, it just wouldn't pan out. *By "slow" I mean with the average time a fight happens and slower than oxygen deprivation from a shattered life support system or a submitting just pure toxins in to the air of said ship.
  5. Well, unless you're attacking an organic ship, the organic crew would be the target of a bio weapon. There is a huge difference between taking out the life support system and installing a plague. As such, any weapons system that would be hitting crew would have a similar affect to that. So, biohazard. They don't have to necessarily be killed by biohazards, just incapacitated in some way. This is generally one of the "get-bys" when dealing with the Wound system in 40K. You may be hit, and even if you are Wounded, doesn't mean you're dead, just removed as a member of the effective fighting force.
  6. Either in primary or torpedo weapons which have the Biohazard MAR.
  7. To be fair, what comes out on the model does not always match what is presented in such previews. Still, I had to double check that they were Veydreth. These designs do not really match their older designs. The older ones seemed bulky (in a good way) to hold the "star dragons" while these seem from another race entirely. Of course time may have moved on. One couldn't take the Sopwith Camels of WW1 and really compare them to the Harrier jets of more modern day. Or how about the ships of the line 200 years ago versus the warships of today? They may be incorporating more Relthozan and Oroshan tech in their ships. It would make for an interesting story, at least.
  8. A considerable change to the Veydreth ships there. And the fighters seem to be more 3D than was presented by Spartan, so will they be raised like Dropfleet or will you be sticking with the tokens of yesteryear?
  9. If I was any good at 3D modeling, I would have tried to make a Homeworlds or Stellaris mod with Firestorm by now...
  10. Oh, that part was perfectly clear. Again, I disagree because one of the more common reasons to board a ship is to capture it. You could be a pirate, or a dark lord commanding a battleship chasing a corvette to the back end of nowhere (that looks WAY too much like your old home where your mom died) that just happened to be carrying the ultra-top secret plans to the latest weapon system. But unless you're Chief that is the Master of Spec Ops, you won't actually be able to properly control it after depopulating it, so you need a well trained crew to help you out. Don't get me wrong, just using an Illudium 238 Space Modulator is far more efficient, but there are times you need a hull to take somewhere else for things like espionage and research, and sometimes you need a good new batch of slaves to work for your Really Dark Ops Raptor Group.
  11. I rather disagree. One of the reasons to board a ship is to capture it. How much setup is required and how much it is worth in the end are the real questions. Obviously a Battleship should be able to handle capturing individual Tier 2 & 3 ships quite handily, but having dedicated boarding ships, like some of the Assault Cruisers or Directorate Drones, on hand to handle things with more crew capacity, like a Space Station or aforementioned Battleship, should be a necessity. In other words, your fleet should be built with boarding in mind in order to making capture an effective strategy.
  12. One doesn't always have to see the support guns, and it could be a change from their either/or broadsides to the more effective separated broadsides. Of course, if you have a good hanger capacity, broadsides may not be needed as much. This Dindrenzi line reminds me of the Klingons, with the fighter making me think of the Star Wars Empire and Skum and Villainy lines.
  13. It REALLY depends on the system. Some can be quite predictable and easy to use, some are very clunky and can take time to organize the movement, and that applies to vector or cinematic. Speed and ranges scale the game. Most of Warmachine infantry moves as fast as 40K infantry, but the ranges on most 40K infantry are considerably longer than most ranged Warmachine Infantry (heck, average 40K pistol has better range than the average WMH rifle), and Warmachine actually cares about how far melee can hit where everyone has the same melee range in 40K. To say nothing of how they deal with special movement like Running and Charging.
  14. The Directorate was always one of the easiest ones to get out of it. I was setting my fleet up as a private security interest that was based out of the Directorate, and so procured Directorate tech to use wherever their contracts required them. So I could be using Directorate ships to defend a Terran Alliance world against the Dindrenzi or a Relthozan raid. Or I could be the one conducting a raid under contract against any of those three. It only depended on who I was playing at the time, it wouldn't be hard to draw up a reason for it. Of course, that may be because my first tabletop interest was Battletech, and they have some fun ways of getting unusual equipment around where it wasn't made.
  15. Very true. Firestorm had a similar mechanic, but it is easier to escape when you change which aspect of reality you are traveling through. Wet naval vessels usually don't have that option unless they have something like a Wave Motion Gun. For the purposes of the immediate game on the table, there is no difference between leaving vertically, interspacially, like a bat outta Hell, or explosively. Where a difference is made is the strategic factor for campaigns, or if such campaign potential is being considered for scoring at the end of the game. Sadly, in these types of games, its hard to set up a ship to be the Yorktown at the Battle of Midway. Double Blind rules are such a pain to work out.
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