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  1. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    Wikipedia lists Destroyermen as "alternate history", which sounds as good a name for it as any. It's not uncommon for sci-fi hooks which make the "alternate" happen, such as some of Turtledove's work (I tried his lizard aliens invade WW2 Earth series) or for Flint/Weber's 1632 series.
  2. ++ Reading Warfare Grand Tournement 2018 ++

    Part of me wishes I could go to it. My wife wouldn't mind visiting England again (and I've never been), but we already have several trips on the docket this year. Good luck players, and thank you for helping keep this game alive!
  3. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    It's still available on Steam for Windows, at a smaller amount. It's hard to get in to for a quick game, but that's partly because of it's dedication to known physics early on. Possibly. The Call To Arms fleet write-ups did allow for a good amount of classes for most of the races. The League would have to be treated almost as a cohesive whole, though, as they were not that diverse for individual races. Hyper Jumps can take a long time, and only the Jedi could handle the really long trips. In addition, having a moving base to resupply your fighters and rest your pilots is an intelligent strategic decision. Then there is just flat out inertia as well. Fighter jump drives were not all that common, and the Rebellion was the first group to really invest in the concept extensively. Before them, small hyperdrives were limited to recon ships, "bombers", and shuttles. Some fighters could link in to dedicated rings which could do the job, that was more for the Jedi's use.
  4. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    Neo BSG didn't have many space battles, but out of the ones they had, there were a high proportion of epic fights. Most of the series focused more on the mind screw of infiltration and suspicion than with humanity fighting to survive like the original one had.
  5. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    Indeed. Deep Space 9 had a few good ones, but B5 was the first to get it good that I remember seeing. Star Wars Clone Wars had a few good ones as well, but they were mostly focused on the ground game. And I love the line that ended one of the biggest, "Get the hell out of our galaxy!" Boxleitner rocks. It should be possible. There were a few made, and with some proper pinning, it should be possible. The hard part is tracking them down. The fleets would make an interesting "mash-up" against Firestorm.
  6. Future FA rules

    Being tournament suitable doesn't always translate to being specifically designed for tournaments. It was designed to be played during a lunch hour. Sure, that's within a tournament's time table, but that doesn't make something people WANT to play in a tournament. Neither was Task Force, 40K, or Age of Sigmar. Heck GW openly brags that they are not a game designer, yet people still play gobs of tournaments around the world of both their major systems. Anyone up for a Solitaire tournament? No? Tic-Tac-Toe? No? Me neither. Time of game play is not the only qualifier for a tournament game. Tournaments for table top games come out of a community desire to play against a group of people over a weekend of a game they are already playing, not because the game is the new tournament game. Point values are determined based on how many games the tournament organizers plan to have played within the allowed time frame. If you want a game to die a slow meandering death only kept alive by the occasional grognards who are fighting a rear action against entropy, sure you can go that route. I still see people playing 9th Age as if GW completely denied ever creating Age of Sigmar. I'm a huge fan of Battletech, the original, not that Clix ****. Yes, the internet only shows you a distilled picture of the market, that is not in argument. The point was that Dropfleet Commander, as a competitor and a new boy on the street, will show you how much people are willing to buy and bring to the table for a game that is "fresh" to a market. What is the normal amount of ships for that engagement is what people are normally willing to play on either a game night or a tournament, because of the game's mechanics. X-Wing's a poor selling mechanic to follow as it is a poke-card game disguised as a miniature game, and the miniatures are used to sell the card packs (true story). Of course, there are 2 things which determine a match's speed, the ease of applying the mechanics and the familiarity with those mechanics. Those mechanics in Firestorm which increase turn time are those that need to be addressed to help bring new players in the game who are used to the ease of X-Wing. As an example, 1500 points used to be the target point for 40K, because 2 average armies of that value could be played within 2-3 hours. As editions came and went, it went up as the mechanics were made simpler, point values of units went down, and special rules started getting redonkulously powerful so that I see 2000 points as the average tournament point list these days. Each edition shed veteran players, either due to fatigue (sometimes over the rules which were open to argumentative interpretation, I'm looking at you Independent Character!) or because of the, "This Edition Broke My Army" complaint. However, as the rules got easier to get in to, it was easier to get people invested in the game, which is actually why 40K is seeing a resurgence. 40K is an important reference point as rumors are flying around in which Battlefleet Gothic will be making a comeback, and that is a direct and powerful competitor to Firestorm Armada, even more then DropFleet Commander is.
  7. Future FA rules

    I didn't think that Taskforce was a tournament play game. It was designed for a quick get together and bang out a game in a short time with a small number of models. I don't think it was really designed for the larger number of models that a normal Armada game is supposed to have. Taskforce seems to be designed to work with X-Wing/Battletech numbers of models at the detail of 40K. Conversely, Armada seems to be designed with a more a step or two above Warmachine level of detail (but far below Battletech level) with a smaller Warmachine game level of models. The problem with detail and complexity is that the more you have in your system, the longer it takes to play the game, the more models you include in it. A good example of that is Battletech. It has a huge amount of complexity and detail, which leads to having more than 5v5 getting bogged down into a long slog, even with experienced players. Conversely, you have the detail of 8e 40K and Age of Sigmar which can have literally a hundred models per side (or more, depending on the army) and still move at a good pace. What are you classifying as a tournament game? When I see tournaments around here they involve WarmaHordes, 40K, AoS/9th Age, X-Wing, or Infinity*. Of those, only the latter two qualify as not requiring that many miniatures to play, and only WarmaHordes was actively designed to be a competitive game. It is possible to do a small number of models in a normal WarmaHordes tournament game, but that usually would involve Collossals/Gargantuans and Battle Engines, which then get outnumbered and skunked on scenario. * Malifaux never really took off very well here in my local market. There are some players, but there doesn't seem to be any interest in setting up a regular tournament schedule like the ones I just mentioned. ------------------------------------------------- The main question for the level of detail and complexity is what is the target size of forces you are wanting to field and the time frame you want these games to be run in. If you want to field 3 Grand Fleets per side in 2-3 hours, welcome to 40K level of detail. If you want to run a Task Force per side in 2-3 hours, say hello to Battletech level of detail. Either of these are fine on a tournament level of game. Heck, Infinity has a very small model count compared to anything besides Battletech (and maybe Malifaux), and the level of detail in that game is minimal, but it is a very complex game when it comes to rule interactions. 40K's level of detail is fine for the number of models you are expected to bring, the only problem it has from a tournament perspective is the lazy rule-writing by its parent company. My suggestion would be to look at your prime competitors and see what people are looking to play at. Primarily, that would be Dropfleet Commander (DFC) and X-Wing (XW). Decide if you want the model count of your games to be larger than DFC, in between XW and DFC, or match SWA. If you want to be bigger than DFC, then the rules are going to have to be simpler than FSA 2.0 rules are now. If you want to match DFC, then they will still need to be a smidge more simple (though, not by much). If you want to match XW, then bring on the level of detail and the turn markers etc. If you want to sell the most, going for GW levels of models and play time should be the eventual target. Say what you want about the quality of their rules (and I can go on and on), they know what their target is and they hit it pretty reliably. One of their best strategies is to encourage you to have a large and diverse army. Their long existence helps to go for that, though. Right now, if I was WC, I would target to be around DFC's level at the most, and leave it concepts which can be loosened over time to build up to GW's popularity and model sales.
  8. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    I may be feeling a little pedantic about it, but that wasn't really a space battle. No fighting actually occurred. It was just a ramming (even if it was one of the most beautiful sequences in the movie). I don't have a problem with bombs, it was with the bombers and their whole design concept which makes me pull my hair out. The bomber scene was the only actual space battle in the entire movie, and while it was to frantic to fully appreciate it, it was based around a really really stupid concept for that time period.
  9. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    There were space battles in the Last Jedi? All I remember is 2 strafing runs and then a slow plodding to the middle of nowhere. There was one actual space battle in that there were people actually shooting at each other, but it was due to use one of the stupidest ship designs conceived in this universe (and that's including the Legend's Die-Wing). That having been said, I've imagined using my Directorate ships to do invasions during the Clone Wars and what kind of shenanigans they could do to both Separatist and Republic ships. There were more naval actions in some of those episodes then the movies all put together.
  10. So if a Frigate takes any hit and becomes Disordered, out it goes?
  11. Another advantage is every Patrol box comes with enough Frigates to split in to two squadrons, as well as 3 Cruisers, making it very easy to setup such a demo without anything else. Another advantage is that you're both using the same ships, so don't have to play with different MARs.
  12. Future FA rules

    Not the point. The turning template can be found in any Patrol box. The X-Wing Templates are only free in the two starter sets, so if you don't want the starter set you have to buy them separately. More to the point, I was merely pointing out that movement decisions will slow down the game no matter which system you are in as a counter point to the concept that FSA's movement system provides for a longer decision matrix. At least in FSA, you have a chance of avoiding a collision, while X-Wing isn't so nice.
  13. Future FA rules

    X-Wing uses templates which cost money. It can be faster, but the agonizing over decisions can take just as long. Even longer if you consider the fact that you cannot pre-measure a movement (they are decided in secret) so you may or may not be able to get something in a firing arc, and even that can lead to arguments. An app would help in calculating the rolls (heck, there's one for Battletech), but beyond that it won't help. The individual still needs to make the determinations to put in to the app before it can do the calculations. Even then, doing the actual rolling wouldn't take very long.
  14. Ship construction methodology

    Eh, it's not so bad, certain tax softwares can help a lot if you just keep plugging at it. I just won't be able to actively do it for a few days or a week as I let my brain process all the chaos. I have it in my Google Docs here, and attached below. I don't have the Weapon bands on it, either. I may be missing the Task Force ships as well. The Sheets are Stats, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Battlestations, Escorts, and Empire Command. The Stats page is set up specific to cell ranges, so I don't recommend resorting the Tier pages until you have everything entered as it will throw things off until you adjust them. As an interesting side note, when this was written up, the Cruiser base price range went form 50 to 70, with the average being 58. Average DR was 4, CR=7, Mv=8, HP=4, CP=4, AP=3, PD=3, MN=1, Shield=1, and Turn=1. Frigates were from 20-35, with the average at 25. Average stats: DR=3, CR=5, Mv=11, HP=2, CP=2, AP=1, PD=1, MN=0, Shield=0, and Turn=0. Battleships were 170-200, averaging at 180. Average stats: DR=6, CR=11, Mv=7, HP=9, CP=7, AP=5, PD=6, MN=3, Shield=1, Wings=1, and Turn=2. Ship List.xlsx
  15. Ship construction methodology

    @Wolfgang Jannesen, I have a spreadsheet made up for most of that, but I think it is a couple iterations out of date and I will take an effort to update. While I enjoy good data matriculation, actual data entry is tedious. Add to that it is tax season, my previous tax guy decided not be doing it this year, and having moved I don't have one I trust, means I am doing it myself for the first time since I got married. So I'm applying deductions myself, reporting Uber work, dealing with mortgage information, and trying to determine if I can apply the money I pay on the solar panels that came on my (new to me) house all for the first time. That's making my brain a little too frazzled to deal with combing through all the last Fleet Manuals and updating my spreadsheet's data. I would also consider that I would have to update it to consider MARs if I really want it to be complete.

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