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  1. Charistoph

    SRS rebalnace

    Well, the 5 pts would be baked in to the ship's cost, one way or the other, if they are automatically fielded. But having a hard-coded limit to how much of a type any one ship can through out can actually allow for making them stronger and still bringing in the Balance. As for many of the 1 Wing ships, more than likely they will either drop the 1 Wing or automatically be set up exactly as you say.
  2. Charistoph

    SRS rebalnace

    What if ships with SRS did not purchase them outright, but had their Wings automatically determined at initial purchase? Obviously, there would be the option to trade a Wing here and a Wing there to another type. So, a specific Carrier (like the Directorate Dominance) may be initially carrying 2 Interceptor, 2 Fighter, 2 Bomber, and 2 Support Wings, but could trade out a Fighter Wing for an Interceptor Wing and/or a Bomber Wing, and the Support for Boarding Shuttles. For those Carriers who add Wings, they wouldn't trade out their Wings, but could just add on their Wings as specific options. This probably wouldn't change much for the 1-2 Wing Battleships, unless they had the option to change their Wings removed (or extremely limited). The Directorate Eliminator starting with 1 Wing of Assault Shuttles or Fighters would make more sense in the long run. This would reduce the PD Mountain a little by virtue of limiting the Interceptors over all, but still giving Carriers their special role.
  3. Charistoph

    Cruiser Rankings

    Should such an add-hoc activation method consider a Dreadnought with Escorts, even, or will one have to move without the other? Realistically, Squadron Sizes should be balanced by effectiveness of the models. A squadron of 4 ships should be less effective on a per-ship basis of a 3 ship squadron and much less than a 2 ship squadron, but equally effective when considering all together. Also consider this one point, most of the squadron sizes are based on the kits. One thing I hated about collecting Necrons were the Warriors who came in 10-20 man units sold in boxes of 12. That's right, 12 models, leaving you 4 extra for a full unit. Nobody wants to spend more for an effective small unit, nor have to buy multiple kits and then be unbalanced afterward.
  4. Charistoph

    Cruiser Rankings

    So each ship would have so many Command Point values, such as Escorts being 1, while Battleships would be 6 or 7? At the start of the turn, you can activate 10 Command Points worth of ships and then proceed from there? How would linking fire be allowed to work? Would it only be allowed to those linking? Or would the mechanic be dropped? Could you imagine a Dreadnought with Battleship squadron members? Or a Carrier with the same? While it should be possible, as such naval organizations are likely to be developed at need, especially for the medium and lighter ships, should it be available for anything beyond the smallest games?
  5. Charistoph

    Critical hit table

    Whenever repair attempts happen, they should allow what they repair to impact that ship for at least one activation before it gets repaired.
  6. Charistoph

    Firestorm fluff

    Indeed, they don't have to amount to much. The Overseeer Probe could have been something scheduled and completely automated millennia ago with no living Overseer to report back to. All it may end up being is an automated station that sends out probes at regular intervals. A great opportunity for tech if you can capture it properly, but otherwise not active threat.
  7. Charistoph

    Firestorm fluff

    To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me to see the fleets settle in to a Babylon 5 atmosphere. You have a few big guns in the diplomatic sphere, some even having elite or special focus groups (Hawker, Works Raptor, RSN). Meanwhile, you also have the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. They are not so great on their own, but when gathered together they can be recognized as a significant power. Only with Firestorm, there will be at least a couple of other Leagues all trying to interact with the Powers for one reason or another from, please help us to please don't eat me. Honestly, I don't think this will affect players who have dedicated their collection to being just one of the big 6. Where I think people will be affected are the League and Alliance collectors, especially if the story is just advanced as opposed to completely rewritten. I do wonder most about the Ba'Kash, Ryushi, and Veydreth who were the natural allies of different races from their senior partners. Will they be incorporated whole in to their partner's fleets, or be set up as part of lesser power Leagues with the Terquai, Xelocian, Kheldorians, etc? I do think the days in which seeing Relthozan allies in Directorate fleets or Terrans supporting Aquan fleets may be gone and that's not entirely a bad thing. Having multiple factions with their own goals is actually a good thing to allow the story to flow and grow. One thing I hate about Star Wars being represented on the tabletop is the rather binary nature of the forces, Empire/First Order or Republic/Rebel/Resistance, and that doesn't allow for as much story growth that WarmaHordes have had with their 11 main factions.
  8. Charistoph

    Firestorm fluff

    I was setting up my Directorate fleet to be a security interest with contracts all over the place that would often stand in place of locally trained militias and "coast guard", as well as being open to contracts for patrols and "privateering". This would give me a good reason for fighting anyone I may have met up with. The scheme and concepts I was going for was partially based on Battletech's Cloud Cobra Clan with my Works Raptor Ships being colored on the Star Adders and going Hell's Horses for the Planetfall forces. I figured they're all a bunch of genetically engineered troops, so having them fit the Clan model wouldn't be too far off, with a couple slight edits (merchant class in strategic command, for example). Obviously, I'd be changing the name of the operating groups to avoid copyright infringement. Us corporate raiders always have to be wary of the tricks we use can't be turned against us.
  9. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    There is an interesting point is that the core rulebook is not needed to be affected to change half of what you are talking about. Fleet composition is determined in the Fleet's Manual, not the core rulebook. It wouldn't take much to alter a Patrol Fleet to be 1-2 Tier 2s and 1-3 Tier 3s. Heck, what is even a Tier 1 and Tier 2 alters between a Battle Fleet and a Patrol Fleet in the current Fleet Manuals. Too much rests on the ruleset to determine how large a collection can be for a game night, though.
  10. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    Fleets can be 800-1000 points and be 3 times the size or a quarter of the size of what you can field with 2.0. Points are only relevant with context. And it can be possible to set up the game with either in mind. The question is the complexity and granularity of the rules which can make having that number of models useful for the average get together.
  11. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    Heh, so to make it a little balanced so that not everyone is crying in some form of frustration, Repairs should be limited (probably based on CP), and maybe some repairables take more "repair tokens" to perform in some cases. This allows for strategic decisions, and makes weapons like Hazard Beams even more nasty and useful than just boarding parties.
  12. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    Why not? A partially-repaired system can make the difference between being captured, having your atoms sent on numerous separate vacations at the same time, and having a pyrrhic victory. There are so many instances in history, as well as science fiction, where rapid repairs allowed for a ship to stay in the action. However, you do have a point in the time scale. If a ship can only stand up to a few minutes pounding of the same class, then there is no point, but if combat can take an hour or two before the average ship fails, then repairing can make up the difference.
  13. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    Another side of things is that some things should be easy to repair while other things take longer to repair. For some things where the network might be "stunned" by an overload, it may be as simple as flipping a switch to divert from one breaker to another. For some other things, like a Reactor Leak, it may take a more concerted effort and time to complete. There are two ways to reflect this. Both have a repair difficulty associated with the damage requiring a certain number of successes in order to resolve the issue. One way a player could address this can be presented as having a limited number of repair attempts overall associated with the CP stat, meaning you have to decide what you can repair, and you can dedicate as large a repair team to the issue as capacity provides. The other way is that you still only get one die, and for restoring PD, it may be a 1 Repair success, while the Reactor Leak is a 3 Repair success (as an example). Either way, a delay in actual repair, even if it is the ship's activation in the following turn, should be a consideration.
  14. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    The first suggestion would be that the Repair attempts would be made at the beginning of the turn, some time before the Reserve Phase, it may even be part of the TAC Phase, if that sequence still applies. This doesn't really change much for overall sequencing, except maybe allow for TACs to be used on it faster. The actual conclusion is still up in the air if it would be more balanced to have it affect when the attempt is made, or not until the squadron's next activation. There are pros and cons to both approaches. There is more of a decision tree if any result of repair attempts do not result until the squadron's activation the next turn, no matter when the attempt is made. If a squadron has an activation in the turn after damage is made, but before the next turn, maybe it can have a trade off to gain a bonus on the attempt for the next turn, like moving at half speed, using one less weapon, not Assaulting, whatever. From a fluff stand point, it is REALLY hard to get something back online quickly after battle damage has taken it out.
  15. Charistoph

    Future FA rules

    Why not just have the repairs at the beginning of the turn? Another alternative would be that Repairs in this activation don't take affect till the squadron's next activation, but that could be a problem with book-keeping that some do not want to deal with.

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