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  1. Thank you very much, Kurgan! If I got more FSA models I will get my own account and share them with you all.
  2. 1 Grey Primer Matt - 14ml Enamel Paint AA0014 Well, I haven't tried every primer in the market, but I started painting miniatures 15 years ago (oh gods... I'm f$&%ing old...) and the shopkeeper of my local shop (historic, only 54mm soldiers, tanks and that kind of things) suggested me this primer as the best he had used, and since that day it's my favorite primer. 1. It's enamel with an acetone base, so you need acetone to clean the brush. 2. You have to shake it very well, really really REALLY well. And then, shake it a bit more. 3. The application is easy, spread and it will let a very thin almost transparent layer, it does not hide tiny details, textures, low relieves etc. But it's enamel, so you have to be fast. 4. The miniatures will be "sticky" for hours, I usually wait 24 hours. 5. Paint! Solid undercoat? I took some (metal) eldars I painted 10 years ago, I put then in acetone and they barely lost the superficial paint. Then I put them in "universal solvent" (I don't know the name of this product in English, but it's the stronger thing to take off paint you can find), and after days they still have some primer and part of the original paint. So, yes, it's very solid. Maybe too solid.
  3. Hello, everyone! Thank you very much for all the positive comments and likes! Thanks! But it's my airbrush's merit , I usually prefer paint brush but I admit the airbrush works beautifully on plain surfaces. Actually, I'm not a "forum person" but Loth showed me your amazing fleet and it encouraged me to post this one! The colors are pretty much the owner's idea, I only added the blue lights. Months ago, I painted some planetfall directorate tanks for him and his instructions were: "I want them red and bronze but NOT khorne!" So we keep the same colors here. Great! Well, I take my commissions very seriously and pay a lot of attention to every detail (repair casting defects, pinning, humbrol enamel primer, etc, etc) this means dedicating time and effort, so, to be honest, it's not "low cost". If you're really interested, send a message to this account and I'll give you my email to talk about the details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks again everyone. Now I understand why people say Spartan is one of the nicest communities!
  4. Hi! Loth's flatmate here. I don't play Firestorm, but I paint miniatures and recently I finished this commission, so Loth has lent his account to me to post them. I hope you like the ships!
  5. Allied Helix for me. Got three Dindrezi players and three Sorylians in my gaming group. A bit unfair for them. The rules for their Allied Helixes exists since... ¿October or December of the past year? Seven months of wait is enough already IMHO.
  6. Great news!! I lost the count of how many times the Nyxes have kicked the arses of my poor Hirdmen. "Ho ho ho, now i have heavy infantry!" (And maybe a machinegun)
  7. Taunt us with more. I want a propper Recon Helix for my Terrans. The Terquai one has proven to be a little... disapointing.
  8. I hate your dice, but i still love you. My story with the Pinpoint MAR in two words: "Never happened"
  9. That's what i think in the beggining. Cause a Valkyrie (for example), "looks" armoured to me. But it's a "light" tank with a "light" LoS Class. The word Armoured doesn't appear at any moment. It seems legit they can't re-roll the 1's, and the same for the light infantry. The doubt came to me with the Leviathan. And it's very similar case. The Leviathan entry in the Orbat describes the model as "Leviathan" and "Elevated" LoS class. Again doesn't mention the Armoured word. Well, it has 6 shields after all. Maybe this is the explanation for that amount of energy barriers in a sole model. Can't re-roll the 1's.
  10. Hi all, Maybe it´s a dumb question, but... In the Strengthened Shields rule says: "All Terran Armoured Squadrons may re-roll any Initial Dice rolls of a 1 when defending with Shields. The second roll must be accepted." 1.- Then, Light Elements like the Valkyries or the Hirdmen under a Shield Projector can´t re-roll the 1´s, cause they not are Armoured. ¿Right? 2.- Also, the Odin it´s an Elevated model, not Armoured. ¿Same thing? ¿Can´t re-roll the 1´s because is not an Armoured Class model? Thanks in advance!! Loth
  11. Great work, man!! Doing the armybuild thing with this, is gonna be soooo easy. Thumbs up!
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