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  1. I'm guessing "Therein lies the rub" ?
  2. pezhetairoi


    I think you need a Labatt's logo on the mantis' shipping crates. https://www.google.ca/search?q=Labatt&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=lvsjUZzCFurMyQG2jIGQBw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=908
  3. So the question is pretty straightforward. Which do you folks see as "more bang for the buck"? The Furies have a total of: 36HP @ DR4/CR8 3 linked attacks RB4 at AD8, RB3 at AD9, RB2 at AD13 ... 3 linked torpedo attacks at AD8 3 linked gunracks with RB2 at AD13 9 mines at MN4 3x 5PD 3x 9AP 3 activations The hvy/Gunship have: 36HP @ DR5/CR8 and DR5/CR9 2 linked attacks RB4 at AD9, RB3 at AD12, RB2 at AD16 1 linked gunrack with RB2 at AD16, 2 linked broadsides(opposite) with RB2 at AD20 2 linked torpedo attacks at AD9 3 mines at MN4 2x 8PD 2x 9AP 2 activations The furies move a little faster, but the hvy/gunship are tougher overall. The heavies bring way more broadside firepower, but can the furies make up for it with more attacks at long range? Just curious.
  4. Thank you. And please pass on that notification can be a big factor here. The Leviathan just disappeared. The Shantu hasn't yet materialized, and when it does it will surely look different. Not knowing something is cancelled and waiting for it is much worse than hearing it is delayed or cancelled. Please don't think that everything should be TOP SECRET. Long-term plans are exciting and we like to hear them. We won't hold you too them if they are vague, but we don't like being mislead or teased without some kind of follow-through if it doesn't materialize. If we were told about, tell us it's delayed or cancelled and most of the time you'll get fan support. When we were told MOTR campaign book was delayed by a month or so, I don't remember too many complaints. Mostly encouragement, actually. I bet you'd get the same response if we had heard about the Shantu problems. I guessed it, but that is not the same. Nobody cares what I think. Anyway, thanks again.
  5. I realize Ricky that this is not your area of operations, nor your responsibility, but perhaps you can pass on our concerns. It's the delay. Take this for example: The Hantari and Karn cruiser were released June 2011, more than a year and a half ago. http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2011/06/08/47333/ The accompanying Shantu (which has still not been released) was seen as early as March 2011. http://inkvizitor.hu/index.php/hir/mutat/spartan_games_ujdonsagok_110316/ Many people purchase the Xelocian models expecting to be able to finish-up the collection and build a fleet. But two years later (we can see the March 2013 releases in the store) ... there is still no model available, or any notice of a model. To add to the perception of delay, the WIP allies/league rules were available long before that. It's discouraging. If you wait for something for that long, you start to assume it's never coming. And if it ever actually does, you might not care anymore. Odds are, by then you've found an alternative or moved on. If there was notification, like "Hey dudes, the master has problems, we have to redesign, blah blah blah" I think most of us would understand. Here's another example: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/the-perditor-leviathan Never saw rules for that one. It looked cool. Is is still in the pipeline? I doubt it, but we never heard otherwise. Of course internal operation of a company play a big part of this. If the leadership is scattered or random, projects can get cancelled and delayed indefinitely without notice. As players, will never know. It's none of our business, really. But all actions have effects, and some "discouraged fans" is the result in this case. And thus, as the forum Mod, you'll hear about it.
  6. I think you are correct. The patrol fleet in MOTR (page 50) requires 40% be made of the core fleet normally, with the exception of a large ship. It's only the 60% of additional ships that are not affected by the medium designation rule. The bullet point is clearly a reference to that paragraph (see the colon at the end?), not a general rule for the patrol fleet. That's how it's written. That may or may not be the intent.
  7. They play very well. My favourite fleet! All their power is in close range broadsides, speed, and large squadron size. Their basic cruisers are the best of the bunch. Take plenty of medium and small ships, go lighter on the larges which are rather slow. They do their best when the enemy is on either side of them, when they can dish-out damage in both directions. They have some forward firepower, but that's not their best feature. Their weakness is in long range fire; they have a little in the large ships but not enough to slug it out from afar. They need to close the gap quickly so they don't suffer too much. Their ships are only average in resilience.
  8. Easier than it looks, if you have the right tools. I'll try and explain. You need a sprayer of some sort. An airbrush would be great, but I don't have one of those. Instead I have an industrial paint sprayer -- the bazooka of airbrushes! It's the kinda thing you'd use to paint a house or an airplane. You could probably reproduce the same effect with some spray cans, if you can get good colours. I'll refer to the model areas as: the front (the nose of the ship), the back (the engines), the bottom (the belly), and the top (the dorsal side) So here we go: 1 -- put you ship on a spare flight stem (or whatever) so you can easily spin it around. 2 -- grey primer. give it a good coat all over. 3 -- select your base colour, a mid-tone, select your darker shadow tone, and have some white handy. 4 -- spray the mid-tone around the model lightly, trying not to fill in the cracks (they'll stay grey with any luck). Try and get most areas covered evenly, with the exception of the bottom. Yo can ignore it. 5 -- using white, spry from the bottom up, straight on without angling much to the sides, this will give you the white underbelly, but leave some areas uncovered (grey primer) for subtle shadows. 6 -- Using the shadow tone spray the model lightly straight-on from the back only ... it will only strike some areas, and make it look like the colour fades darker towards the rear of the ship. Takes practice, but go easy. Better to be too light than too thick. If you screw it up, recoat with the mid tone and start again. 7 -- using white again, spray the model lightly straight-on from the front --same effect as the dark from the back, but reversed! So far so good? 8 -- ink/wash the crevasses to enhance them, brush work of course. 9 -- paint the model all over with "interference" paint. It's a transparent paint that reflects light in weird ways. Art stores have it in the acrylics section. Brush it on gently, as if dry brushing. http://www.goldenpaints.com/products/color/fluid/fldinter1.php 10 -- pick out your details and highlight them. Mine were orange, yellow and white mostly, but it's up to you. The engine crystals are blue, blue wash, blue highlight. All brushwork. Does that make sense? It's easier than it sounds. I can paint a squad in a few hours this way. Spraying is fast! The little details take the most time.
  9. Oh, and here's the admiral sleeping on the job. "It's a nap!"
  10. It's been a while since I uploaded some photos of these guys. The fleet is a bit larger now. And now for the close-ups! The destroyers: The Chironexi Triton and escorts And the mines!
  11. Well the Alliance is short on small ships, that's for sure. But I kinda like the improvised, ad hoc feel of the Alliance fleet. I thought it was pretty cool that Veydreth only have mediums, and that Ryushi only have super-carriers. What I'd advocate for is allowing the minor-factions to play without the required small/medium/large and use what they have. You can already do this with open games. A Veydreth all-cruiser fleet would be fairly interesting. I've already tried a 570pt game of all Ryushi vs Sorylians. It was fun. As for the Terquai, it would be cool to see them better integrated into the Aquan fleet, maybe not count as allies. You get the idea. If they give everybody the same thing ... we end up with more fleets that are the same.
  12. Dindrenzi! A long-range forward firepower fleet is easy to play for a beginner. The tactics are simple; the ships are rugged and forgiving. The starter fleet is one of the best in terms of effectiveness. The models are great. The Directorate are more subtle, with no real unified fleet features.
  13. More like Gundam ships. In fact, almost replicas in some cases: http://www.google.ca/search?q=gundam+ships&hl=en&tbo=u&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=frgdUf3vNO-GyQGshIH4Dg&sqi=2&ved=0CEIQsAQ&biw=1920&bih=908 I don't know if I'll purchase any. They are cool, but I seem to prefer aliens.
  14. I don't mean to assume anything, but perhaps the tactics you usually use need modification against the Dindrenzi. Try being more in their face. You'll out-gun them broadsides every time, with twice as many attacks plus torps. The trick will be getting there intact. The Dindrenzi will do their best to stop that, but if you can weather that gauntlet of fire quickly with enough ships you should be able to take them. Terrain helps, but what about sacrificial targets as a screen to absorb fire (works on most opponents)? Offer them more targets than they can shoot down, and go go go! This is where the Terran cruisers would be good. They get bad press, but their mediocrity can be useful. Not a lot of experience with Terrans, but that seems to be they way to tackle the Dindrenzi. On that note, if anything should change in the Terran list, I would think cruiser squad size would be one to examine closely.
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