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  1. So my patrolfleet is finally done. I realy put some time into the battleship.
  2. Thank you al. I used no wash or ink at all. Only the yellow and red was aplied normally. I started with drybrushing the entire model grey in two tones. After that i did the teal part, doing the darker first and the lighet afterwards. More pictures to come.
  3. I really love spartans models and i think they are perfect for dry brusching. Im going to paint my friends dindrenzi fleet only using the dry brush method. I start with the old Battleship.
  4. It is not bad to break the command distance when you have 2 terran shield cruisers which role is to provide shield projector to other models!
  5. A little update. Sorry for being away for a while. Well almost painted the patrol fleet now.
  6. This might be a stupid question answered somewhere else, but i cant find any escort rules for the allience of kurak pdf document. If i have a Hawker battleship, can i have the frigates as escorts?
  7. Love what you have done! What colours do you use for source lighting?
  8. Moore pictures can be found at my blogg, flottan.blogg.se there are also som infinity miniatures. The colours i used in cronological order, White undercoat, XV88, agrax earthshade wash, balor brown, zamesi desert, skull white. More to come
  9. Thanks for the supportive comments. I painted a cruiser yesterday and i got a little bit more bright than the frigatte. I actually like the darker frigatte better.
  10. Thank you al. I was thinikng of adding a third colour to the bigger ships and maybe doing one in silver tones as the black templars ships.
  11. Hello everybody. I just got my first FA patrolfleet box and started painting my aquans. I didnt like the "sea" look for my miniatures so i did my own take on how the aquan ships should look like. So far i only painted 1 modell but more will come soon. Heres som pictures.
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