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  1. I liked what was going on over on the DW side of the fence here: So I thought we could get something going over here on the Planetfall topic. What do YOU want to see in the next version of Planetfall?
  2. Your points are valid, and I do admit that what I am proposing is easier said than done. Perhaps I should not have used the word "behind". I'll rephrase to say putting the LOS blocking bigger bugs in between the drop site and the potential threat. Theoretically, if you can isolate an area that doesn't have much or any enemy activations left in it, then your chances of actually doing something with the Jabri go way up. That being said, you could probably be spending your points more efficiently on other Take&Hold squadrons.
  3. Jabris are not Nyx, so dropping them into the thick of things might not work well as a general tactic. Have you tried using your bigger bugs to block LOS to the landing zones, drop the spires, and pour infantry bases out behind them? Might be a bit hard to hide from the Elevated Leviathan, but I guess if it is shooting the Spire then it isn't shooting the big bugs trying to screen it...
  4. Sanding/filing Greenstuff is a fool's errand, at least for me it is. I have a 0% success rate at getting any result that I am happy with. This is a great start though! I have some suggestions based on my mistakes to help you get the best possible end product: 1. Wear gloves while you are working. Fingerprints ruin the look. 2. Be mindful with your tools! I can see scrape marks and unintentional depressions 3. Consider getting a ball head burnisher to smoothly work out the tool ring left around your postules. 4. Try to blend the Greenstuff as thinly and smoothly as possible around the outer borders of infection to meld it into the natural details on the model. When painted, it is the difference between a seamless integration of infection/hull and just some crud stuck on the armor of the ship. 5. Be ever vigilant for hairs sneaking into your putty! 6. Before you prime, give everything a good wash with dish soap and warm water. Keep up the good work!!
  5. Good on you, Pathogen. I can't see your image though...
  6. Curses. I inadvertently used Threadromancy. Really need to start checking dates on posts.
  7. I use the Iapetus like linebackers that block APCs from moving through efficient routes. To me, the Iapetus are best at being canopeners. If they can hit a model with embarked infantry, the pair of them have a great chance of not only destroying the transport but having carryover damage hit the squad inside. After the infantry are forcefully disembarked from their ride, hit them with the AP weapons the Iapetus bots are packing. Odds are great that you'll have wiped out two activations worth of the opponent's units with only a single of yours. I've pulled this manuever off twice now, and it was deliciously sweet each time. Regardless, if you are going to field these guys, you have to get them into the area where your opponent is trying to go. Otherwise they are just paperweights.
  8. Spartan Josh (USA) wasn't working for you, huh? Congrats on the promotion!


  9. The reason I was thinking that basically pre-reducing would be better was mostly from a new player perspective. We taught a class at Adepticon and nearly the whole room struggled with the linking concept. Also, it gives the ability to further diversify ships. Perhaps some have lower focus values but higher linking values compared to their counterparts. Regardless, I agree that damage should subtract successes instead of AD. That at least keeps the math from shifting from turn to turn.
  10. The last game I played, I had seven Disorder markers on a single frigate. It had zero impact on the game. Mostly, I was just slightly annoyed I had to move the stack of tokens along with the model when it came time to move.
  11. I was thinking about the linking dice problem. I wonder if there is a more hybrid solution. Like each weapon system has a Focus and a Link stat. Like the Focus gets 6 dice and links contribute 3 dice. That way you can just add them all up but it keeps that firepower curve that people want.
  12. Especially with lemon juice allies and paying the points for the Melted Butter MAR. Tough matchup there.
  13. One of the things that may hold it back from being a great mass-fleet game is that damage chart. Rolling on it that many times is going to get old pretty fast.
  14. The Bab5 ships were playing the part of some ships that don't have models yet. If a model exists, that needs to be what is fielded at Adepticon.
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