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  1. i like the effect on the escort carrier... for the station i might have to glue my halves together as the glue stripped some of the paint off my windows on mine so i may have to pry them off and risk breaking them, good to see it can be mitigated with a good paint job!
  2. with my aquans i tend to lose to relthosa alot but that has to do with me not adapting to them, i primarily played against sorylians/terrans/hawker/bakash so i ran alot of bombers and have no answer to relthosa SRS...
  3. I worry Hives suggestion might nuter some mine attacks too much, to tie back in the original topic, minefield of 6AD on the board, you fly a pd 2 frigate forward and avoid with his 3 squad mates: 6AD vs 5PD many of my opponents are awesome at only having one ship fly through a mine, this will help alot with larger mines and drive bys but many ships have higher PD... if it happens i wont be sad but id like to see this play tested
  4. So, I was looking at the new ship stats and I am suddenly a fan of the ladon.. But not as a pure squadron, assuming them being cruisers is a typo and they're ment to be light cruisers, toss a Shiva in there and its got some hitting power, of course this would be really good in 801+ points as they're tier 3 180 points each ship has 2 shields you have 3 hulls 2 with 3 HP and one with 5 and the 4 PD of the gunship helps the Ladons alot (ladons alone) P/S firepower is 8,10,0,0 (8,8,0,0) Fore firepower is 14,16,10,4 (12,14,6,0) with torps of 6,6,6,6 in the any arc (none) so for 45 points you gain a torpedo attack, a much better RB 3 shot and better linked PD by 2 and the gunship is not a "boarding victim" just to save some math a full unit of storms is 35 more points than the above and puts out p/s 7,12,0,0 Fore 12,15,7,0 Aft 7,10,0,0 Torp 10,10,10,10 So what do you guys think is the gunship worth it? I hope to try it this week
  5. I hardly ever use ET as even that 1 ad hurts my p/s shots on my cruisers too much and i don't even bother on my tier 3's for the same reason... i usually shoot in 3 arcs and so losing even 1 dice can hurt my chances of damaging something... but i would see the wisdom in two changes to ET, make it more expensive and allow the player to choose in the primary fire phase as it will speed up the game slightly and mitigate the 'power' of ET, i suppose ymmv though as i don't see it as a problem. Many factions have better mines but have weakness' and so i understand, relthoza are more survivable then we are but they have to give up their protection to have reliable fire power where we do not, i think spartan adding more scatter to the game should help mitigate the DT spam of aquans and works raptor too and excluding our tier 1's we only have 1 shield and no access to shield projectors natively I use the power to the shields TAC to mitigate this though. So for the most part i agree with Alextroy I don't like DT on our tier 1's thats a works raptor thing, leave it as thier thing, but i disagree with red dwarf as losing 1-2 AD per ship with no change to the points of ships is a huge change and forces me to invest in ET likely leading to outcry about how it should be free as its a requirement and i don't think will fix the problem.
  6. but dont both the Saurians and the Illosians stand with the League... us poor kurak dogs don't get any new friends.... i know i know we out number them but still...
  7. A zero hour tracker would actually help make things more cinematic and prevent 'topping out' on the BL making you not want to finish off squadrons.... imagine in capture the station if every turn you held it you got -5 zero hour even if it started at 80 (800/10) after 4 turns that 25% of the win... it encourages people to fight for the objective over the BL but that is the focus of PF... my aquans do it quite well! It could represent a fleet accomplishing its objective and leaving and could be awesome for boarding fleets! A battle carrier gives up 13 but captured its 18 (+5 isnt too game breaking and could retain the per tier obtion of +5 for tier 1, +3 for tier 2 and +1 for tier 3). Im not opposed to the system as i said my aquans win planetfall by holding objectives not by killing... especially as my main opponent is terran with shield buggies
  8. I would support a BL based on hull points but that doesn't help carriers much... im not convinced that BL per ship is a good idea... as it stands you need to know 6 rules for BL gain with per ship you would have to reference the ORBATS alot because what about accompinemnts
  9. I agree with Dan, i typically dont take aquan escorts as 20 points for 1 AD 6 attack that a tier 1/2 can just fly through usually unharmed rather than 4 interceptors that add waaay more PD to the parent and near by ships... if you change minefield to being before deployment it makes this cost even harder to stomach. The dread and the battlestation gaining AD hardly show up in thier point costs but as its the entire point of our escort ill just take the new light frigates for scout since it has more of an impact or just continue taking more wings as they are significantly more useful... not to say a full mine list with a dread w/ 3 escorts and a battlestation to make a line of death isn't amazing but thats just my opinion
  10. Uhoh22

    Quiet01s Dindrenzi

    i actually never thought to paint all those lights and as such now have to go paint lights on my own dindrenzi... of course i also started with a dark base colour and need something to brighten them... keep up the good work!
  11. I'd like to agree with the tourney mind set our club is super causal with most games, but when one of our players was going to nottingham for battle mallet we all proved we could play at a very competitive level and drive trucks through that game's loop holes... So i for one welcome rules that are less open to exploitation but how far do you go? so we can adjust peg height awesome but as someone else said that means now they will use telescoping pegs... do we have to have a ruling saying use the peg it came with so you choose a length and stick with it... i would hope no as many players use other pegs for display, storage ect and would be punished... yes this rule could only be in the tournament package but then how muddled do the rules get? we have TF TF-tourney, FSA FSA-Tourney thats alot of rules... Back on topic, id be inclined to keep the game systems separate still, the colour coding is awesome but as i said in the planetfall forums... as a colour blind person or if someone prints their pages in black and white it would be lost... faction specific SRS is less important than fixing fighters unless it was faction specific fighters to make them more viable...
  12. I actually would very much welcome the Minefield MAR outside of our escorts and dread.... I for one would also really welcome the Commander fleet build to change to include light cruisers in frigate squadrons... as it stands i find the isonade to be a strange pick but IF you gave it the option for minefields, no mine value however and allowed with the commander it to hide in normal frigate squadrons that would be amazing, yes you lose the minefield MAR as you're forced to choose DT over it... this would make frigates at RB 2 to the side have the save firepower I mean i know this is the last day for comments... but to make this ship truly great maybe go for it Change hardpoints to: +Minefield MAR (1, 6AD) instead of +1 shield but make it free, so you choose between a 40 point ship that gives minefields or DT. and perhaps to encourage use of the commander AND the new ships AND escorts... add a second upgrade to the commander giving minefields placed using the Minefield MAR are given the Drone Mines MAR but have thier AD cut by 2... This adds a ton of utility to the Ladon as I can take a squad of 3 to drop 4 AD minefields with drone mines and can use them to hunt enemy smalls So maybe scratch adding the Ladon to frigates as it would be more useful on its own... but that extra 10 points you save using a Ladon over an Isonade in a frigate squad may make it more appealing....
  13. spartan is good at revisiting stats even after release so feel free to complain any time Venomene... the bombers combined with split berth does allow you to launch bombers and make an attack run at 20 inches for 18 AD and ruin someones day. I agree that our light cruiser is a shunting ship, i would run it with the two shields and not take ET hope to line up on 14AD rerolling 1's and 2 8AD shots... i would not take DT because at that distance mines and scatter weapons will be likely and the shield will help while DT will be ignored. For the frigates im still on the fence as ive never really taken snappers over barracudas so the new ones likely wont replace mine... but those light cruisers sure will for 135 points!
  14. as an aqaun player i see those new ships to be amazing... i don't typically shunt but the ladon with 2 shield shunted in can get behind something in RB 1 for 14 AD with rerolling 1's for 135 points is worth the investment to me! the carriers are interesting... i might run them up a side with assault boats and difficult target 150 (180 with wings) is nice but they don't put out alot of firepower on thier own. 10 dice from the frigate squadron rerolling 1's for 120 is a tough sell for me as the normal frigates do it for 80 and im not sure 40 points is worth the 16% less hits... As a dindrenzi player is see the pugio doing what sagans do, shunt in and attack someone tier 3, and with the scout mare i can potentially redeploy my capatracts that for 60 points is a pretty good trade off! as for the pdf update, i do find it slightly annoying but i photocopied my RoTO stats and have them in my binder with my other sheets... if they consolidate the fleets documents they will also have to redo the main rule book to put the new MARs into it rather than all over the place.... and if they do that we will likely end up with 2.5/3.0... not to take this discussion further down the rabbit hole
  15. I like the template myself, as an Aquan player it makes my battleship feel more 'meaty' then my cruisers and the decision to take +1 move or -1 TL on my manta (or my nausicaa for 'renzi) a real choice because closing the gap is important but having you in the correct arc or having my 45 line between two of your ships makes the difference in an activation which leads me to: the rule that actually bothers me the most because I exploit it as do my group is splitting the peg being up to your discretion... so you move badly and your 45 splits the peg? good hes in my front, his squad mate is in my side... you just lost 2 ships... it does balance out because we all do it but i mean i don't know how to fix it To those of you abdicating combining, would you have double crits still in the game? because if so, should we not revisit the crit table? most are 2 hp and a hazzard but some can be quite devastating if im throwing more dice. TL;DR a ) I would not be opposed to a change in the way that hazard markers work or a slight revision of the crit table for options that don't apply (maybe more coherence effects like kinetics). Especially since gaining hazards is so easy including targeted strikes, high energy and cyberwarfare, they have a 50% chance to do nothing. B ) Splitting the peg can be abused but is very useful when in tight C ) Shunting is too good to really ever choose flanking especially with grav weapons being as they are D ) Perhaps a revision to PD? many posts have been made about srs or boarding or torps... the only thing in common is PD and most ships values are low... perhaps allow PD to combine against srs and link against everything else? or just allow them to link in coherency... E ) Disorder checks when at half strength as a squadron rarely makes a difference unless the ship has turrets... it might help make the game more cinematic if disorder did more or there was a way to break coherency other than by accident. It could be used as part of this ship experience if used with ship types like planetfall with militia, ect as part of a campaign package and could use new admerals to gain boosts or dish out negative to help make a narritive?
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