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  1. You have to hide it behind terrain. Then it can work. But i agree, it might be difficult to play it effectively, if the enemy knows what it can do. A little buff would be cool, maybe Wave Lurker(including +2"). That might already be enough. Or make it medium. It makes sense looking at the size of it. It's as big as a battlecruiser.
  2. Well that's partially because it is just so huge, making it difficult to give this thing balance. As i already mentioned, an Arronax-sized Coeus would've been just perfect. And there would be no or only little problems with assembling and balance.
  3. Very good looking! Interesting idea with the Rotors.
  4. Well, i recently played my Arronax(with 2.0 rules) and it ate two Japanese Gunships(OHHHHH THE IRONY), and it sunk a destroyer. My opponent deployed them as an Advanced Force, which has made it easier, and also, my Death Worm got help from my Thales squadron, but still, it is a good outcome!
  5. With the Pacific Rim Main Theme playing in the background. YES, THE AIRSHIPS, they are carrying HUGE STEREOS that play this theme and they carry the robots and drop them next to the enemy fleet and then SPLAAAASH THE ROBOTS HIT THE WATER AND IT CREATES A TSUNAMI THAT SINKS THE SURROUNDING SHIPS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM and then the Hochmeister and the Samurai, they fight the battleships and it's like BOOOOM RATATTATATATAT BE SHOCKED BECAUSE IT IS SO EPIC AND TESLA AND PUNS AND RATATATAT KRRRCVCHHHCH PIU PIU BAAMMM BAAAMMM And then the COVENANT comes and they teleport the Samurai to them and then they fight and the Samurai shoots the flamethrower while turning around a couple of times and all the ships start going into flames and everything burns and the Samurai is bombed and then it explodes and Magazine explosions happen because fire and prussian battleship and boards and epic and action and and and and and THEN the FSA comes with HUGE FLYING ROBOTS and they all fight and then everything explodes and the Decepticon and the Autobots, they are also there, as are the Marsians and Russians that duke it out over the Arctic(Marsians only want Arctic because clima there) and then they fight and the Marsians have beam lasers and WIIIUUUUUUUUUU BRRRRZZZZZLLLL and the Russians are like "Нет, не со мной , товарищ !" and they shoot with their turrets and mortars and the enemy perishes in FLAMES and BOOOOOOM AND RATTATATTATATATATTATATA FTrgfrgfgrgtugfuzgfdzufdszfdszusdzufdszufds AND IT BECOMES MORE EPIC WHEN DARTH VADER CHOKES THE HOCHMEISTER AND RIPS OUT HIS HEAD WITH FORCE TELEKINESIS AND THE DEATH STAR SHOOTS WITH ITS LASER BUT ALL COVENANT PARTICLE ACCELERATOR COMBINED AND DEATH LASER ARE FUSIONED AND IT IS THE HUGE ENERGY UNLEASHED THAT CREATES A BLAST AND SENDS THE DEATH STAR FLYING INTO THE SUN AND THE EARTH COLLIDING WITH MARS AND THE MARSIANS ARE LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JUST LIKE DARTH VADER AT THE END OF EPISODE 3 AND THEY SAY WE ARE NOT THAT DIFFERENT AND TOGETHER THEY FIGHT AGAINST COVENANT AND HOCHMEISTER AND THEY ALL ARE DESTROYED BECAUSE MARS AND EARTH COLLISION BUT EPICNESS IS SO STRONK SO EVERYTHING RESETS TO WHEN THE DEATH STAR WASN'T THERE AND THEY STILL FIGHT AND EVERYTHING EXPLODES THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE HUGE ROBOTS DUKING IT OUT WITH MONSTERS AND ALIENS AND BATTLESHIPS AND BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM AND RAATTATATATATATTFTffvgfuuzhffzfzfzgfzfdzfdzgfdfdzfd... I am listening to the Pacific Rim Main Theme by the way, just in case you didn't notice already(which is unlikely). I am so vulnerable to the epicness of certain soundtracks. No, seriously, it is a good idea, but what kind of airship is able to carry a huge dread-naught(y) robot? A couple of Sky Fortresses?
  6. Yeah, that sounds cool. The T34/85 has a very nice design, maybe they are using a similar one.
  7. Ah, so it is some kind of "State Anarchism" where the state doesn't follow any rules. That actually makes sense.
  8. Even worse? Totalitarian is really really bad, but Anarchism isn't so why EVEN worse? Okay, okay, don't answer. That isn't going to end well for anyone here. My point is, it doesn't make sense. It is as if a capitalist state uses a flag with hammer and sickle on it. Why would they name their ships like that? It is as if a nazi-german Battleship was called "Churchill", or "London". It has no connection to the nation. It doesn't make any sense.
  9. Why does the Directorate have a battleship class called "Anarchist"?
  10. Oh, then i can use them for that if needed. Very useful. I feel like maybe that is even something SG had in mind? I mean, CC 2 on such a small ship? I don't possess an Illustrious. Also, that is the flying carrier, right?
  11. Oh, i thought maybe the Crocodiles are good at minesweeping with their CC of 2 per model. But if they run risk of getting destroyed, i won't even try it out. Any other ways of dealing with Danish mine spam other than shooting his corvette-minelayers? Yeah, i hope the SUSA come out soon. I considered maybe buying some of their stuff.
  12. So many things i want to like in this thread... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, those Robot Dreadnaughts are too huge, but i guess due to their high price in money, there won't be a whole lot of people playing them. I guess they will be acceptable in terms of game balance, but we can only hope that Spartan Games doesn't go any further with it. These developments are concerning. Things are getting too big. I would prefer if they focussed on getting all factions out(especially the SUSA and Chile, and Spain, and... well, just all of them). That way they also have a lot more factions available to expand with new, unique units, instead of just making everything bigger and bigger and bigger. I would really have preferred the Coeus to be Arronnax-sized. That way it'd just have made more sense, it'd be cheaper in money and points and if it is usable in naval games i would buy it then. If i imagine the Coeus in Arronax-size or maybe a liiiiiitle bit bigger it just feels right. It's like: Yep, that's exactly how it should be. It looks like some kind of centipede, that is cool, and it is decently sized. It isn't too small, it isn't too big. It is just that perfect size. Costs 150 Points, is a bit stronger than the Arronax in total, but lacks the sonic generator, also it is a bit slower maybe. Instead of a Maw Gun it has a particle accelerator in its mouth and it also has rockets and a stronger boarding attack. I like that! On one side of the table i deploy my Arronax, on the other one the Coeus. Perfect! :wub: :wub:
  13. Well, i might give that a try. But my next game will be Denmark vs Royal Australia. I am also curious about how that will end. Does Denmark have anything that can MOVE mines? Because i am afraid of that. Would be really scary. Crocodiles don't trigger mines though, do they? Oh, that's also unfortunate. I thought they count as mercenaries when it comes to who they can ally to. Can they ally to the SUSA?
  14. With the new huge robots being released soon, i think that the SUSA just HAS TO HAVE a giant spider robot or giant spider walker with a big 360°-cannon on its back. It makes sense that they feel inspired by the crazy and dangerous wildlife of the Amazonas, when it comes to designing robots or land units. Maybe it even has a particle accelerator cannon. I could very well imagine that the SUSA and the Antarcticans have connections. Not only are they both Free Nations, they also are somewhat close in geographics and possibly political ideologies as well as way of thinking. The SUSA would make for a powerful ally for the Covenant.
  15. Well, the Tenders aren't really damage dealers or anything. It's really about the Crocodiles and the turret is just an extra to give it some defense and offensive capability other than boarding or ramming. And if my enemy comes close enough that my crocodiles can board him while benefitting from the sniping battleship, then the Energy Turrets don't have any advantage any more. That is, if my enemy even bothers to come that close, maybe he just decides to stay back, for example if he is playing FSA or some other faction that likes long range firepower. That would be especially annoying. I see your point about the whole reroll thing and the Terror Tactics for Antarctica units though. What i could also imagine would be to have a Time Dilation Orb, make a portal to the enemy, send through a Bounty or two, move it to the side to leave space(haha) for other units and then send through the Thales or Zenos. Which reminds me, i wanted to get a squadron of Zenos. How about combining the Free Australians with the Prussians that i am also playing?
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