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  1. These are incredible! More FSA "fluff" in 1 set of posts than half the official publications. My top 3; Stealth-tech geckos. SOLD! The Dindrenzi hammerhead HUD helment. Terquai! Seriously man, really great stuff here. Its a shame SpeOps never went anywhere.
  2. This bit will be changing according to Stuart. At the moment they are just looking for how the core mechanics work really. Is linking easier to carry out (especially for a beginner) etc. Ships will get more nuanced and varied as we go along.
  3. It's not been included on the stat card but cruisers and the like in 2-3s and frigates/destroyers/etc in 3-6s seems reasonable enough. I'm just going on the previous edition squadron sizes.
  4. DWars2 was similar to firestorm, possible even more crunchy! Obviously the slight change to the dice with the new symbolic lay out. SRS in Dwars 2 were a nightmare, they were their own units and often led to activation spam. More reminiscent of FSA1. The change to them being deployed over the course of a turn and then all resolved at once is an interesting one. I can certainly see the appeal. Do you activate carriers first and either sent bombing runs or protect ships? do you go second and look for a gap in the defences or send fighters to protect ships with lots of bombers threatening them? Allows a collection of low wing capacity ships to effectively co-ordinate together. I'm looking forward to rolling out my Latin Alliance medium carrier conversions! The flippy-stat card I would expect to be ported in to FSA3. less crunch to wade through with regards to ships damage and working out how this AD etc etc. If this could be an indication of how FSA3 might be going than its not going to be the end of the world. I would hope for a more thematic movement system, weapons rules etc to flavour it FSA rather than just Dwars in spaaaace! The fixed weapon stats interest me. Allows you potentialy remember the weapon stats rather than needing constant checking and allows for a quick glance or verbal communication between players. Instead of "hey, these guys have a 3/6/5 and these guys have a 2/4/8 and this guy has a 15/12/6," its a common terms of "these have a standard gun battery, these have a medium rail gun and this guy has a Macro scatter cannon" Those mean something to everyone very quickly, much like saying "Boltgun", "lascannon", "AC/20" or "M4 Sherman 75mm". Could easily be Faction specific too, the Dind kinetic weapons have more AD or whatever than Terran equivalents. Doesn't have to be a pure cross-factional all encompassing weapon list. The cards are an interesting way for weapon swaps and upgrades though I feel they might need variable points costs or limited applications/swaps. I'll see during testing. But could certainly be a route for weapon variability. Have a standard cruiser rail gun stat for the Dind but then destroyers have the upgrade that makes them extra long range whilst a Velite has the upgrade card that gives them Scatter. The good thing is that the response is generally positive. People are excited that DWars is on its way back and no one is having a total melt down. It still looks to retain the flavour of DWars, with less crunchy stuff and faster game play! I agree with Pok. Pleasantly surprised!
  5. Bump. Please consider buying tickets this week if you are thinking of going. I don't want to have to have tickets reallocated to other tournements! Prizes are currently being supplied by KR Multicase and Deepcut Studios. A model storage box and a fantastic 6'x4' Nebula gaming matt!
  6. Thinking about it more the swing-o-meter is really more suited to a game with many units. Currently in Armada you only really have 3-6 squadrons anyway. (Id like to see this change!) an ARMADA should have loads of ships!
  7. Firestorm Armada Shipyard facebook group for trading etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012583955455042/
  8. I think it is also down to when the critical effects are resolved. Currently you resolve all of your ships effects in the Turn end step. The problem here is you can inflict critical effects on a ship after its activated, it then repairs at the end of the turn and is ready for its next activation without any repercussions. So not only are crit effects repaired easily but often the ship never really has to suffer it effects. Repairs are often "instantaneous" as it were. Squadrons are activated in turn, command checks are taken at the start of a turn etc, everything is built on an activation. Always jarred me a little to have all the crit repairs lumped together at the end of the turn, except for the Self Repair MAR which was at the end of an activation....! Id suggest moving the repair step to the end of the activation, so after moving and shooting and boarding, then you do the squadrons repairs (in what ever form that takes). This way if you are suffering from a critical effect the ship will actually have to put up with it for an activation. This way post activation crits are not ignored so readily and the crits will actually effect game play more. It also adds a pressure to deciding what to activate next, a healthy squadron or the squadron that has some PD down? if you activated them maybe you can repair the PD before they get hammered by torps?
  9. I like option #2. Id be tempted to initially balancd repairs to 5 or even 6+. Even a cruiser only has a single crit often and 3CP. 3CP on 4+s, only a 1/8 chance you dont make that repair. on a 5+ its 8/27 (~1/3) of the time you fail
  10. For the love of all that was Spartan dont make 2 versions of the same game in tbe same scale. Lets just have FSA. Warcradle can shoe horn in the Taskforce name for IP as a campaign system or new fleet building mechanics or something. FSA compeating with FSTF is a big no no for me. Stooberts movement system is great. I hereby declare that the latest FSD engines on all Dindrenzi ships will be called Stoobert Drives. Now if we could come up with an equally silky smooth idea of doing damage and working out AD im up for it. from the ground up if needed. And fix zombie ships whilst were there.
  11. As a TO I'd like to see more models being in used in a game that can still fit in to a 2-3 hour slot. I agree with the sentiment that the game should just be more than "patrol fleet starter box" + "1 extra unit" which is what 800 or under really limits you to in the way fleets are built and to have functional units on the table. There is no point having a rulebook that describes patrol/battle/grand/mighty or what ever if its only every played at patrol and occasionally battle. The larger fleet sizes are pretty redundant. Most game play is weighted to the lower end of this range. IMO a "normal" game should be a battle fleet, then patrol fleets are for a quick skirmish throw down and grand/mighty fleets are more for your full afternoon or day long battle. There are probably better ways to scale the system than the current method. The 40k Force Org charts are limiting but then in bigger games you just add another X force orgs. Kings of War is naturally self limiting in that you require regiments or hordes to unlock X or Y troops and monsters/warmachines/heroes. I think drop fleet gives you X battle groups, of which there are different types that describe what ships you can take. Not familiar with it. Others have put forward specialist units or formations as ideas, which are interesting but within the current frame work don't work. There is not enough room to manoeuvre in points and/or number of ships in order to allow these sorts of things within a "normal" fleet. Most people are pretty against a tournament with multiple sized battles. There is a general feeling to keep it the same across each round in the interest of fairness. There is also the logistical nightmare it brings in tripling the amount of army lists every one needs and that the poor TO has to check through! It would be nice format for a narrative event, where the pressure is off a little to be number 1 and it comes down to the story and teams. There does seem to be a rather large disparity in what different people/metas think of as the sort of game that fits in to 2.5 hours. I'm my experience 800 points is very easily doable in under 2 hours. Warfare runs 1000 points in 2.5 hour games. Most of which finish with time to spare, some even finish 30-45 mins early! Depends in the scenario. There's only maybe 1 game per round where I have to chivvy players up to finish. I always try to give a 30/15/5 min warning as well. Now they are mostly experienced players but still. I'm not sure how some people are struggling to complete 800 points in under 3 hours! Now for something left of field and more towards the future rules and general spit balling of ideas. Alternate activation... how about a different sort of mechanic? Now there's chit pulling or written orders etc. but how about a variation of alternate activation? The Swing-o-meter of Doooom There is some sort of swing-o-meter between the players. 3/2/1///1/2/3 Initial roll for initiative will set this in favour of 1 player or another. Tom and Harry roll off, Tom wins the marker is set to T-3/2/1///1/2/3-H. 1 point towards Harry Every squadron has a "command ratin" or what ever you wish to call it. Nominal values would be 1 for T3s, 2 for T2s and 3 for T1s. (I'd also propose reversing Tier values to let T4s be super mega big leviathans ships etc). As the value is pointing towards Harry. Therefore Tom gets the next activation. he decides to move a squadron of frigates with a command rating of 1. So now the swing-o-meter will tick 1 point towards him and now read T-3/2/1///1/2/3-H. as the marker is now pointing at Tom this means Harry gets the next activation. He activates his might Battleship and marker ticks 3 points in his direction so will now read T-3/2/1///1/2/3-H. as the marker is now pointing at Harryy, Tom get the next activation. He activates a squadron of cruiser with a command rating of 2. The tracker moves 2 points towards him and will now read T-3/2/1///1/2/3-H. Anyway, just a random idea. could be tied in to other command functions the future might bring or TAC cards or game effects ticking the swing-o-meter 1 point you your favour etc.
  12. You had my interest but now you have my attention!
  13. If WC do release even just a "core" plastic cuiser set I dont need it but Ill still buy it! but then ill have 6 Furys, 6 secutors and X new plastic ones! please up the number of models in a game!!
  14. @Overread WC Stuart has mad rumberlings about plastics over on the Facebook page post Salute. I cant tell if hes deadly serious or pulling our collective legs....
  15. @Warcradle Richard knows. eyes always watching. we could make them do it precious no no its to risky we leads them to it it? plastics my precious. and new rules. yesyes! and then when they are dead from the fumes we takes it! Gollum. Gollum! *Krys hops back onto his rock*
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