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  1. Yes, carrier lists can work. Carriers die easily, though. You can't afford to play them as aggressively as you might want to. You have to keep them out of your enemy's optimal ranges, or use terrain to ensure that any fire directed at them is suboptimal. Be very wary of using gas clouds for this purpose: a disordered carrier's SRS all go back to base and it can't launch more until it is no longer disordered.
  2. Probably not feasible for any of us to make the trip in either direction on a regular basis, as it's a two hour drive, but we have a small group that plays fairly regularly at Gamescape North in San Rafael.
  3. I do not normally field shield cruisers in those numbers, but I figured I'd give them a shot. Still not sure they are worth it in games that are lower in point value than 1200. Heavy cruisers are... intimidating. ... and now I learn my opponent fielded an illegal list. Urgh. As far as I know, the jupiter-like planet is a very old piece of armorcast terrain that they don't make anymore.
  4. Marsyas vs Bustanado The Scenario: Ambush 800 points Attacker: Marsyas Defender: Bustanado The Fleets: Terran Carrier w/ 2x cruisers, nukes, beams, 12x bombers 3x Cruiser w/ nukes, beams, weapon shielding 3x Shield Cruiser 4x Missionary Frigate Sorylian Battleship w/ 3x escort 4x Heavy Cruiser 5x frigate ------------------------------- (First picture taken after the Carrier group moved) Turn 1, The Terran fleet advances as a group and attempts to nuke the **** out of the Sorylian frigates. Despite getting improbably good torpedo rolls, the Sorylian player gets improbably good point defense rolls right back, reducing what should have been two guaranteed crits to merely two hits, causing a point of damage to two different frigates. The Sorylian fleet, over the course of the turn, redeploys to be less vulnerable to nukes, and does basically nothing to the Terrans. Turn 2, The Terran player recognizes that he needs to destroy the escorts accompanying the Sorylian battleship before he can realistically make a bombing run on it, and sets out to do this. The Missionary frigates sweep around and open fire, destroying one escort and critting a heavy cruiser. Another heavy cruiser suffers damage from torpedo fire. Meanwhile, the Sorylian player opens fire on the Terran shield cruisers, and crits one. The Terran player is able to destroy all but two of the Sorylian frigates, but despite much fire being lobbed their way, his further attacks on the Sorylian escorts this turn prove ineffective. The Terran carrier is critted, but the crit effect does little. Turn 3, The Terran player wins initiative and gambles here. He knows his carrier has 5 HP left, and that it's really unlikely that the Sorylian player will be able to stop his carrier before it makes its bombing run. So he activates his missionary frigates first, moves them into position, and destroys one escort with their fore/fixed, only manages to damage another with broadsides, and then crit a heavy cruiser with their other broadside (turrets focused that way). The Sorylian player then activates his heavy cruisers and crits the Terran carrier. Crit result: double 1s. Core breach. 2d3 damage. Damage result: 5. The Terran carrier is immediately destroyed. Before its bombers did anything. Terran player: Oh, ****. Things go downhill for the Terran player from here. Still, he is able to destroy an enemy heavy cruiser and put some hurt on the battleship, and reduces the enemy frigates to one model (which begins to spacefold away). Turn 4, http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b155/Marsyas01/Firestorm%20Armada/Marsyas%20vs%20Bustanado%206-18-2014/turn04_zpsf7f47c5c.jpg This turn, the Terran player desperately scrambles to inflict as much punishment as possible on the Sorylian fleet. Naturally, he loses initiative. He's able to kill another heavy cruiser and the last frigate! That's good! ... But he also loses two cruisers, suffers damage to another, loses two shield cruisers, and has a Sorylian boarding team capture the third. That's... less good. Turn 5, The Terran player wins initiative! He has his cruisers deliver full broadsides to the enemy fleet! ... and rolls nothing but 1s, 2s, and 3s on 14 dice, and only gets 3 successes on his torpedoes. -.- Sorylian player makes the Terran player suffer, destroying a cruiser and blowing up all but one of his frigates. Turn 6 Terran player cries. Sorylian player kills his last frigate and cripples the last two Terran cruisers with his first activation. Game ends at the end of the turn. ... in retrospect, perhaps I was a teeny bit too aggressive with my carrier. And maybe I should have built my list with this mission in mind instead of building it beforehand and not changing it in any way after the mission was rolled. -.- Final score: Sorylian / 10, Terran -3
  5. Marsyas vs Bustanado Terran vs Sorylian Ambush 800 points Terran -2 / Sorylian 10 (Battle report to come)
  6. It is true: Aquan heavy cruisers are priority target #1 when they are on the board on account of the absolutely stupid amount of firepower they can put out. Firepower enough to make even my Titan cry.
  7. THE FLEETS Terran: - TAS Mnemosyme, Titan class Dreadnought - 3x Heavy Cruiser - 3x Cruiser - 4x Missionary Frigate - 4x Missionary Frigate Aquan: - Big Fish Dreadnought Thing - Big Fish Battleship Thing - 4x cruiser - 4x frigate - 3x corvette - 3x corvette THE MISSION: Border Clash ---------------------------- TURN 1 Both fleets deploy. Terran stakes out a position near the center of the board with shields focused forwards, Aquan is more center-right. Terran player uses the Drives to Maximum TAC and succeeds at the command check, applying it to the Mnemosyme and to the frigates. This turn, the Terran player attempts to keep the debris field between the Mnemosyme and his frigates as he engages the aquan cruisers and frigates, ignoring the aquan larges for the moment. A Terran cruiser is heavily damaged, and the Terran loses a frigate. In turn, an Aquan frigate and cruiser are destroyed, and a second Aquan cruiser suffers a critical hit. TURN 2 Terran player plays the perfect timing TAC, and it proves instrumental in getting his Heavy Cruisers on the board in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Terran player also wins initiative. Heavy cruisers fold in. Enemy corvettes fold in. Terran heavy cruisers suffer a mishap when they fold in, and each arrive with a hazard marker. Terran player then activates his heavy cruisers and moves them into attack position. 12 nuclear dice are fired into the Aquan cruiser squadron, critting one (which destroys it) and damaging a second. 19 dice rerolling 1s are fired into the rear arc of the Aquan Dreadnought. The heavy cruisers need 5s to hit, but the Terran player figures that rerolling 1s will make up the difference. ... he gets 5 successes total. No damage. The Aquan player activates his corvettes and kills a Terran cruiser. Terran player activates his corvettes, which destroy another enemy frigate but are unable to do anything else. The Aquan player activates his dreadnought, deploys mines right in the middle of the heavy cruisers, pelts a cruiser with a flight of bombers (which is reduced from 6 to 5 by point defense fire), and then comes about to broadside the heavies. The damage they take is... significant. The Aquan cruisers are further debilitated by Terran fire and reduced to one model. Terrans lose another frigate. Terran dreadnought manages to put some hurt on the Aquan Battleship (which had shots in three different arcs, one of which further punished the Terran heavy cruisers. Said ship also places mines in front of the heavy cruisers. When the turn ends, the Terran player is nervous. TURN 3 Sadly, I failed to take a photo for turn 3. This was, however, the turn that the second Terran reserve squadron arrived (Missionary frigates). Terrans play the TAC 'temporary solution' on the Heavy Cruiser squadron. Aquans play a TAC as well. Their targeted strikes one, I think. Terrans win initiative. The heavy cruisers make a better showing for themselves this turn, but just activating at all causes them to take two mine hits to the face, which destroys one and damages another. They then fly between the two aquan larges and fire broadsides into each, and actually manage to do some damage. This turn, the Aquan player mission-kills the Terran heavy cruiser squadron, and then keeps right on firing until the last heavy cruiser is destroyed. The undamaged Terran dreadnought is then able to inflict significant damage on the Aquan fleet, and the Terran missionaries wipe out most of the Aquan corvette squadron. The Terran fleet takes down the last Aquan cruiser, the last two Aquan frigates, a squadron of corvettes. The Aquan battleship moves into the debris cloud because it has taken severe damage, has two corrosion markers on it, and only has two health remaining. The Aquans destroy the last Terran heavy cruiser and the last of the first, now mostly depleted Terran missionary squadron. TURN 4 Aquan reinforcements arrive in the form of another group of three corvettes. This turn, the Aquan battleship is lucky: all line of sight to models inside the debris field is blocked. It immediately moves the minimum distance forward, cuts engines, and preps for an FSD escape. The Terran dreadnought crits the Aquan dreadnought. The second Terran missionary squad finishes off the last Aquan corvette in the southern squadron and moves to position itself to intercept the new squadron next turn. The Terran cruisers use their point defense to take out the last Aquan interceptors, and manage to do a point to the dreadnought. End of turn effects are rolled. The Aquan battleship loses one hull point to corrosion. TURN 5 This turn, the Terran player gets extremely lucky. He delays the activation of his dreadnought until last. The missionaries destroy one Aquan corvette, and then combine for 16 dice (halved to 8) on the Aquan battleship inside the debris field. The dice gods are with them: the Aquan battleship is destroyed, and the battle log finally swings free of 'draw' territory. The Aquan dreadnought does very little, inflicting a point of damage on the Terran dreadnought with its bombers, and another point with its guns. The Mnemosyme is not amused. Her guns speak, and a lucky critical hit on the Aquan dreadnought teleports it into a path that will intersect with a planetoid the next time it activates. A second Aquan corvette is brought down. TURN 6 The Aquan player wins initiative and goes first. He activates his dreadnought. Its path intersects with the planetoid. He rolls his maneuver check to avoid death, needing a 4+ on account of having bought down the turn limit of said dreadnought. The dice gods are not with him. The dreadnought collides with the planet and is destroyed. The sole remaining Aquan corvette is easy prey to the four missionary frigates. Final battle log: Terran / 15, Aquan -3
  8. Players: Marsyas vs ElectricPaladin 1000 pts Mission: Border Clash Races: Terran vs Aquan Battle Log Scores: 15 / -3 This one was way closer than it looks from the battle log. Would have been a tie if not for the Terran player getting very lucky and destroying a heavily damaged aquan battleship that was hiding in a debris cloud on the last turn before it would have escaped into space-fold, and then the Terran player getting a lucky crit on the Aquan dreadnought that teleported it such that its next activation would have it crash into a planet thanks to its turn radius being too large to avoid the collision (the aquan player also failed his maneuver check to avoid death, which was a 4+ thanks to his upgraded turn radius). Full battle report to come.
  9. Players: Marsyas vs ElectricPaladin 1000 pts Mission: Border Clash Races: Terran vs Aquan Battle Log Scores: 15 / -3
  10. This. Not to mention the Corsec flight stands that a lot of people are using.
  11. Huh. I've no idea if my opponent applied it to the entire squadron or just the lead model.
  12. Marsyas vs Fryguy 800 points Mission: Capture the Station Terran vs Dindrenzi (Technically, this was an 810 point game, but we decided to play it at the Patrol Fleet level nonetheless, because reasons) THE FLEETS Terran: Tyrant class battleship w/ 3x interceptors, decimator warheads, 3x escorts Ares class carrier w/ 12x bombers, +1 shield, BEAMS!!! 3x Destroyer w/ nukes, sector shields 4x Missionary Frigate w/ port/starboard BEAMS!!! (which didn't matter at all) Dindrenzi: 3x stupid broadside-throwing gunship things 3x dumb-looking forward-shooting cruisers 3x dumb-looking forward-shooting cruisers 4x corvettes of obviously inferior Dindrenzi (whoops, tautology!) design 3x additional corvettes of obviously inferior design ----------------------- TURN 1 The game begins. The two fleets begin to maneuver, the Terran fleet positioning itself to gain the protection of the gas cloud and to get some optimal firing arcs on the incoming Dindrenzi fleet. Two Dindrenzi corvettes are destroyed, and the Dindrenzi do a few plinking little points to the Terran fleet in turn. The Dindrenzi ships place mines as they move forward, hoping to cut off my ability to hit them from the rear with my reserve squadron. TURN 2 Here is where things started to go wrong for me. I won initiative. That was good. My missionary frigates arrived. This was good. The not-so-good? I mishap on my battle-shunt, and my missionaries, despite being ideally placed to get back-shots on the Dindrenzi gunships, cannot activate this turn. My destroyers fired off a full salvo but were unable to inflict a nuclear crit again. They failed to do it in turn 1 as well. It was frustrating. The Dindrenzi fleet advanced and bombarded my carrier, determined to kill it before it could get into bomber range. They reduced it to 1 health. I finished off the first squadron of Dindrenzi corvettes, but I absolutely needed to win initiative next turn or I was going to be in trouble. The Dindrenzi ships continued to place mines behind them as they advanced, further rendering my missionaries irrelevant. TURN 3 Dindrenzi played a tac on their gunships allowing them to hit on 3s instead of 4s and won initiative. They also got their reserves, who arrived without mishap. This... was bad. The gunships activated first and positioned themselves to fire broadsides into my fleet. Two of them were able to shoot my carrier with said broadsides. My carrier was utterly destroyed and my battleship suffered a crit that took down its shields. Just to complete the hat trick, the Dindrenzi gunships then boarded and successfully captured the space station (the old style Terran carrier in the image). The rest of the Dindrenzi fleet closed and fired on my battleship, critting it twice more (and taking out its point defense). Two of my destroyers suffered damage, and they in turn, AGAIN, failed to get off a nuclear detonation. My battleship managed to destroy a Dindrenzi cruiser and crit another. Two of my escorts were destroyed. My frigates, faced with the decision between either flying through three Dindrenzi mines or trying to fly around the guaranteed death zone, tried to fly around. TURN 4 I won initiative and activated my destroyers. They unleashed a nuclear salvo, actually managed a crit this time, and... killed two corvettes with it but did negligable damage to anything else. The Dindrenzi player then failed to crit my battleship, instead doing a single point that left it with 1 point of damage left. They also killed my last escort. I activated my battleship and moved it to get full broadsides on the enemy fleet, which finished off another cruiser.. The Dindrenzi player then moved his two ship cruiser squadron forward, blew up one of my destroyers with a double-crit, and then boarded and successfully captured my battleship, taking my Admiral with it. My frigate captains took a look at this and said, "Advance to the rear!" and immediately hid behind a planetoid and began to space-fold out. The Dindrenzi fleet took the opportunity to destroy my remaining destroyers. TURN 5 Dindrenzi torpedos failed to kill my frigates before they could escape. The game ended. Final battle log: Terran -6 / Dindrenzi 10 (technically 21, but the battle log at this level maxes out at 10) Ugh.
  13. Marsyas vs Fryguy 800 points Mission: Capture the Station Terran vs Dindrenzi Battle Log: -6 / 10 Outcome: Dindrenzi victory Ugh.
  14. I will generally only do targeted strikes with a goodly number of beam-weapon dice at RB1. Seems to work well, but hard to make work outside of that.
  15. They are fun. Don't expect them to win slugging matches against enemy capital ships, though. Our battlecruisers seem to be better suited for killing and disrupting enemy mediums and smalls.
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