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  1. It's good to be back
  2. Have you considered having one CO cost for all factions and simply giving factions with lower FTB free ones? Might be simpler than having three different CO costs and all factions would get something without actually having to buy anything.
  3. Ascendency and Champion are not bad as accompaniment, it's just as squadrons they are wierd. Ascendency lacks enough PD to defend itself and both lack CP/AP to fend off even opportunity boarding from non-boarding oriented ships. Also their low CP means after one lucky critical they loose all of it and test for Disorder each turn. That's crippling for them. Champion is a much worse Vanquisher except for slightly better torps so unless you are really tight on points no reason to take it. Turmoils grav is also better and more durable. The only good option is with cyber as they are optimized to work differently than Tormentor with Stealth, but here you run into the CP/AP issue again. Ascendency is not cheap and 6 wings total is not enough as they have no other effective weapons and are easy to take out unless you send some Interceptors with them. When you lose first ship they lose both teeth and defences. I was in the FFG design team and these were a rushed job because of Neil giving us a less then a month to design and test these. Other proposals were given like Champion being a smaller Annihilation/Judgement having the fore fixed primary of Judgement up close. This would also tie nicely with additional mixed squadron options where one Champion could be replaced with Annihilation. It would also solve issues Taskforce boxes having only 2 medium ships in it. Sadly it wasn't adopted. Directorate has no need for Champion in the current form and same can be said for some other factions Taskforce ships. Now is the ideal time to tweak them.
  4. I have to say Directorate is my main fleet and I am playing it for quite some time since v1.5 and I never had big issues with Judgement. Especially in the current form it's an awesome ship and if used correctly far superior to others in class. It just got sidetracked with newer Anarchist with more generalist options, good synergies and actually good accompaniment option. Anarchist with 2x Liquidator and 5x Bomber outperformed Judgement in every way, but not because the ship itself would be better, just accompaniment and terribly broken rules allowing battleships to carry bombers. Judgement got back a lot with Impacts as accompaniment option but still lacks for not being able to carry enough offensive SRS. Those are just crazy on battleships as they give them additional short ranged super powerful attack and also help a lot in the end game as they don't degrade the usual way. It also doesn't help Anarchist can actually be build in different effective setups and can get some coherency from upgrades. Judgement is an awesome ship and like it a lot. From the Directorate arsenal all ships are great, well except for the Taskforce Ascendency and Champion, never got to like them.
  5. Thanks Mike for being here. Don't get dissuaded by negative comments, me included. We are just a bunch of ungrateful bastards each wanting from FSA something else! Plus a lot of us have a pretty bad experience with some SG staff.... BTW do you expect us to test the leaked rules? If so, it would be great to post it all somewhere in one document and update that one.
  6. Just want to say I am not a fan of to hit penalties for shooting through terrain. Especially if you have other similar modifiers like DT/ET and run into issues of having only 6-sided dice. Negative to hit modifiers also make for more swingy roll results as it is usually all or nothing. Not being able to predict outcomes of players actions does not really make for a great game. It's not fun if you outmaneuvre your opponent and have no effect as you fail to roll enough sixes. What we started to use instead for terrain is downgrading dice quality from exploding to heavy, from heavy to basic and from basic to basic with a negative to hit modifier and so on. I created similar firepower table like in HFB and you simply track that. There is no dice halving anymore and much less to hit modifiers. This makes for a more strategic game, less random trololol game.
  7. How does PD against SRS work? Is it still the lackluster 6 to destroy or is it changed to something more predictable?
  8. So cyber is not that bad, rolls for great effects on critical chart, but is totally random, that's sad to hear. Will there be ships or special orders allowing you to re-roll this roll or modify it? Good cyber does some damage, but I hope you can scale it for small ships too. If it does 1 damage for reaching Dr and D3 for CR, why not simply let it work against non-capitals like a normal weapon without critical effects? Result would be pretty much the same without adding more different special rules to the game.
  9. Fleet Tactics Bonus still does the same thing? So a bonus to initiative? If so, why not just keep it in +0-2 range as 1 for Directorate and Sorylians is effectively 0. Unless it is used somewhere else and you need the 1-3 spread for it. Agree with Paladin21 on some orders. Full stop and FSE seem to be pretty standard manoeuvres and paying for them seems wierd and forced.
  10. The problem is not fitting those models in there, the problem always was if you allow big ships like Battleships in such a game they dominate the whole game and it only turns around their performance. I am not saying this will be the case in v3 but unless mechanics and stats change in a radical way, it will be the same. So most of us got to restrict these big ships simply to have more fun and more balanced games with the medium and small ships. They suddenly turn to be the big fishes in the sea and it's nicely, refreshing.
  11. Are cloaks still on/off or are they permanent feature like in PF? They are really boring there and Relthoza lost a lot of flavor. How does cyber work? Please don't tell me like in PF...that's terrible.
  12. This system is okay if all bases have their fore marked on their base. Neil wrote something about new bases, this is the reason?
  13. I never liked % systems as they are harder to figure out than the v2 tiered system. I don't like the v2 that much either as it fails to do its job with just 3 tiers and 5 would be ideal. Also it is a bit more restrictive with allowed categories. Will see how the new system turns out. Have you considered system for 400-600 points fleets? The above one won't really work with mandatory large squadron etc. Currently 600 points is the most popular format around here using my own additional rules. Instead of trying to create a new rule set like Taskforce, why not include rules for these smaller formats in the game to simplify things?
  14. @Spartan Derek can we expect you joining us anytime soon with updates? You promised to be back each day and join the discussion...it's already 11 days from your last post here.
  15. This only complicates things and adds an exception to already time consuming process. For simple situations it's easy and okay, but for multiple weapon system ships linking together it's a nightmare exception. Local Terran players hate this exception as when they finally manage to count the final AD they find out it's not enough and have to compare it with the amount of systems etc. If you also change the degration system you might need to take it out anyway, especially in the system you mentioned. Yes, it makes linking useless for crippled ships, but they are crippled and maybe should FSD out anyway (which might need to revisit FSD escape and fasten it a bit). If you use the following linking formula: Focus Weapon + [(All linked weapons - all squadron damage) / 2] and keep it in the rules, then heavily damaged large capitals with any accompaniment pretty much ignore their damage. If you drop it you force players to get these ships out of the fight and with better FSD escape it will only speed the game. Tested it, works pretty well.
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