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  1. Can a Guts card with a +1 action point take you past your Limit numer??
  2. Is it just me or should'nt have a blast symbol, I mean come on it is a cannon!!
  3. One word, WOW!!!! Another Delay, just amazing!!
  4. I get the issue, I totally do but that does not help getting people to buy it and then I have opponents.I am doing demos as often as I can but not much interest. There is a good size group of the other game so better to have opponents than models sitting on the self collecting dust!!!! Which is where all my DW and FSA are at.
  5. I agree, I will no longer post any comparisons. But this does have direct relationship with this topic I started on GENCON 2014. I would of never started to buy DZC if it was not for them being at GENCON and PlanteFall was nowhere to be seen!!!!!! But I still stand on that SG needs to step up their visablily in the USA and find a way to show off there really cool Games!!!!!
  6. OK sorry but PlanetFall took too long to come out. DZC just came out with a new faction that is exactly what I was looking for. Also just for FYI all the DZC starter boxes have dropped in price because they went to plastic instead of Resin. They went down from $90 to $30 not that they are plastic. and if you go to Miniature Market they are $25. So I am going with DZC and if they come out with a V 2.0 in the next year then I might look back.
  7. Well we are going in circles now so I am done. The way to prove me wrong or right is SG go to GENCON 2015 and as some say the proof is in the pudding!! Please prove me wrong!! And if they need volunteers next year I will sign up is a second! BUT unfortunately I will have to stick to my comment back a few posts, until I see any change in the amount of new blood coming into the SG games or some serious outbreak of PlanetFall fever in my area I have no interest in buying another SG game system so that is can sit on my self at home and look pretty which I am sure it would look very sexy!! P.S. There are already 4-6 guys playing DZC in my area that I have been telling them I was waiting but now because of GENCON and the awesome new Faction that Hawk just released I will be dropping my money into that game very soon. This is not a big poke as I walk out the door it is just the brass tax gentelmen!!! Good luck and if things change I will still be here to enjoy the games if something of a marical happens. Like I said at the beginning of all this I love SG and their games and really am not complaining about the games at all, they are all very well done and fun when and if I get to play them!!!!!!
  8. Pok, I would love to I would, but I am not a young buck anymore and have lots of other games and hobbies, including coaching for my two boys. I did a ton of "Volunteering" for the other games while in my youth during collage and ran a tournament every month and even built 8 (4'x8') Tables of custom terrain and ran 2 MEGAMEGA tournaments that was 25 people all playing at the same time on the same table. It was a blast and again that was 10+ years ago, old, fat, and tired does not make for a good REP. Trust me I have thought about it but that would be my last resort!! I do demos now at my LGS and try my damnist to get new players but that is it now days. I also just picked up two new awesome games at GENCON that I cant wait to play!!!
  9. We just did a WM League at our LGS and we were amazed on the new blood that showed up. 22 people joined and less than half of them had an army, the others bought a starter box and joined in!! Doubling the group size!! Now that was an awesome League result!!
  10. I get that totally but which one pulls in new players?? A campaign is for the VETS that want a new challenge and a League that starts at 800pts, and builds to 1200pts over an 8 week period is what pulls in new players and grows the community in my OPINION. If SG did some League kits It would help, that is all that I am saying here. Campaigns are awesome and they can keep on doing those for the VETS. BTW HERE is the GENCON Total RECAP!! 56K gamers, not a bad show at all!!!! It just came out a min. ago. http://www.gencon.com/press/2014recordattendance
  11. In the US a league is just regular play that leads to a tournament at the end. Other companies have League kits that give patches and awards for the best of something at the end. It is usally a $5-$10 buy in for each player to cover the cost of the kit the store buys. You pick a night and then people start playing once a week and get points for win or a loss and the most points wins a medal are a pin. This drums up new players like mad. SG is doing campains that require a new $40 book. This is not the same thing!!!!
  12. Great question Pok!! I can think of a few! 1) Send posters to a large number of the stores to advertise the game! 2) Push the Vanguards to run more events to promote the game. 3) League play needs to be introduced in a better way and more often, you should not need a book to do a league. 4) SG should start doing some Youtube or bigger web based advertizing. I sure there is more but this is what I came up with quickly.
  13. It was nice to see you guys at GENCON. I looked good to see some games being played!!! I walked through but did not stay long. Saw some DW also vs. the Invasion fleet. I hope to see more next year! Hey Stingray is that you in the ORANGE shirt??
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