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  1. 9 hours ago, Polaris said:

    Definitely goa'uld mother ships, but hey, not only do they have very similar attitudes to kedorians, the overall rounded ship fits the kedorians theme as well :D

    i don't know if your looking for recommendations (it being a work in progress) but you could perhaps cut out some spires from a flat piece of acrylic (inexpensive, if difficult) and set them between the three large gaps around the vessels (using epoxy for a good bond)

    this would fill the gap with detail, as well as bend them further toward the kedorians theme 

    (You could even add smaller spires to the smaller gaps if the larger ships)

    Overall those are looking great keep it up :)

    im not sure what you mean by the spires, could you elaborate?

  2. as a proud owner of a relthoza fleet i wanted to try something else, but with a current lack of fleets to find, i decided to 3d print a fleet. this is very much a work in progress, but here is a snapshot of my custom kedorian fleet, it fits the background rather well id say


    hatak in progress.jpg

    edit: dunno why photo is on its side, it displays fine on my pc

  3. 2 hours ago, Hive said:

    This is kind of a tricky thing to discuss... I've had maybe four posts fully written that I've decided not to post on the subject of where and why the Relthoza tend to struggle, and Oroshan somewhat epitomize the problem... In any case, that's a topic for another time that I'm sure I'll rewrite twice or thrice more. In the meantime, I would look into a few things.

    -What are you doing with your Battleship? If you're planning on bringing Interceptors, leave that to the Nidus- I'll get to that in a jiffy, though. Wings on the BB is almost a must, you really can't deny how juicy that makeshift BattleCarrier is. Relth, uniquely, get some great usage out of Fighters due to the Drone Repairs TAC- Fighters tend to drop off quickly in effectiveness when damaged, but you've got a counter to that. Since you're saying that hurting them on the approach is an issue, I would strongly consider using Fighters for your SRS loadout to get that extra range, even though the Bomber's AD looks way better.

    -Reserve Widows- it's tempting to let Systems Network make them survivable, but it doesn't do much for you in the long run. Better to not get shot at at all than to get shot at but have have defensive buffs- particularly since the Widows don't do anything at long range and are so nasty in close quarters. Relth smalls in general are all great, btw.

    -On the flip side, since losing wings for not having enough carrier space only happens when the token returns to base, your Nidus make a great platform for Interceptors, who will very rarely ever RTB. Since Nidus are also one of the few Relth ships that have good forward firepower, they'll serve you way better starting on the table.

    -Relth cruisers are a gamble. On one hand, they put out stupid amounts of firepower when they make it to effective range, on the other they have a hard time making it to effective range and rarely do anything other than torpedo snipe a frigate or two before they can get some broadside shots in. If you can sub one for a Heavy Cruiser, that could make a big difference in their survivability. Relth (and their natural allies) have the dubious honor of having the best usage of the Mixed Cruiser Squadrons rule in the game right now- the mixed squad is fantastic for so many reasons, not the least of which is the 6 hull self-repairing brick you've got leading two glass cannons. Every time I think to do this recently, I've decided against it and regretted it. I'm not saying that the all-Cruisers squadron is bad, but in such a small game where they're your biggest AD source you have nothing else to draw fire for them and they are bad. 

    -If you're going the route of asking what you should get next that would help with the specific problems you're having, I would look into either a Destroyer box of the Reinforcement box. Reinforcement box either gets you Gunships with beam AD out to 30" and additional defences and can battle shunt forward, which solves the exact set of problems you've described, or you can swap your frigates for another set of Cruiser-level defenced hulls that can battle shunt (with somewhat questionable guns, but whatever), OR you can add a pair of Light Cruisers to your Battleship and give it some additional firepower. Destroyers, on the other hand, are cheap for a squad, fire in every direction effectively, can be upgraded to battle shunt, and most importantly are the single best Ambushers in the game, on account of being able to Ambush in cloaks-up. No need to close the gap when you've already got ships up the board! As an added bonus, since Oroshan have somewhat of a foreward firepower focus, getting something behind them early is extremely good.

    thanks for the advice, i am intruegued(help how do ispell this) tho why do you think they tend to struggle?

    i thought my main issue was i was trying to brute force my way cause the firepower looked amazing, i also thought the stealth would keep me alive.

    now im thinking i need to keep my frigates in reserve, cause they do tremendous damage every game they just dont survive a turn.

  4. 29 minutes ago, Nuck Fewton said:

    Oroshan cruisers are some of the scariest in the game. How do you have your cruisers built, regular/heavy/mix/magnetized? Our heavy cruisers are very very good and might help you push through.

    I would shunt your frigates in as well, or at least outflank. 12AD to the rear of an oroshan cruiser should crit it easily. Don't rush up the field, with your cloak up and outside 20" for stealth you shouldn't be taking too many hits, use your torps to pick off some of those slayer frigates.

    normal cruisers and yes i normally just rush up <.< cause i take tones of damage at 20inch and cant do any in return

  5. ive got a relthoza patrol fleet + a nidus squadron and im struggling against an oroshan patrol fleet. so far 3 games played 3 losses.

    are the oroshan naturral counters to the relthoza or am i just doing something wrong? if so please help.


    i normally try to rely on cloak and stealth, but the oroshan generally outrange my ships. when i try closing the distance my frigates just get vaprized, my cruisers can take maybe 1 salvo and then they are done. any advice would be great

  6. well i got my spiders on saturday, i just got finished with assembling them.

    i have the patrol fleet and a box of nidus frigates, i just wanted to say hey and also ask what would be a good addition to my fleet after i get done painting them?


    also a question on the battleship the pegs are the same size but the holes were they are supposed to go are on diffrent heights. is that normal?


    thanks from a fellow spider


  7. I would go Relthoza, personally, because I like the idea of ships with a cool and striking aesthetic. Terran ships are a little too "space-shippy" for me, while Relthozan ships are interesting and unique. Then again, I also quite like the Tarakians and the Teraquai - both of which are pretty space-shppy - so maybe there's something else, too.


    If I were you, I would delve into their playstyles and let that guide your choice. The fleets in this game all play radically differently. Your choice of fleet can really make or break the game for you.

    ah but you allready gave me a very nice desription of how they play that is why im now doubting between these two fleets, and the question for the directorate fleets was say i picked the terrans but i dont like the look of the frigates could i take some directorate frigates to represent those terran frigates?

  8. well after a long time thinking i am now doubting between the terran alliance and the relthoza altho i really really love the directorates ship design (definitly picking up the game)


    so who should i pick? and would it be acceptable if i used some directorate ships as stand ins for some of the models i dont like?

    terran alliance



    ps: last time i made my choice based on looks i ended up with space orks and i love them but i would not have picked them if i had known i needed to paint 100+ models just to start

  9. i have been looking at firestorm armada for a while now and it looks nice the minis look nice too

    now i do have some concerns for example, how difficult is it for a new player to understand the rules?

    what race does what? what point total makes a decent sized game? 

    also im moving to another country (norwich,england) so im hoping i might also get some information if the game is played there in gamingclubs 


    bassicly sell me on the game! 

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