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  1. im not sure what you mean by the spires, could you elaborate?
  2. as a proud owner of a relthoza fleet i wanted to try something else, but with a current lack of fleets to find, i decided to 3d print a fleet. this is very much a work in progress, but here is a snapshot of my custom kedorian fleet, it fits the background rather well id say edit: dunno why photo is on its side, it displays fine on my pc
  3. how large are the ships? ive seen them in pictures just never really played around here, so was just wondering how large they are compared to say relthoza?
  4. thanks for the advice, i am intruegued(help how do ispell this) tho why do you think they tend to struggle? i thought my main issue was i was trying to brute force my way cause the firepower looked amazing, i also thought the stealth would keep me alive. now im thinking i need to keep my frigates in reserve, cause they do tremendous damage every game they just dont survive a turn.
  5. normal cruisers and yes i normally just rush up <.< cause i take tones of damage at 20inch and cant do any in return
  6. ive got a relthoza patrol fleet + a nidus squadron and im struggling against an oroshan patrol fleet. so far 3 games played 3 losses. are the oroshan naturral counters to the relthoza or am i just doing something wrong? if so please help. i normally try to rely on cloak and stealth, but the oroshan generally outrange my ships. when i try closing the distance my frigates just get vaprized, my cruisers can take maybe 1 salvo and then they are done. any advice would be great
  7. washed all of my models, it made them alot darker, i will have to do the lighter edges again hopefully posts some pics tommorow
  8. it isnt finished yet, i am still working on the rest of the fleet aswell but this is what i have so far. i am not a very good painter lol
  9. thanks and my bad the answer was in the fleet manual not in the rulebook
  10. so i got the relthoza, i read the rulebook several times but i dont seem to be able to find the answer. is the stealth system mar the same as cloaking field? thanks in advance
  11. well i got my spiders on saturday, i just got finished with assembling them. i have the patrol fleet and a box of nidus frigates, i just wanted to say hey and also ask what would be a good addition to my fleet after i get done painting them? also a question on the battleship the pegs are the same size but the holes were they are supposed to go are on diffrent heights. is that normal? thanks from a fellow spider
  12. are there any firestorm armada players in norwich uk? i recently moved to norwich from belgium and im looking for a gaming club with firestorm armada players who wouldnt mind playing a few games with a complete newb someday.
  13. ah but you allready gave me a very nice desription of how they play that is why im now doubting between these two fleets, and the question for the directorate fleets was say i picked the terrans but i dont like the look of the frigates could i take some directorate frigates to represent those terran frigates?
  14. well after a long time thinking i am now doubting between the terran alliance and the relthoza altho i really really love the directorates ship design (definitly picking up the game) so who should i pick? and would it be acceptable if i used some directorate ships as stand ins for some of the models i dont like? terran alliance bugpeople ps: last time i made my choice based on looks i ended up with space orks and i love them but i would not have picked them if i had known i needed to paint 100+ models just to start
  15. i have been looking at firestorm armada for a while now and it looks nice the minis look nice too now i do have some concerns for example, how difficult is it for a new player to understand the rules? what race does what? what point total makes a decent sized game? also im moving to another country (norwich,england) so im hoping i might also get some information if the game is played there in gamingclubs bassicly sell me on the game!
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