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  1. Firestorm Armada Demos start at 5:30-9:00. Every Thursday w/ Firebase Delta Podcast Located at Gateway Games 12:00 – 9:00 pm[/color]
  2. After taking a break and seeing the rules, I am pleased to see a progression of the game. If you look at the first rulebook and the stages it proggressed to aka the currect ruleset it has come a long way. You can only make the game how you want it to be. Could there be improvement...yeah, am I looking and picking out the negatives...No. All I know Is I can get more space ships and play with my buddies.
  3. I worry about containment leak more than double 1's
  4. Would the DeathStar in Star-wars be considered a double one roll...?
  5. I don't think double 1's is OP at all. It happens... lucky shot...
  6. I think you would have a Critical chart already made. I would have one for Medium and Large. ANd every time you get a crit you auto get example DR 4 CR 7 HP 6 first crit for medium class Hard pounding Second crit decompression Third hit kills ship and roll to see if explodes on 6
  7. what about an escalating crit chart? level 1 hard pounding then work your way up ? opinions?
  8. I just did not llike sharing the same Crit table as another game
  9. Yes the chart we did was/is something different. More story telling . The last thing we want istable flipping. It can always be redone.
  10. I posted something a couple weeks ago on the chart list. This was still on the playtest table but here is what we have on the FB page. Critical Hit Chart 2: Reactor/Ruptured Hit 1-2: Critical Mass 4" AD equal to double the HP of destroyed ship 3-4: Ammo Explosion: Splits the ship into 2 parts and (2) 4" AD equal to double the Hp of destroyed ship. 5-6: Fold Space Ruptured: 1d6 for direction 1-2 fore,3-4 port, 5-6 starboard. Roll 1d6 for movement then the Ship is pulled into FTL and is removed from play. Any ship within 2" of ship has to roll a d6 and of a 1 they are pulled into FTL with destroyed ship. 3: Engine Damage 1-2: Engine Failure: Ship moves 2" next turn 3-4: Engine Damaged: Movement is reduced to 1/2 speed 5-6: Motion Control: ship has to move in a straight line and cannot turn on next activation. 4: Weapon System offline. Roll d6 1-2 back online on next activation. 1-3 Primary weapons are offline, roll d6 if multiple weapons 4-6 Secondaries weapons offline, roll if multiple systems are on ship. Example: shields, torp, mines, point defense 5: Raging Deck Fire d6 on 6 1cp/ap are lost, if failed add +1 to next roll. 6: Decompression on decks. loose 1 CP/AP 7: Critical Hit (Hard Pounding) 1d3 CP/AP 8: Cant take much more Captain. Add Decompression Marker 1-3 1CP/AP Taking highest 4-6 2CP/AP Taking highest 9: Armament Hit: Bay Doors Compromised. No Assault can be launched as well as fighters or landing fighters to ship. 10: Containment Breach CR reduced to Dr 11: Bridge Hit: No star cards can be played on ship. If Star Admiral onboard, Looses benefits 12: Abandoned Ship. Ship will move 1/2 speed then roll #2 option Place markers outside of 4" of ship. Life boats token of all remaining CP and AP result in VP something simple but exciting
  11. We kept it simple using cruisers for the demos. 3 total showing movement and firing techniques. I even had a private demo on a game using all ships to show how the game is played with larger points
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