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  1. Hi all! Our group is about to start FSA and had a quick question on Size Class. I see the ships all have a Size Class listed (Large Capital, Small, etc.). What is that classification used for? We've played DW and Smalls were harder to hit from certain guns on bigger ships. I wasn't able to find anything in the main rule book but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks!! Jester
  2. So let me tack on a question in the same theme. Does the above apply to a Prussian ship armed with both Tesla Weapons and a Speerschleuder? For instance, could it fire its Speerschleuder first and assuming it gets a hit and places a lightning rod marker on the target. Then its next shot from regular tesla weapons gets to use the LR marker? Thanks!
  3. That looks awesome. Where did you get the ships? We are planning on magnetizing the buildings and the "base" so for better storage and so we can move them out of the way as needed (and we can swap them out for other buildings). I'll take a look at the AC rules tonight. Thanks all
  4. Hi all! Our group is about to start playing more land battles in regular DW and were thinking of putting our buildings (ones from the AC box sets) on bases (maybe 3"x3" ish size bases to represent city blocks). We also plan on eventually playing AC so didn't want to do something that would mess up our AC games. My question is: are there any rules in AC that would make this a bad idea or if anything else I should consider with basing the buildings? Thanks! Jester
  5. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks! The cards are amazing and I have them all printed for both my FSA and PE fleets (in sleeves no less!!). I can only imagine the amount of time you spent on this and I know our group is very grateful. Thanks and enjoy your break!!!
  6. What is the FSA fleet comp rules (high level if its too complicated)? Thanks!
  7. Bah! Spartan games and their future mind reading technology <shakes fist at sky> ... Basic Bob, that's fantastic news! As most others have stated, I too don't want this to be a midway game but do want TFT to be able to a viable factor in games and fleet building. I know its a delicate balance but that's why we have the "Delboys" of the world to help make our awesome games (no pressure little buddy ).
  8. Our group likes the cards but are hoping they do what FSA 2.0 did with the race specific cards. Uncharted Seas did that and it was fun having faction specific cards that added even more flavor to your fleet. I also agree that if you keep them optional, everyone wins...mostly...mostly....
  9. ooops..wrong thread...nothing to see here...
  10. You know, I'm really getting sick of Delboy stealing my ideas...before_I_even_post_them . Assault carrier...yummy....
  11. Thanks all! I've been following the discussion on the "some things that can work in 2.0" thread. There are some interesting ideas being bandied about. I am really interested in seeing what 2.0 looks like as far as TFTs go.
  12. Hi all! I know beta testing for v2 is coming soon so wanted to throw out an idea on the off chance it’s not too late. Our group really enjoys the carrier aspect of naval/space games and like the way DW has implemented TFTs for the most part (heck , its what got me into DW in the first place). Having said that, I wanted to post something Ive been thinking about for carriers and get some input. Let me preface this with: I don’t want to start a “are carriers good/bad/etc.” thread (although I’m always willing to engage in that conversation) Below are three “carrier types” I would like to see implemented. Whether each nation gets one of each or not I will leave up to smarter people than me. Fleet Carrier – Quick launch MAR (TFT activate turn they were launched) – These carriers would have little to no offensive weapons as they are dedicated carriers and not battleline ships. Consequently, they would have a higher TFT allocation. An example might be the FSA Saratoga. I know it has some weapons but we would gladly trade those in/downgrade them if it meant having more TFTs (9-12 for instance). Battle Carrier – Combat Launch MAR (ship can fire when launching TFT) – these are the carriers that have decent weapons and can wade into battle with the big boys. Having Combat Launch means they don’t miss out on a turn of shooting to re-launch any TFTs that happen to survive their first attack run. The number of TFT probably stays the same (6) Light/Support Carrier –Tiny Flyer Complement MAR – This would typically be on a cruiser size hull and maybe only have 3-5 TFTs. These could come with or without Combat Launch and Quick Launch based on the role it was meant to fill for that nation. I know some carriers already have these MARs but I would like a broader implementation of this where more nations have one or more of these classes of ships. Additionally, I think the specific MAR should influence its weapons and TFT count (for instance the Fleet Carrier having high TFT count but low/no weapons). Currently it seems like the MARs and TFT count / weapon load out doesn't really sync up well (based on my vast and perfect knowledge of all things naval...not ). Also, I know how incredibly hard it is to balance TFTs so I don’t suggest this lightly. Regardless, I would love to hear some feedback on if this is something others are interested in (or if I am just off my rocker?? ). As I mentioned above, the design process may be too far along for any big changes/additions to be implemented but one thing that separates Spartan Games from other companies is their willingness to change rules/stats based on feedback from the community so I thought I would throw it out there just in case Thanks! Jester
  13. What a great thread! I am loving these stories. One of the main reasons we wargame are for those "OMG" moments. So here is ours. We were playing yesterday and a dastardly EotBS Battleship rammed my peace loving "for exploration only" FSA frigate. Incredibly, the Frigate survived (such a terrible roll from my opponent, I almost felt sorry for him...almost ). Not to be deterred, the battleship fired its torps and sank the hapless frigate. In and of itself, nothing really crazy there. What made it a memorable moment for us was when we started thinking how it actually happened. So after finishing each others sentences, we were all laughing our $%#S off (and drawing the stares from everyone else in the gaming room). So in our mind, somehow, the frigate survived the collision with this Huge battleship. When the crew of the frigate stand back up on deck after being knocked to their feet, they see several Japanese sailors looking down at them gesturing wieldy. They disappear back over the railing then next thing the FSA sailors know, the Japanese roll a torpedo off their front deck and drop it onto the frigate. The torp doesn't even explode, it just punches a hole thru the poor frigate and it sinks right then and there. Its probably one of those "you had to be there" momements but it struck us as so funny at the time and its still a very vivid image in my mind.
  14. Hi Spartan Derek! I would like to submit my gaming club to help you beta test 2.0. I am only submiting my name since I will be playing the test games with them. PM me if you need them to submit as well. Before I get to questions, a bit about us. We have been wargaming together since 1998 but some of us have been playing since the 80s (Avalon Hill, etc.) We have a good mix of guys who enjoy both Sci-Fi and historical miniature games. This is probably what drew us to DW in the first place. It’s a perfect mix and appealed to the broader group. SO WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? 1 – Beta Testers MUST actually PLAY the game! - I know this sounds obvious, but really we need players not talkers. With 100s of models to test, we need players to cite their ACTUAL game play experiences as well as their opinions looking at profiles 'cold'. No problem there. We have 5 guys in our gaming club that regularly play DW so I will be playing plenty of games. We all live within about 20 minutes of a gaming store and/or each other and get together 2+ times a week to play games. 2 – Beta Testers SHOULD have a good working knowledge of the Dystopian Wars game in its 1.1 format, and it is also a good idea for those wishing to get involved to brush up on the other Spartan Rules if they have the opportunity. We have played DW since version 1 (we helped sell our local store out of stock the first week DW was released ). Our core group has FSA, COA, RoF, EotBS and PE as our main fleets. We have some allies sprinkled in as well. As far as other rules go, we started out with Spartan games back with Uncharted Seas (Iron Dwarves, Elves, Dragon Lords and Imperials). We only dabbled in FA (probably only half a dozen games total). 3 – Beta Testers MUST sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Spartan Games to ensure the company and other Beta Testers are protected as sensitive design and product materials are handled. This is not just about secrecy, it is about business plans and as a DW Beta Tester you will gain an insight to the future developments of the Dystopian Wars World. This is not a problem. I have been part of closed beta for several games so am familiar with this. 4 – Beta Testers SHOULD structure their feedback in the manner set out by the Spartan Design Team. With so much to do we will need our testers to be disciplined and focused. Feedback should be direct and considered – saying you think something is 'rubbish' without examples or an explanation of your logic behind this will not do! See above but this is not a problem. Often, we had forms we had to fill out so whatever structure you need will be fine. I also understand the need for specific examples of why or how this does or doesn’t work. 5 - Beta Testers MUST maintain a polite and courteous manner on the forum, both in the new Beta Section AND outside in the Forum proper. No worries there at all…err….sir. 6 – Beta Testers MUST have a sense of humour [and a good measure of patience too....] - This is Spartan after all! Don’t you mean “THIS IS SPARTA!!!”..oh wait, wrong movie…now what were you asking? This won’t be an issue either. Our group spends 50% of our gaming time laughing. Having said that, I also understand this will be an iterative process and I have lots of patience to see it through to the end. 7 – Beta Testers SHOULD consider mentioning in their application any outside experience or skills that they feel may be useful to the Spartan Design Team. Those applicants who are reluctant to identify themselves or their workplaces on the forum, can instead contact me directly via PM [to my Delboy log-in] so that I can pass on any relevant information to the other Spartan Designers. I will list a few items I think are relevant: 1) I was a tester in two closed beta programs. Both were for PC games but I suspect the process of feedback and communication will be the same. 2) I and one of the core members from our DW gaming group created a miniature war game for our club. We went through several rounds of beta testing and the finished product is 123 pages which includes scenarios and a campaign system. 3) In my non gaming time (aka stuff I do to pay the bills), I manage software implementations so am often dealing with a team of folks from my company as well at the client. This requires me to use advanced communication skills to make sure all parties are both moving forward (my team) as well being kept in the loop on progress/issues (Client). 8 – Beta Testers SHOULD have a good grasp of English. BUT perfect English is NOT ESSENTIAL. Dystopian Wars is a global game with many enthusiastic players all over the world and applicants should NOT feel put off by the fact that English is not their first language. [... as a Scotsman I'll be the first to admit I butcher the language on a regular basis!...] English is my primary language (and one of these days, I will be able to speak it correctly). Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon (also, this wallet I have left on your desk might or might not contain $100...I'll be back in a minute to pick it up).
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