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  1. I should pull out my Relth fleet and do a full-fleet shot with them. I'm like less than halfway done painting them and tempted yet again to redo the whole thing. In the meantime, I finished my second set of objective tokens after recovering from illness. Now that I've got more objective tokens than I'll ever actually need, time to get back to the Directorate.
  2. Yeah, someone else caught that too. I wasn't paying attention when I slapped the Boston in. I'll update it in a bit, picking something I think is too obscure and old as punishment for my inattentive ways.
  3. I know we all want that one model, that one figure we love so much, to be found amongst the molds that Warcradle has salvaged from Spartan. Well, now that the first wave of Warcradle Classics has been announced, why not put that anxiety and hope to good use? That's right! Let's make a game of it! I present to you today Warcradle Classics Bingo! The rules are on the tin, and there's no prize but the joy of bingo itself! I even filled out a board of my own for example use! How very generous of me! So come join me on this wild ride, I'm sure I'm not the only person with nothing better to do. Uh... Just remember, I think models with acrylic or metal parts are less likely to get released. I know I took a gamble with that on a couple of my choices, but you know, it's something to keep in mind. ALSO save yourself some trouble and just use names, seriously this took me way to long.
  4. One of my favorite models, its a shame they're so... Not good. I'd take 'em on everything if I could.
  5. I mean, there was talk about what could be done in plastic, you know? Part of that could be including such options on the sprue. I think a little bit of personal flair is excellent. Even a small touch like that tells a lot about the forces in play- I would personally be inclined towards another sensor suite myself, or at least an enclosed cockpit. Seems like a big liability otherwise, what with the rotor right beneath the pilot! If something comes loose on your cyborg pilot, you're gonna need to find a replacement part!
  6. I'm going to throw this down here- page 31, core rules While there's no point where the rules specifically tell you you cannot take say a cruiser squadron of three Isonades and a Ladon, the way the squad minimums and maximums in the profiles are written implies that the squad is chosen by ship type, filled out with that ship type, and then exceptions might be applied. If accompaniments are bought as squadrons with modified sizes, then no. The process would be pick the squadron type from all possible Escort types, then fill out that squadron, and then count it as part of the lead ship's squadron. As for a why not, I agree that it probably wouldn't be gamebreaking, yeah? But it would also be that much more to keep track of. Now I know Terran players will yell at me because it just plain doesn't happen, I know the Terran Heavy doesn't mesh with their standard Cruisers, but there's an entirely possible squad of two Cruisers led by a Heavy and accompanied by a Shield Cruiser. That's three ship types in one squad, and though the Heavy contributes to this by not being a team player, you've got to imagine how awkward that squad could be even if the Heavy meshed well with its standard counterparts. Three different weapon loadouts, three different defensive profiles... There's nothing broken about it, but its just that much more of a hassle, particularly when one of the big recurring complaints about FSA is the math of linking, and when taken in context I think there's a reason why with this exception you don't see a bunch of squads able to take more than two varieties of ship. This is of course just my thoughts on the topic- I was surprised not to see something in the FAQ about squads of the same class but different profiles, but hey, I guess that didn't really get to come up until System Wars and Taskforce added some alternatives.
  7. You madmen actually did it- given the chance to meme, you memed. I need to get that drawing for my profile pic now.
  8. So @Polaris made a thread about the objective set, and it got me thinking about the set I painted a while back. I decided I liked what I had done on the individual pieces, but not as a group. So I decided to make them more consistent. I decided that I wanted to try and make them look like holograms on a hologram deck- @Ryjak's terrain is pretty popular, and I was thinking I could get them done in a style that would look good both on that terrain as well as regular terrain. I have a second set I never painted which is also near done now in the same style.
  9. I... That's something. I can't see any reason, RAW, why that wouldn't work. That doesn't feel right RAI though, particularly when Shunt Matrix specifies not working for ships in full stop. Why add that clause when a ship can turn Full Stop off and on again as your first and last actions in the Secondary Movement phase? Still, by the rules, yeah I guess that works. Kudos for figuring that out.
  10. They're nice models. The event cards range from things that act as psuedo TACs, getting added to your card pool, to stuff that happens right away. None of it is too gamebreaking. Honestly a good number of them are underwhelming, and there are negative cards tucked in there. None of the negatives are too harsh though. I wish they were a bit more consistently psuedo-TACs, and a lot of them require you to track which ship actually drew them. Basically extra objectives get added to the game, and if I remember correctly you draw an event card when you capture one. That's really it. There's a rules insert that tells you how many to generate based on game size.
  11. Bit saddened by the cancellation, but good to see they're aiming to get it out sometime in the upcoming week rather than skipping out on it entirely. Kind of wonder what the technical difficulty was, though. Tesla coil misfire? Fold Space Drive rupture? Pathogen in the laptop? Space cat attack?
  12. Can I comment from the perspective of a Relthozan player? If I take SRS, I usually take Fighters, unless the max SRS token will be less than 6. If you have access to Deck Crews or a pseudo Deck Crews like the Relth repair TAC, that extra range is incredibly potent, even if your AD pool is reduced. The big thing with Fighters is they tend to drop off pretty quickly if you can't sustain the token's level. Think about what this means for ships with Cloaks or the Cloak/Stealth wombo combo, and then add to that what it means for Quick Launch or Split Berth capable ships with either of those defensive systems. The threat projection is absolutely insane. I'm not sure what @Commodore Jones is getting at, but I think there are very specific situations where they excel.
  13. So if I created one with an odd title like "Unofficial Warcradle Painter's Support Group" or "Circle of Brushes- unofficial Warcradle painting chat" or something similar would that be cool? There'd be some interest?
  14. So as a reccomendation for future reference, and this is a suggestion from the pits of the past when 40k players were first handed Glowy Green Rod sprues for their robot skeletors, you should get a bottle of PVA for any time you do anything transparent/translucent. Cyanoacrylate glues have all sorts of potential problems with transparent parts, not the least of which is a tendency to fog if the humidity is off. Its still the best stuff for anything else, since you'll be painting over anything else or else it'll be in a gap and won't show, but yeah clear parts you'll want something else. The Isoprop might do the trick in weakening the glue, but I'm not absolutely certain it will work in this case.
  15. What kind of glue did you use? If its just fingerprints, Isopropyl and a lint free cloth should do wonders. I'd make sure in the future to clean the downward side, let it dry (since the iso can hurt your paint), glue in place, and then very carefully clean the upward surface. I'm assuming since you said they didn't smear or anything that its not just fingerprints, but as a PSA for anyone else doing Ryushi or painting flight stands, get thyself a bottle of 70 or 90% Isopropyl and save yourself a lot of fingerprint-based trouble.
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