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  1. Hive

    SRS rebalnace

    Can I comment from the perspective of a Relthozan player? If I take SRS, I usually take Fighters, unless the max SRS token will be less than 6. If you have access to Deck Crews or a pseudo Deck Crews like the Relth repair TAC, that extra range is incredibly potent, even if your AD pool is reduced. The big thing with Fighters is they tend to drop off pretty quickly if you can't sustain the token's level. Think about what this means for ships with Cloaks or the Cloak/Stealth wombo combo, and then add to that what it means for Quick Launch or Split Berth capable ships with either of those defensive systems. The threat projection is absolutely insane. I'm not sure what @Commodore Jones is getting at, but I think there are very specific situations where they excel.
  2. Hive

    Discord or similar

    So if I created one with an odd title like "Unofficial Warcradle Painter's Support Group" or "Circle of Brushes- unofficial Warcradle painting chat" or something similar would that be cool? There'd be some interest?
  3. Hive

    Firestorm Painting Group

    So as a reccomendation for future reference, and this is a suggestion from the pits of the past when 40k players were first handed Glowy Green Rod sprues for their robot skeletors, you should get a bottle of PVA for any time you do anything transparent/translucent. Cyanoacrylate glues have all sorts of potential problems with transparent parts, not the least of which is a tendency to fog if the humidity is off. Its still the best stuff for anything else, since you'll be painting over anything else or else it'll be in a gap and won't show, but yeah clear parts you'll want something else. The Isoprop might do the trick in weakening the glue, but I'm not absolutely certain it will work in this case.
  4. Hive

    Firestorm Painting Group

    What kind of glue did you use? If its just fingerprints, Isopropyl and a lint free cloth should do wonders. I'd make sure in the future to clean the downward side, let it dry (since the iso can hurt your paint), glue in place, and then very carefully clean the upward surface. I'm assuming since you said they didn't smear or anything that its not just fingerprints, but as a PSA for anyone else doing Ryushi or painting flight stands, get thyself a bottle of 70 or 90% Isopropyl and save yourself a lot of fingerprint-based trouble.
  5. Hive

    Discord or similar

    I'm antisocial AF outside of gaming, so I don't really have a whole lot of experience using chat services aside from with the purpose of gaming over them. Since communities for Spartan's old IPs were kind of scattered and such (not sure what the WWEx communities are like, never encountered the game in person) I was thinking maybe it would help if there was a Warcradle Discord server. I'm painting right now and thought it would be nice to chat while painting, none of my online D&D buddies would give a **** about that, you know? I know I'm rambling here but just kind of thought I'd throw the idea into the world. I'd love to see an official one with links on the community page, but if not would people use an unofficial Discord server?
  6. Hive

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    Gonna echo this. I always had hoped Cores would get a little looser with requirements for Infantry or at least buggies though.
  7. Hive

    Cruiser Rankings

    Oof, I wasn't expecting to accidentally open that can of worms again, haha.
  8. Hive

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I'm pleased that you like them/him. My next set should take a while, given it is 20 smalls and 7 mediums.
  9. Hive

    Cruiser Rankings

    The Aquan Ladon. It's a really cool cruiser for doing stuff like taking a single of the crystal-heavies to lead a squad of Ladons and using them as a psuedo-accompaniment, but on its own it's super questionable. It's probably the only place in the Taskforce/Reinforcement sets where the 3 mediums/6 smalls paradigm really didn't work out, given how bad the Aquan Escort Carriers are too. Side note, the only reason the Abraxas looks so garbage in isolation is because the Directorate fleet is full of the kind of threats you have to handle first. In a vacuum (like space hurr hurr) they are trash, but when your opponent has to deal with a squad of cloaked heavies sharking around and that pair of gunships with their dreadnought-grade weapons or just an Anarchist for being an Anarchist, they kind of become great way of punishing a player who does go after your bigger but less vulnerable threats. That RB1+2 man, it's scary if you can keep them alive.
  10. Hive

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Okay time for more pictures! Obviously I got distracted and forgot the frigates. My brand truly is the loudest. As you'll see, I got the underplating of the Battlecruisers too! Also pictures is my Cheyga painting assistant, Captain Fwiffo, who helps me untie my shoes every morning when I get home from work at the bakery, starting a morning of painting off right.
  11. Hive

    Cruiser Rankings

    There's no way the Swarm is on the same tier as the Hashvar. I still maintain its a lot better than people think it is, but it tends to get ranked pretty lowly. Swapping the Swarm and Defiler's positions would make way more sense to me.
  12. Hive

    Cruiser Rankings

    While that's true, you've got to remember in the Sharnak's case they're cheap as dirt, tough as nails, can board decently, have 5 hull AND Wep Shielding, decent mine values, and have Pack Hunters. If we're going to make that distinction, that four ship squadrons stand above the rest, the Sharnak/Hashvar at least stands at the top of its 3-ship-squad bretheren.
  13. Hive

    Critical hit table

    If this was the only change made, I think it would be a huge improvement.
  14. Hive

    Cruiser Rankings

    The Ba'Kash cruiser has to be near the top, too. Pretty freaking scary.
  15. Hive

    Critical hit table

    I'd be down for the Hazard, and I could see 2D3 assuming that we're not doing what I was talking about with 2 damage being a default attribute of a crit. Honestly, the reason I'd rather have 2 and then add the 1d3 is that you'd be adding a whole column to your chart to accomodate a single result otherwise. It just makes sense to me to trim it down, make it more universal. The difference would be 3-5 damage rather than 2-6.

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