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  1. Why would we need 2 different templates? From my understanding, we have 6 arcs instead of 4, so each would be a 60-degree arc from that hex facing. Fore, Fore P/S, Aft P/S, Aft, instead of Fore, P/S, Aft.
  2. Personally, I like the idea of dropping mines in the command phase of your activation. Drive-bys would still be possible, but you'd have to survive a round of point-blank fire, first, and if you didn't activate before your targets, they can get away. Still serves as area denial, but removes the "unstoppable Scatter/Nuke/PDS short range attack" aspect of it.
  3. I don't think anybody KNEW who they were going to play for sure (and believe me, I was trying to find out). However, if you knew roughly where you were points wise, you could ask the other folks who had finished how they did and start putting together a mental picture of where everyone was in the standings, and thus who you were going to end up facing. Mostly for rounds 3-4, after everyone had gotten their first couple of games sorted.
  4. OSO Corsair Racketeer-class Battle Carrier +1 CR, +1” Turn limit, +1 Shield, gain Vulnerable, gain Any Arc torps, remove 2nd primary 2 Interceptor Wings OSO Omnidyne Executive-class Battleship +2” Mv, + Assault Robot Torpedoes, + Torpedoes 2 Synergy-class Corvettes (Torpedoes) STL Syndicate Phantom-class Battleship +1 Shield, +1 Mv 2 Interceptor wings 2x Shadow-class Frigates 3x OSO Corsair Brigand-class Cruisers +1 CR, -2” Mv, +1 DR, +1” Turn limit 3x OSO Corsair Outlaw-class Frigates (+1 AP, -1 CP) 3x OSO Corsair Outlaw-class Frigates (+1 AP, -1 CP) 5x OSO Omnidyne Synergy-class Corvettes (Torpedoes) Really, with the amount of "other stuff" going on, I didn't get enough playtesting with the list. I've already decided that I needed 6 bombers on the Battle Carrier to give it some more punch, and I was not particularly impressed with the Executive's performance in the Interceptor-heavy meta that currently exists. The list needs more direct firepower - maybe OSO or Syndicate gunships, something.
  5. Dan was 2nd, Stoobert 3rd. I ended up 4th due to a horrible, horrible beating by Larry ("Telarion", although I don't know if he posts here much/at all). Most of my games ended up well before time - generally, I think there were only 2-3 games each round that were down to the wire out of 14 tables, but there could have been more that ended up saying "well, we don't have time for another round" that I didn't notice. I think it mostly depends on both sides knowing their ships well - if you or your opponent always has to look up DR/CR or weapon dice pool, it definately slows things down. I'm sure they'll be looking at time per round and points value again for next year - usually the Waygate runs a poll or something to see what everyone would prefer to see. I know there were some comments in the aftermath that suggested going back to 900 points, and quite a few of the people seemed interested in maybe switching to a 2 day format.
  6. Aquans OP, plz nerf. It was a great tournament - but actual thoughts will have to wait until my brain recovers from the weekend. Anybody else want to chip in their thoughts?
  7. Also, the RSN racial MAR is new, is it not?
  8. Castigator does not have Lumbering - he missed that change.
  9. To be honest - I can't see myself ever taking the Escort carriers right now. Their stats are OK, I suppose, and I would absolutely take a squadron of them to replace a standard carrier. But they take a heavy cruiser slot. Directorate heavy cruisers are GOD tier good. Losing a squadron of them to make room for these - it's not going to happen. Maybe they could take an R&D slot, or the Assault/Torpedo cruiser slot? Or a gunship slot? Because otherwise, they're not going to get fielded, at least in my lists.
  10. Just claim your frigates are performing a "Catabrian circle", so you look all edu-ma-cated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantabrian_circle
  11. 12 BL swing? It's only 9 - +2 for half total HP (doing 6 HP between the 2 carriers), +3 for destruction (1/2 the HP of the largest ship), -4 for losing a Tier 1. OK, I can see it being 12 if you count the admiral, and have a pair of cruisers for capital accompaniments... But STL overall tends to give up low battle log because they have less HP but bigger squadrons. Considering they had to kill 18 HP of ships to get that BL swing, that's pretty good.
  12. Also, note that you do roll for initiative BEFORE reserves rolls - not sure if you actually did or not, but the order of your battle report sounds like you placed your reserves, then rolled for init. Instead, you roll for initiative, find out who's going first, THEN start rolling for and bringing in reserves. It can make a big difference on where you put things if you know you're going 2nd!
  13. So, the interpretation is that a unit is only scoring if it is actually capturing an objective, yes? How does this work if each side has a light tank squadron in base-to-base? After all, if another scoring unit is in base-to-base, they cannot capture, therefore they are not scoring, therefore the other side can capture, but THEY aren't scoring, to the original unit becomes scoring, so.... It can't work that way, not without hideously mutilating the rules.
  14. I was going to state that wouldn't be legal, since the new ships don't fulfill your mandatory choices - but that's not true once you buy off Planetfall, is it? Hm....
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