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  1. Sorry for the thread-necromancy and my question is not even concerning the area bombardement itself. Let's say a squadron of three ships is attacked by area bombardement and each ship happens to be at least partially under a template. Does each ship to defensive AckAck against the attacker as lead on its own, or is linking allowed?
  2. Thanks mate. The pot clocked up about 17 years and is still pristine.
  3. Ni Hao, I finally managed to try a paint scheme for my Chinese Federation Fleet that sat far too long in the shelf. I've finished the first model so far and wanted to share. I am not really sold on the red of the hull, it came out a bit too dark. Eventually I will try a lighter colour for the following models. A click on the image will lead you to my blog for more images and a step to step painting guide in bad english.
  4. Looks like panne velvet (is that the right english name? It's Pannesamt in german).
  5. I especially like the light on your fotos, the warm reflections on the waves look like dusk.
  6. Ni Hao fellow chinese admirals, I am actually painting my fleet and playing around with potential lists. While reading the attachement options for the battle cruiser to a carrier squadron and for the carrier to a cruiser squadron, I was wondering what would be the benefit. Do you guys have any ideas or even experience how a carrier squadron with attached battle cruiser or a cruiser squadron with attached carrier would perform?
  7. Thanks for the last update. I spotted a typo on the card for the EotBS Ronin MK2. It should have 4AP (+1AP to the value of the MK1). Keep up the great work.
  8. I love the look of your carrier. Wow, just wow!
  9. I am a huge fan of Rod Langton's 1/1200 napoleonic buildings.
  10. The models and the bases look great. May I suggest to add a little smoke/soot to the tips of the barrels. But even without yor models are gorgeous.
  11. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads -> Armoured Clash
  12. I love the deck of the Kiyohime.
  13. Get well soon mate. Keep up the great work.
  14. crabking

    My FSA Fleet so far

    Hey amoss, With your help, I found the store. Thank you very much.
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