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  1. Sorylians can re-roll their lowest. So they can technically re-roll both for initiative.
  2. interesting that PD is the new shield stat. and shields are now the difficulty to hit.
  3. i can live with the fluff changes as well as changing degrade to just flipping the ship card over. Link fire sounds like what most people had been talking about doing to anyway. Movement I can see the bases changing and turns being done on the spot after so much forward movement. The bad is seems dice mechanic is going to a silly symbol based die system and shields losing any real effect. Honestly was hoping shields to split into Hp and recharge values for some and others getting deflectors that work like they did. but does sound like a whole new game instead of a new edition. was looking forward to it at first but now as a whole new game it is goiong to compete with what i am playing already
  4. Instead of a general increase to DR i think it would probably be better to use retractable plating for the side weapons. This could go on their main line ships like dread, BB, and cruisers along with reinforced fore. I also think the main line ships should focus more on torpedo weapons over guns on their fore leaving most support ships to get kinetics. Like the destroyers, gunships and carriers.
  5. why not just let escorts attach and detach from other squadrons? If the number of escort ships outnumber the attached squadron the squadron gain a bonus from the escorts. This will allow escort ships to give number of different bonuses depending on the one chosen. Some could give added ecm or shielding which could give different affects depending on the fleet they are from and how they are used by them. effects could be +1 Sh, DR, harder to hit. The escorts could lower Turn limit, increased speed, or add +1 AD to attacks.
  6. Can you imagine going to command school in firestorm. You get their and they give you a dice! Then put you in charge of a ship. "Any questions asked the 8-ball or roll the dice"
  7. any move to invalidate purchases would be a bad move with the relthozan debacle under their belt.
  8. hush with your logic and streamlined shenanigans Hive
  9. i'd like some of the present players to form a post and detail their responses to live tests.
  10. with luck we will not see them lumped into the marauders category as 4 more neutral fleets or hey they may have sided with the new 3rd wheel.
  11. why rule it at all? why not leave it to the player to decide on the tactics they wish to use? Is the players freedom to choose when to place their large ships OP or imbalance to the game in some way? if so how fragile is the current balance then?
  12. with the new fleet builds you will likely see even less standard ships and more tough ones. Personally I would like to see the military split between soft ships like cruisers getting an extra ship in the squads and the tougher ones going to 2 ship squads and get a bump in durability. I do find it odd no news on stealth. The corrosion could be hard to balance as after only 2 tokens most BBs will be a joke at 4DR and 8CR on average currently. A fleet designed around placing 3 markers on a large ship and sending frigates to pot shot it to death would be annoying and likely not that difficult.
  13. Do I bring a second frigate squad? Nah I may need to use breaks which advanced military vessels do not seem to come with.
  14. A lot of the changes seem pointless and simply done to remove tactical options while giving the illusion of having more options. Case in point the command system. You now have all these options but costed battle log before and now cost points that cut into your fleet builds.
  15. They seem to out to buyer relthozans hard
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