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  1. I like using Sigurds in advance deployment, same for Tanuki, but for very different reasons lol.
  2. Russians are struggling a bit at the moment, but being a core nation are regularly updated and have a metric **** ton of options, not a bad choice. They and the chinese are similar in that they have an emphasis on durability. The chinese utilize it very differently than the ruskies. One advantage to the chinese is with 2 boxes you can have more or less everything you need, while the russians may leave you hunting around for the right cruiser squadron etc for you.
  3. Because the rules are written for all three theatres, and talking about which theatre is covered by talking about what core force youre allowed to bring. This is not a difficult concept.
  4. Yes, usually as part of asking to have a game- want to play some little boats? 1250?
  5. Except it doesnt matter if theres a free crit roll after its taken half damage- because if takes a crit after taking three points its dead anyways. Vulnerable doesnt hurt the suvorov at all. And with 7 AP it doesnt need the boarding defense, and having a higher AA and CC versus things that can actually kill you is fairly important, especially for mediums.
  6. Going to call BS on the Danish and Italian cruisers being as tough as the Suvorov.... 4/6 is significantly less than 5/7, and the jammers means most of the time you want it, they have higher AA and CC. For a 5pt difference the Suvorov is much, much tougher than the Sigurd.... and 4/6 on 4HP isnt that sturdy, even with a shield 2- its easy to double crit out, something that takes.... 21 hits on the suvorov.
  7. I would also suggest looking at these: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/15953-battle-patrol-rules-for-smaller-faster-scenarios/
  8. For the Orn, I guess if youre 35pts shy of a second fafnir and really need toe AA defense vs rockets or something? The Thung is more or less exactly what I wanted to see. It would have been nice to have the option for either mark, but Ill take the option for the generator- its an interesting switchout for the AP the sigurds have, but I think its got promise. I think the really big deal here is it better allows you to spread Calc Gens throughout your force without making your skags incredibly vulnerable to rockets, torpedoes, etc, in turn for not getting them at a one per one activation. A solid exchange in my mind. Ryker.... eh *shrugs* the Korsors lack the escort abilities that make those squadrons work, and the Skag lacks combat patrol. Im not sure Ill ever field this, but if I do I would certainly use it on a flank as you were discussing. Atleast the turrets stack nicely with the broadside weapons
  9. If you dont want us to have Prussian Lend-lease then just cut it from the list and admit it- but dont soft touch me into frustration. Dont sit there and pretend youre not trying to squat those models into a new paint scheme or a dark trunk if thats really what youre going for. Its insulting, its unhelpful to the game, and its a slap in the face after buying 8 players their first box set to get your game off the ground. Just play it straight with me. Its not just the Aerial models- lets say you only want to run 2 Fafnirs, thats fine- your Emperor took half, and the Fafnirs basically took the other half. Youve now used 390pts- and you havent gotten a core large. So we can run a Ragnarok, cheapest core large we have- and probably about 10pts worth of upgrades for a useful gen or boarding or something. So now were at 540pts. Gotta have a squadron of Korsors- so 665. We now have 335pts left in which to take a core medium squadron and.... what? We cant even take two squadrons of Sigurds with that. Theres certainly no real room for another Ragnarok, though I suppose you could drop it to 290pts by taking an asgard and just fill up with 3 gunships.... because if I take that sigurd squadron at 180pts, I dont have enough for another squadron of Korsors, but a Skags going to leave me with 30pts I cant use because I cant take an escort on my battleship.... whats a guy to do? But see how immediately restrictive it became, just by taking one single model. Not even a dreadnaught, nothing broken, not even an A-lister in its parent list. Thats ridiculous. And saying 'its okay that this happens all the time because hey, its just a minor nation' seems pretty ****. Its not significantly better looking at taking the Stolz for that matter- at 160pts, theyre expensive for a small- perhaps not unreasonably expensive, but still almost a cruiser squadron. Taking those would open up alot of space in that list- as long as I was okay only running a single large/massive in 1kpts, which is probably a death sentence with Danish CR/DR eh?
  10. So... that would be a no, its not being abused huh? Alright. For starters the complete eradication of Air Core from the ORBAT. Thats fun. Secondly: escorts, that take up your non-core spots? Might as well not exist. Youll probably have a couple points left over, and a Watcher would be a useful addition to our glass cannon forces- but no ones going to take them in non-core where they compete with Magni and Fafnirs for points. Thats pretty much ****. If I put my Commodore on an Emperor- a sensical and simple option yes?- Ive now just used half if not more of my non-core force, and not provided a core large to my list.... why is this a thing? Thats crippling in smaller games, and darned annoying in larger ones. Are the Danes so spoiled for choice that a single battleship weighs against every merc, aerial unit, and escorts? Or heck lets just look at the model count: Danes: (7) Prussian LL: (10). If we arent supposed to have 1-2 Prussian units in the force- which is unrealistic when they compete against our Aerial units!- then why do they outnumber our 'native' units by 50%? Thats absurd. Thats like telling a KoB player that they get to keep their massives and subs in core, and the rest will have to compete with their aerial units and allies. Can you imagine them being happy about it? Im not lying, I enjoyed being able to advance deploy a pair of Konigsburgs once in a while. Thats just not in the cards anymore- Im sacrificing to many activations and to much tactical flexibility by doing so, because it literally means I can have A squadron of Magni or *one* Fafnir in a normal game, no more. Is that really a reasonable restriction? And on a personal note, Ive converted several Danish ships into counts-as black wolf mercs so I could run a Nemesis and Furies once in a blue moon. Same problem- except if I want to run my experimental Danes not only do I not get aerial models, now I cant enjoy my old flagship, or a squadron of Speerwurfs I had to direct-order from spartan and would enjoy dusting off once in a while just for kicks. Speaking of speerwurfs- theyre the same price as a Magni, but can you really argue theyre the same value on the table for a Danish player? Its not like we have loads of Tesla running around..... Etc etc etc. Did we really need the Havel and Adler? Because Id give them back in a heartbeat if thats the real issue here. If having to much Prussia in your Danes is the issue, why were we given these?
  11. Im going to ask again- has that actually been a problem? Were there large groups of Danish players in your area that didnt like their native models enough to squeeze out most of the Prussian forces?
  12. Then why have them as lend-lease at all if its just the first step and removing them from the ORBAT?
  13. In a word: Yes. Moreover, every faction should potentially have the ability to field lists with multiple win strategies/list builds that are all relatively competitive. Lend-lease exists to expand the potential options for a smaller faction to keep this very diversity alive in the game doesnt it? And then people get mad if it gets used? Poppycock. There is no reason any small nation should not have flexibility. The chinese have multiple win strategies, and the post-update ottomans are being brought into that same level, while mercenaries, Aussies, and EITC have had it for a while. The PLC struggles with this same problem of one-dimensionality, and its a common enough complaint from their players. Im not asking to have my cake and eat it too- put restrictions in, so there cannot be more Prussian LL ships than natively Danish ones, allow at most one LL squadron of any one type to be core, or both. Make sure its clear as day that the Prussians cant take Prussian boast through a Danish allied list, and/or up the points on the LL squadrons so they stay balanced. Thats fine. But dont take away my ability to field 22% of my native Danish forces if I want to field any of my lend-lease forces. Can you really look me in the eye and say a Konigsburg is a choice compared to a Fafnir? Or a squadron of Magni? .... and if its the Havel and Adler that are the troublemakers here.... Ill happily give them back. And let me ask you a question in turn Desubot: If the Raj suddenly found their rolling death-palace in non-core, thus making it impossible to field a legal armored force.... would it be horribly odd to find some upset Raj players? Because thats exactly what happened to Danish Air Core.
  14. As air units they would be non-core anyways. Thats not actually a factor for the Raj. Indeed, in the two theatres that the Raj has core forces- armored and naval- it has no Naval lend-lease and ALL of its Armored lend-lease is core. And while I do love that the Danes *can* make a pure Danish force that works, the evisceration of lists types takes a fun and dynamic faction rather 2 dimensional, and it hurts. Where are people seeing these mostly Prussian lists Masquerading as Danes? Where is this a problem?
  15. Heres the problem- those Fafnir and Magni are *already* non-core, and the Asgard and Tyrs are just one single unit. Not to mention, we already had the Fafnir.... it was in the first box set. So we gained one unit- and more or less lost the ability to take 5 others. That unit is the Asgard, and dont get me wrong- its awesome, and that 15pt hike was probably well deserved. But does it fill the gap of a truely durable *by comparison* medium that the Konigsburg did? Can it lead the tip of the spear like a Emperor? Does it fill a small naval squadron slot so we have some other option besides- the admittedly grand- Korsor? Does it open up Air-core the way the Gewittirwolke did? No. It does none of these things. Taking the Asgard automatically puts a significant chunk of your force into carriers and boarding- two areas the Danes already excelled at, which is fine... if you wanted to even further specialize in those areas. But being one dimensional is not fun. If I wanted to have more carriers, I could have taken Fafnirs- if I wanted more boarding, well the whole ORBAT is chock full of it. This change literally guts three different list types- Battleship battle lines, Air Core, and Medium Gunnery, and makes us rely entirely on either Carrier Spam or Boarding to the nth degree. Thats why its upsetting, and thats why it feels like a kick in the kidneys when I look at my collection. Im not asking to field a mostly Prussian force- Im just asking to not be penalized for taking *any* Prussians in my force.
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