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  1. Directorate grand companies, and indeed their infantry in general, tend to be THE glass cannon of the game, hit like a mudder fodder but tend to die quiet easily themselves. honestly, they should just give the sweepers suicide vests and have done with it.
  2. True, but you don't need two cores for a double ground attack.... just a double ground attack, interceptor AND Turkey recon. hehehe Just a thought.... can anyone imagine a quadruple ground attack.... or.. or... orrrr.... quadruple Assault??!!!??? SO MANY THRINO's!!!!! ITS A THREE LEGGED STAMPEDE!!! I got a little over excited
  3. I really don't think taking 4 squadrons of Aquan Lamana would be all that good to be honest.
  4. So, take that as the Kraggi seal of approval..... What you recon of running a Leviathan up with them? since the Lev wants to be 16-20 inches from its target anyway.... Either the enemy targets the Thrinos or the Lev, but probably not both.
  5. Has anyone tried the Thrino's yet? It seems like every other race has had some feed back on their assault helix... are we all just content or just too lazy to talk about it? I'm planning on throwing down the assault in a 4 k this weekend... thoughts?
  6. Most successful Directorate list i saw was probably what was termed the T34 Tank list. 2 Core with max Heavy/Med tank squadrons, minimum light tanks, Leviathan. Sort something around that. It capitalizes on the Cheapness of the Directorate with so many tanks on the field, it just overwhelms.
  7. Drop a Stingray battery, take a Heavy Support Tank? I always try to take one if i can find the points, one of our most cost effective units in my opinion, with the exception of the Interceptor Gunship (which is the same thing for 50 points less) but you have aerial and recon already. OR Drop a Lamana Squadron for the Medium Ground Attack Gunships. Even with the firepower boost to the Lamana, I still prefer the speed, flexibility and Skydoppiness of the Gunships. The Gunships have better short ranged firepower, more CQB, and bring a scatter weapon to the table to hunt down light vehicles, while still retaining the pinpoint 1 of the Lamana. Also, they now only cost 5 points more than a Lamana! I still think your list may lack some serious Anti-Air firepower though, especially since Ground Attack is now cheaper across the board.
  8. Soooo..... the Battle Walkers do get Hardened Shell?
  9. That damn squadron of Baldrs held up the entire flank until the Terquai finally came up and showed the Aquans how its done! Still not sold on the aquan recon.
  10. THRINO!!!! YES OR TRINO? SOMETHING But yeah I'm aiming to dynamically pose these guys with some warm water.
  11. Well the slow motion was more the fantasy going through my head..... its just sexier that way. Also the Rhino's are shirtless. And they don't look back at the exploding wreckage, they just keep charging. You know, like the Spartans.
  12. yeah, no... don't need to test this one out. the biggest problem with nyx wasn't how hard they were, it was that they could land pretty much anywhere and still kill anything within 10 inches of the drop pod
  13. I doubt they'd make a mistake like that, its pretty much a case of copy and paste the rule in. The Tripod Rhino is a dedicated CQB unit, even more so than its counterparts in other races, who all tend to have better ranged weapons. Not that the Rhino's ranged weapon isn't good, its just not a charging three legged Rhino good.
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