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  1. In the new rules experienced engineers Works with red 6 but ehat does a red 6 do on an repair roll, do i choose another marker to discard and get a reroll, or is this an error?
  2. No as they are not changing height levels, the are still on surface level even when wave lurking. It is enough to make contact with the perspex template for ram/collision as it is still considered part of the model.
  3. As new models like the british Windsor have diffent dice pools for the range bands combined with area bombardement, how does this interact. If i place the area bombardement template partial in range 2 and 3 for example, how many dice do i get?
  4. Yes i know this but there is no MAR that lets you use Combined Fire on Defensive Counter Attack, so why is this mentioned in the Combined Fire option then? My question is about the sentences i quoted from the rulebook.
  5. In the digital admirale edition rulebook it says on page 64 "and for Auxiliary weapons to Pool their available Attack Dice against Rocket or Torpedo Attacks when making a Defensive Counter Attack" on Combined Fire option, but as the Important Note states it is normally not available. I am a little bit confused here, why is Defensive Counter Attack against Rockets and Torpedos mentioned if its not an option in that case anyways, or am i missing something here?
  6. From wich point of the model do you measure the range of the node projector, from any point like auxiliary weapons or a specific point on the model like a turret? I couldn't find it in the rulebook.
  7. How are generators like the guardian generator are working in multiplayer battles, like 2 vs 2 games, is it working for the allied player? Same problem for target painter and spotting markers.
  8. Question about SAS Since SAS are models could they block the movement of other models, as a model cannot end its movement on top of another model?
  9. If a model with Isolated Systems suffers 1 damage from a weapon with Piercing Ammunition can it roll against the critical effect ? Isolated Systems Mar only mention critical hits, so RAW no, but is this intended?
  10. How does the Tiny Flyer Allocation (3) of the Sinop works if i use them as a squadron of 2? I get 6 Tiny Flyer. Can i take them as 1 Recon Plane and 5 Bomber/Fighter?
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