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  1. Does anyone know why heavy cruisers don't have requisition (cruiser) with them? Mixing heavy cruisers into cruiser squadrons is such a staple of FSA, I'm surprised it isn't shown on the TF stats. Or perhaps it is just assumed that is the case, even though it doesn't say so anywhere? On a related note, it looks like all the carriers can be requisitioned into cruiser squadrons, which is fun!
  2. I was excited at first to see the different generations of the ships listed separately - I thought at first they had different stats. But, alas not. It would have been fun if they were slightly different (maybe older versions lightly cheaper and slightly less power). Would have been thematically interesting.
  3. Looking at the Iapetus - would they be a good bug stomper -- hold 'em back till the Relthoza spires slam down, then go on a drone smashing furry? On that note, what happens in CQB when you destroy the unit you are in base contact with as Leviathan CQB. Do the extra hits just get lost? I don't see how they would carry forward as conventional 4" CQB.
  4. For the Dindrenzi recon infantry it says "The Infantry Cadre upgrades to contain both an Officer and 3 Gun Teams for no additional cost." Does that mean we pay just the base infantry cost of 40pts x4 =160pts instead of the full cost at 55pts + 3x45pts = 190pts? If so, that is a pretty good deal.
  5. I hope that when the RSN get their Taskforce stats that they make the RSN battleship a pocket battleship. The model is so nice, but so small. So why not build on that and make it's point cost (and firepower) a small battleship - somewhere between a battleship and a battle cruiser.
  6. Is there actually campaign stuff, or just story/fluff so far?
  7. great news. I really looking forward to getting my ships back on the table with Taskforce.
  8. I was thinking about this with the Dindrenzi Recon helix - I thought thematically this fits well because the are "recon" and hence know the battlefield better and therefore this deployment shenanigans makes sense.
  9. Another question - the Dindrenzi Hammer frigates are showing as P/S torps....probably that was supposed to be Fore?
  10. I'd love to see someone do a comparison/analysis of the ships in TF vs. FSA to see how in TF they generally represent their FSA counterparts.
  11. It would be fun is the old models were very slightly "weaker" but substantively cheaper. I.e. buy the older ships, they ain't as good as the new models, but they are a good deal! That would really "spice-up" TF.
  12. I don't think there is risk of Taskforce becoming FSA 3.0 because Spartan Neil loves his big complex games. Listen to him talk about his love of Uncharted Seas in his interview on Firebase Delta. I think he'll keep FSA as a big granular (aka clunky) game. I really hope that both game can survive and thrive for both types of players.
  13. I agree with all of the OP's "likes". The models really are a significant notch up from previous models (which were already great). On the topic of disorder and how it affects this game, I realized that it really is a good proxy for all the critical effects. If you look at the myriad of critical effects at FSA, they either fundamentally reduce your defense or reduce your risk or boarding. And that is exactly what "disorder" does in FSTF. So when we play Taskforce, I totally see in my mind all of those "disorder" as all of those critical effects (fire, hazard, radiation, shields offline, etc.) I think it is such an elegant simplification if you know what FSTF's "disorder" represents in FSA. IMO, I don't mind the damage table. It is interesting and fun and that is where the MARs influence things. I'm fine with it as a mechanic of the game. No disagreement on the rule book thing--but hey, it is very clear that SG is amazing at plastic minis, but not so good with words and paper/pdfs. All the rules are there, but it is the epitome of efficiency as all the rules are only listed one time (unfortunately, not where you'd expect them).
  14. Silence on these questions? Hmmmmm?
  15. I really don't mind the movement in TF. I've played a lot of FSA, and I can say that in TF I really don't miss the fiddly-ness of FSA movement. TF is just a different game vis a vie movement, but it still retains the "space galleon" feel and you still need to be strategic with your movement.
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