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  1. I have found that, and I agree 100% about the Vengeance. It doesn't know where it wants to be. Are you a designated marksman, or do you want to cuddle a Medium with buzzing chains saws of spinning "oh, God, why!?"-ness? I feel the Lord Hood is best compared to the 10 minutes Playboy freeview that came on at midnight you found when you were 13 years old. When you discover it, it looks amazing and it's almost like a dirty secret. Soon you get all hot and excited and then, bang, the excitement's over. You're not really sure what happened, but it's 11 minutes past midnight and it's over; you didn't really do anything but you're left with a feeling that something more should have happened in the ten minutes you had.
  2. One should not venture beyond the Wall.
  3. I like the Monarch. I find that in my games it take a hella beating and seems to be the focus of a lot of the enemy's fire. However, I feel that that's its job. I find that linking a Heavy Turret and a Main Turret together are great for causing DRs benefits from the Piercing Munitions. I use both fore and aft turrets as two linking pools a lot. I very really link all four turrets.
  4. Cheers for the input, chaps. Might have to dust it off and try out the Avenger again.
  5. Hi, all. Now firstly, please don't take this thread the wrong way, I am not stating the Avenger is rubbish and a disgrace and while we're at it; why doesn't it fly and para-drop Stalwart heavy destroyers, blah, de-blah, de-blah. I'm interested in the thoughts of the community on this. Now, I own an Avenger Fleet Carrier but I've only fielded it once so I have next to zip experience with it. I own a Regent Battle Carrier and I field this (float this? No time for that now) in almost every game I play. Why is this? Well, simply I got the Regent first and I like it. It's visually a nice ship and I like it's devastating fore guns, even if I only learnt what Devastating Munitions did the other week -- didn't help that I only rolled 1 damn six with it the last game before my two opponents went, "look, the Commodore! Killz it will all stuff and guns and pew-pew, whoopsies and fart noises" -- there was many a childish noise made in that game. Anyway, sorry, I like that it's pretty much got Battleship stats in terms of DR and CR and that it can take a good ol' KoB shield. In all, I like it. I know roughly how to use it and what it can and cannot do. My question for the more experienced KoB'ers is: what role does the Avenger have? If I have a Regent why should I take an Avenger, or shouldn't I bother with the Avenger? What can the Avenger do that the Regent can't do? The obvious answer to this is; field (float) both ad have aaalll the SAWs for pew-pew goodness. Thoughts?
  6. It's frowned upon to throw pound coins at woman.
  7. I read that as Giant Badger. That's it. Everyone. Everyone stop their shenanigans and listen. If the KoB doesn't get a giant badger robot I will tip this table over and leave the game.
  8. Or perhaps a Super Dreadnaught, why not?
  9. So, the enemy has revealed their new units. The PE, EotBS, and CoA are now fielding giant stompy things. Coming September 30th This begs the questions: Why just these three? Are the other Nations getting a new Big Stompy? Will the KoB get to throw a giant Robot at foreigners? If not a Robot what will be our Big Stompy? Whatever it is can we name it "Big Stompy?" Where's my trousers? The list goes on.
  10. It doesn't help when your two opponents rolls two teleportation criticals and two magazine explosions in the same damn game. I mean, what are the actual odds of that? One Agincourt blew up and took two other Agoncourts and 5 Swifts with it, it also crit'd a Dominion. Well... That's my centre gone. Sometimes the dice just aren't with you. Though I'd like to add that everything I pointed a Tribal squadron at took a big ouchy. A big ouchy to the face.
  11. Start with an hour and review the results. If insufficient time try another hour or two. It'll probably depend on the number of layers the model has.
  12. I've always been told good ol' Dettol works a treat. The standard golden colour disinfectant stuff your Mum used to put into the bath when you were a nipper.
  13. What happened, sir, was a tactical engagement by the Royal Navy where several enemy warships were put to scrap, and where one of Her Majesty's Commodore's bravely sacrificed himself for duty and crown. Because that is how moral works. And I would strongly suggest you do not question this, sir. You take your medal, accept your promotion and pension and put the rest from your mind? Are we clear?
  14. I like this very much, likeAsir. I like the list. I like to add Dominions too, I run a very Medium heavy list. I have never used Vanguards, though, and if it's a choice between a ship and something fly-ey the ship always wins. I thought about doing the same as yourself, I thought about going back to the 1.1 boxed sets and fielding and "old school" KoB fleet to see how I'd handle it. I feel that I have a decent grasp of KoB now* and I want to see if I can handle a "1.1 boxed set." * I direct you to my thread "Convince me to keep the KoB." I think I'm learning, I've actually been winning games consecutively and I've been "playing smart."
  15. Thanks. That is interesting. Is there a reason why they can keep their ordnance when engaging other SAWs but they need to dump it to AA a non-SAW model? Logically I would have thought it'd be the other way around.
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