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  1. I was looking at the contents of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Medium Tank Regiment Box set. I noticed that it states that it has 7 Szpada medium tanks included. The Regiment sheet for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Armoured Hussar Regiment states that any one unit from a medium tank battalion may be upgraded to the command unit for no extra cost. I have always taken this to mean that one of the two (3 szpada) medium tank battalions would be the command unit. The 7 tanks in the box set made me reconsider this assumption. So I need some clarification. Is the correct number of Szpada in the two possible medium tank battalions 3 + 3 with one being the command unit OR is it 4 + 3 with the 4 unit being the command unit? If it is correct at 3 + 3, then I am confused as to why there would be 7 Szpada in the box set.
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