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  1. My current Directorate flagship is Named CSF Hostile Takeover (CSF stands for CORPORATE SECURITY FLEETS/FORCES)
  2. I prefer to have variety over a spam army. Gives me more tactical fexiblity.
  3. I find the gunship to look cool. But while not useless it depends on everybody's point of view. I have not aquired a second heavy helix but that ways with a command helix you don't need the interceptor helix. So basically is the jaws of fire. If they stay back you have 3 Var Nak cannons and a lot of artillery and one recon and add a Veydreyh helix and it will be hard to stop your lizards.
  4. I want to see the stats but it's not awful. I kinda like it.
  5. Today I had a very nice battle. And like this one it was a an ood set up. The only available table was 120x120 cm so I went for a mean dirty but heavy list. Trying to surprise my britanian opponent. I fielded a dreadnought and repair ships a battlecruiser 3 suvorovs and some myshkins as well as bunch of Rostovs and novgorods. To my surprise my opponent fielded also a dream some agincourts 2 lord hood and frigates and destroyers. He was as mean as meeeeeee. I needed up winning both due to time constraints and repair ships. As my dreadnought kept repairing tael thanks to the rudnitskys his kept taking damage. It was mean. I don't know uf rudnitskys are a far ship (though I thoroughly enjoy using it )
  6. As it has worked so far for my friend. He hasn't really thought about that.
  7. Sounds like a plan. Thought there is another wrinkle. I will have to try to have more units than him. But no hard target until he moves the next turn its a good thing to remember thx. I will keep you posted on what happens in future encounters with the fishmen!
  8. Ground assault have orbital deployment. For the aquans. Hence he deploys it last and in a very painful rear end position. So how would you tackle that!??
  9. I fought against the aquans and got reamed by their ground assault. I have to find a solution for that not to happen. It's Xmas so I acquired one anyhow. But use will be interesting. Any recommendations? I also have sorylian but there the solution is easy. But with directorate is a little more complex. An enemy you can't shoot until the end of the turn and on the rear. How to fight it?
  10. It gives you time and while not capturing you are denying the pouts to the enemy. Not that I do. I mean it's an option
  11. Another thing would be to place an artillery on the objective.
  12. I usually take the leviathan and use a grand company to keep it.
  13. Also there's problems with helix compatibility. I have the WR helix but I have mixed feelings about them. The are not a specialist helix. Like anti air o ground assault or infantry. But anti air is anti air and recon is total recon!
  14. I'm still unsure about using or acquiring the anti air flying helix. I was thoroughly trounced by a ground attack helix. So my recon failed. I wonder is the revenant and the other unit is useful. I am not entirely sold on it. Please sell it to me.
  15. Undoubtedly the heavy is a target priority. Possibly use the shades in the first activation and launch an artillery strike against it. And shoot it with the squadrons main guns. Then if there is range and view use the heavy tank. That's should take care of it. Then I'm torn between what's supposed to go next. I understand his preferred tactic is to drop things later in the turn which in itself is a good idea as it mitigates the fire they will receive and maximise the damage I will receive from them. What about the sisir tanks?
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