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  1. I'd be happy with a big juice fluff book/pdf, with some nice pics of all the races (what do relthoza look like in full frame next to a human? what do the sorylians look like ect ect)
  2. Just sent in request for cancelation of my order, 12 days and still processing is bullcrap, spartan is rapidly losing points here.
  3. placed order 12 days ago, still being processed....and to late to cancel, after this time and still not even shipped i'd expect to be able to cancel so i can sink my money into something i actually get. Very dissapointed spartan, get your **** together
  4. Lol Terrain vs Dinner....a match i would love to see.
  5. I actually really dig the paintjob on these....models are also very nice
  6. tricked into combat by the directorate...works for all factions.....even directorate
  7. Kittens are way OP, mine even moves terrain off the table and somehow manages to ram my ships into themselves....50AD in one attack? Kittens are way way waaaaay OP.
  8. ...Okay...hate to do this but...annyone have a scan/extra copy of Attack on Valhalla Missions Booklet? Went looking for it today and found my cats had used it as a chewtoy...should have known those maniacs of mine gnaw the side out of a cardbord box in 15min... So...yea....turns out i need Valhalla to, pdf is fine booklet even better (glad to pay for shipping and packaging) thx in advance, and thx gr1mdan...cool ppl on these boards
  9. More core fluff would rock yes, but im just curious about the whole story of Proteus prima, loved how in Valhalla the missions where led in by a little story so you could play out your story....im a sucker for a good story...thats what drew me to the evil gaming empire....and then chased me away due to all the retconning (well that and having to sell a kidney for one box of 10 plastic dudes)
  10. Not sure if its allowed by spartan but just thought i'd ask Could someone share a text file/printout of the fluff/storyline bit of return of the overseers? I love the Directorate ships but not playing aquan and not having annyone to split the box/costs with the box is a bit to pricey for me with a whole fleet i dont want but am very interested in the storyline (loved the Valhalle storyline) so if annyone can (if allowed) share the story i'd very mutch apprecialte it.
  11. I actually like the little bit of fluff as well, something like this in each fleet box (per side offcource) would make it more interesting as you have a story to olay not just a mindless battle (thats a nice oart about the 2 player starter boxes so far imo)
  12. Yea they updated the 2 player boxes to have 2x3 instead of 1x3 and 1x2, lovely looking models i have to say...already ordered up some magnets so i can get assembling and painting as soon as my boxes arrive.
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