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  1. More ships finished. Works Raptor Interdictor class torpedo cruiser.
  2. Nice Xelocians. Great scheme and colors. ;-)
  3. Nice colors and scheme on the directorate cruiser.
  4. Players: Zafo.Zabak / Beowulf Points Value: 600 Scenario: 1 - Border clash Factions & Allies: RSN / Aquan Battle Log Scores: 10 / -5
  5. I am still slow, but faster than last time. 8D RSN Spectre Class Battleship. Growing group: Next ships in WIP are Cerberus Class Heavy Cruiser. I started to make Shantu class Dreadnought and Hantari class Cruisers. It will take a while untill I will make 3D models.
  6. Players: Zabak / Enite Points Value: 1000 Scenario: 4 - Hold the Waypoint Factions & Allies: Oroshan / Tarakian Battle Log Scores: 14 / 9
  7. Thank you. 8) MajorTheRed: I don't know Homeworld. 8)
  8. It's a long time since I finished the carrier. I have to speed up. Next painted ships are Phoenix class Destroyers. Growing groop:
  9. Yesturday I finished first carrier Argus. One picture of growing group.
  10. Thank you. Gothith: I used turning lathe in work, than I finished faces on grindstone to make the surface smooth. Last operation was nickel plating.
  11. After spook I painted all Bulwark frigates. It's three groups. Recently I finished two other spooks to form the squadron. I made some changes in the scheme. Now it looks much better. 8) The squadron And group foto.
  12. Hi, welcome in my Firestorm Armada world. I have many ships, but not much done. It is lot of work to do and I think It will be more. This game has lot of nice models. My primary fleet is pure RSN. In future I think about Oroshan Empire fleet. 8) Now some pictures of painted models. My first was one cruiser Spook. I tested my painting scheme on it.
  13. Zafo.Zabak

    Modular basing option

    I use magnets in ship and flight stand and steel peg. It works the same as your solution and saves little more space. But some models are a little unstable on it.
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