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  1. We use a basic cloth that is dark and we have been debating the best way to add stars and such to it. Even if we never do much to pretty it up it still serves the purpose well enough. You can see it here: http://8thcadian.blogspot.com/2013/11/firestorm-armada-battle-report.html
  2. Is there any reference to the different size crews that different factions and ships use? or (probably the case) am I just being a fat turbo nerd and looking way into it? became curious after comparing the size of battlehsip to my battlestation. which is probably wrong seeing as how they are not to scale at all. * not this ship has 3 cp but more like it has a crew of 4000 to run it. Fluffwise
  3. I like all the lizards models except for the god awful carrier models. Even though our space lizards got knocked down a peg in 2.0 I'm still keeping them.
  4. ordered my patrol fleets from TheWarStore and they still haven't shipped. Teaches me to follow the lowest price.
  5. Am I the only one who likes crab clan?
  6. Bombard- only fore weapons guns 9+(9+9)/2= 18 torps 7+(7+7)/2= 14 total possible dice:32 Falcata/Skyhammer- Fore guns 6+(6+6+6)/2= 15 torps 4+(4+4+4)/2= 10 Port guns 8+(8+8+8)/2= 20 Starboard guns 8+(8+8+8)/2= 20 Total possible dice: 65 Bombard has 3 more fore guns and 4 more torps with 6 inches of extra room but with 40 less side guns. defiantly worth.Don't ever take cruisers only bombards.
  7. Is that a David Sedaris Santa-land Dairies reference? because if so well played sir well played.
  8. Patrol fleets were released 11 days ago and your order hasn't been shipped. Come soon my precious
  9. His dread with fired both his front guns at my dread and gun racks at a different target but still had a large dice pool. Where as my dread just went down on literally the first activation of the game with the crit effect that shuts down the closest arc. Its ok right cause I have turbo engineers they'll fix it. Well they'll fix it at the end of the turn meanwhile I'll just move up and from some sweet forward dice no wait its 8 dice -1(2hp down from crit +weapon shields) from the damage so 7 dice. not 12 like i previously said. that was hyperbole. Whats more baller than my fleets biggest ship throwing less dice than a cruiser. nothing. next activation his fury's do 3 more damage taking my dread to half health. awesome. Like i said alot of my issues comes from I face only drinzi who for all real purposes counter sorylians.
  10. Saying I feel underwhelmed is far from being melodramatic and saying the worlds over. Played another game earlier today and came out of it feeling the same. I dont regret getting them I just feel underwhelmed is all. They dont pop out or make me feel excited. Cool My dread has no torpedoes and I need to waste 2 of my hardpoints on movement to try and get close to my enemy no wait his drinzi dread just threw over 30 dice. Just wait till i get close and i'll throw 12...... Just not exciting.
  11. it has an almost piranha look to it for me. So my choices are a Piranha or a box if I want a carrier-esq model. I'll take the piranha. I never understood why everyone has the biggest MLP anti-cool nerdgasm over the carriers. They look awful. At least this one is different. Also don't buy it if you don't like it. I will never spend money on a mk1 or 2 sorylian carrier. I just got a model I liked that looked like a carrier. simplest fix there is.
  12. dont you divide the number by 2 individually then add them? At least that's what CJ told us in the demo game.
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