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  1. Thanks very much for the very quick reply, but I am unfortunately referring to the Armoured Clash Stat Sheets for the Bastille and not the Dystopian Wars 2.0 version. I would love the Bastille to use the 2.0 stats, but when playing Armoured Clash, we must use the oftentimes ambiguous force sheets. I am looking for something official that will hopefully un-Nerf the Armoured Clash version of the Bastille. Thanks
  2. Apparently our group has been playing the Bastille Land Ship incorrectly. We have played that it has two turrets and therefore twice the number of AD as listed. A look at the stat card calls out Turrets in the plural meaning the amount of dice listed on the line (eight Blue AD at 8" and six blue AD out to 24") would obviously not be as many as if they were separately called out turrets. This appears to be correct when looking at the FSA Washington class which list both the fore and aft turrets separately meaning there is a great deal more firepower in the form of AD being used by it. Is this an error on the Bastille Stat Card? If so, is there any errata for it? If not, this means the two-turreted Bastille Land Ship has the same number of attack dice as the Danton even though the Danton has only one turret. Doesn't pass the logic test to me.
  3. I'm genuinely surprised I haven't seen this topic before... Been playing Armoured Clash for almost a year now. I really love the mechanics. I have a goodly amount of FSA plus two Canadian Regiments (I love the Huntsman tanks with their High Velocity capability). However, I have consistently been getting my butt handed to me by the Covenant of Antarctica as well as the French and even the Prussians/Belgians. It just seems that the other factions are incredibly overpowered and the FSA is not. It appears they throw incredibly large amounts of dice and their defensive values are better overall. We even have people come to the table and say they like the looks of the FSA forces, but they hear they are terrible. Anyone else thinking this way and if so...what is the solution to balance it out a little more? Thanks!
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