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  1. Now I like that idea. as it stands poor frog riders are going to bash their heads open on door frames every time one of their mounts tries to rush into a room haha.
  2. Firestorm was never hard scifi. You cannot call a setting that has reptiles, mammals and arachnids somehow evolving on other planets hard scifi. It did try to limit its silliness though, and you make an interesting point about needing to diversify. I'd suggest the market has room for two serious scifi games. especially given that the planetfall miniatures on the whole look so much more interesting than the DZC ones (imo). Edit: that said, different strokes for different folks! the small scale scifi niche certainly has plenty of room to grow.
  3. I'm not inherently against biological elements making it into a scifi minis game, especially not in a faction of biological engineers (though if they were interested in speed they should have made the frog-horse 4 limbed or a biomechanical jetbike. bipedal animals in nature tend to be slower). I'm against the fact that it was poorly implemented. it looks terrible. It looks like someone took a render of a fish, slapped human legs on it and decided to put an angler fish lure on top just for complete silliness sake. it looks like an enemy from World of Warcraft more than an alien animal.
  4. They infuriated me to no end when I first saw them but by now I've made peace with the fact that they are in the game there's not a darn thing I can do about it lol
  5. The fluff is certainly experiencing growing pains. People have had FSAs vague sort of skimming the surface for years and now any added fluff can cause ripples in how people perceive the story. Add in the fact that SG now adding and adjusting fluff to fit the structure of the planetfall game system rather than the universe. using the most obvious example, the sorylian leviathan and its relationship to the sorylian sub-species system. The dino leviathan had no precedent in pre-established sorylian lore. It most likely didn't exist in anybodies mind until the SG guys sat down and hashed out ideas for leviathans for the different races and someone said 'Theyre reptiles right? how about a dinosaur?'. The fluff was superseded by the need to fill a design space. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and any sort of interactive art/story medium (whether it be video games, miniatures games etc) is always going to be a push and pull between story and mechanics. One of the things a lot of FSA people seemed to enjoy about relthoza lore was that they eschewed the mindless bug horde cliche available in every other scifi setting. Planetfall has changed that aspect of the relthoza and possibly the flavor of the faction because of it by introducing mindless baby bug swarms. Old hats invested in the old fluff are likely to see it as a violation of the pre-established rules while others might enjoy the new direction and expansion of the lore. There's not really a right answer. For my part I enjoyed the firestorm armada settings refusal to adhere to certain scifi tropes. that combined with a general adherence to certain realistic aspects of space such as ships being thousands of kilometers apart, smart missiles, being able to flip ships upside down etc created an atmosphere that made it seem like firestorm was a setting that took itself seriously. Dystopian wars was SG silly setting with giant metal dragons and robo knights and fsa was their serious space opera. Now planetfall has come along and pumped the rule-of-cool amps up to 11 with giant robots, giant dinosaurs, flying churches and tap-dancing frog-horses. Not really what I'm interested in or what I signed up for when I first started playing Firestorm games. That said, I'm super glad people are getting excited about the new fluff. its cool to watch a setting and a community grow and evolve like this. The gameplay itself is flipping awesome and (most of) the models look excellent. I have nothing but mad respect for the guys at SG and what they do.
  6. Dont have books on hand but I can give some vague descriptions off the top of my head... Cseran are giant squid/octopus creatures. Theres a race of dolphin-ish aliens, the crab people which come in 3 flavors (giant, human sized which make up aquan ground infantry, and small) and a race that are vaguely human-ish in appearance that were engineered to be a diplomatic race between the aquan civilization and humans (if I recall correctly). the fluff is kind of open ended about how many more species make up the aquan civilization.
  7. There's nothing really mechanical or biomechanical about the frog/fish mounts, they are straight up angler fish with people legs. I agree and this increasing trend in making the game more and more goofy has pretty much stalled my interest in firestorm as a setting. its just such marked contrast from armada which while not hyper realistic tends to at least take itself fairly seriously. I dunno if there was like a direction shift at spartan or they hired a new designer or something? This is turning out a lot different that the game it seemed they were making back when they first started previewing Firestorm Invasion. This also seems to be a trend in scifi minis games in general. I cannot think of a popular scifi minis game off the top of my head that isnt goofy as hell. I mean more power to people who enjoy that sort of thing.
  8. After all the sorylian dino bots (and actual dino), incoming drop church and angel robot and now the angler fish mounts for aquans (complete with lure ) I have resigned myself to the fact that the planetfall universe is not one that's going to take itself seriously. Also I have an exclusive image of the new Terran assault helix!
  9. I'm guessing (hoping) the mediums in the aquan ones are dedicated apcs?
  10. Just going over the leviathans stats a bit... We have the only Leviathan walker that isn't lumbering! (not counting the RSN mini leviathan). DR is pretty bad but 8 shields is nothing to sneeze at.
  11. paint a stripe on em perhaps?
  12. True, but I think it's nice to have a few models that sort of break up the armies silhouette a little bit. Though an army composed of nothing but hover tanks of various scales would be kinda cool
  13. Because even when they are 'up close' using broadsides in firestorm armada they are still hundreds of kilometers apart.
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