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  1. Oh yes, my bad, we counted it that way but for some reason I wrote 2. Probably because I was thinking about the defiler cruisers
  2. Yes, there was a situation where he put his Defiler so it literaly was touching a planetoid. He did so to kill of my second carrier (First had already been smashed to pieces by this squadron He tripplecrited it!) He killed it but I got my revenge. I moved my battlestation so that it chould fire all of its weapons at the best possible RB. I pushed one untouched defiler into the planetoid, killed another with my turrets, crited the third with torps and finished of a battle cruiser with the second turret battery. My assault on the 4th defiler was a fail though but stil, the activation gave me 5 BL points whereas my opponent only got 2 out of his because he didn´t kill the accompanying cruisers. Other than that I haven´t used it very effectively and just pushed his ships backwards by one or two inches.
  3. enite

    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: Enite vs Ohm Points 1000 Scenario border clash Factions: STL vs The Relthoza Score: 12:3 My dice are hell bent on defeating much grater strategists than I am.
  4. Com-Sat BE-33 Transmission from Osmium system surveillance station Multiple incoming shunts detected. Angle: 75*-291*. Source: Unknown. Friendly transponders: Negative. Identification: None. Approximate T to arrival: -6 StdH, 21 StdM. Tire1-scale jumps: positive: 3. Requesting Crisis support fleet. (Request priority: Orange) 22nd Crisis support fleet BS-17 Helheim (Reformer class battle station) Twin modernized main drive Sector shielding technology 145th Marine brigade 3 Intercepor wings + 6 fighter wings CV-14,20 Tuonetar, Vamatar (Prospector class carriers) Tuonela squadron 5 Bomber wings each Modernized main drives Opportunity class cruiser escort CL-38,39 CL-71-75(5) (Opportunity class cruisers) Svartalf squadron FF-178-183(6) (Militia class frigate) Quasar squadron FF-312-315(4) (Militia class frigate) Pulsar squadron Transmission from BS-17 “Helheim” Commander Freya Frigidson Helheim to all ships. Jump to following coordinates on my mark. Hostile engagement possible. Switching to scrambled frequencies. … Frigate squadron Pulsar, delay your jump by T +2 standardized hours. … Jumping in 3, 2, 1, Mark! CIC Log BS-17 “Helheim” Commander Freya Frigidson Helheim to unknown vessels: “You have entered a Syndicated trade route without authorization, leave immediately or we will use lethal force.” “Ma’am, We´ve lost them on optical sensors! They are all gone except for Oroshan cruisers! ... Strike that, Incoming missiles! They are aiming for our cruisers! Cruiser 73 reporting critical damage, multiple decompressions!” “It´s the spiders, switch sensors to trace their wireless signatures. Colonel, Ship-to-ship missile launch authorized, load tubes 1 through 8 and hit them back!” “Will-do ma´am, targeting the enemy cruiser! All tubes, launch! … Multiple onboard fires on the enemy cruiser, we´ve hit them hard!” On Tuesday, I managed to get my first test-game for my STL I played against Relthoza with Oroshan cruiser support. His list consisted of the following ships: Battleship + 6 bombers 2 Battle cruisers 2 Cruisers 4 Oroshan cruisers 3 Frigates 2 Frigates shunting in I went with: Battle station: 6 Fighters, 3 Interceptors, +4 Mv, Sector shielding, Second assault 2 carriers 5+5 Bombers, +2 MV, 2 Cruiser escort 5 Cruisers 6 Frigates 4 Frigates shunting in He put his forces in the middle and on my left flank leaving his left side empty. I positioned my BS, cruisers in the middle, frigates on the left and the carriers on the right where they didn´t have any target, but were fast enough to reach the center in the 2nd turn. The fight was interesting it showed just how flexible the STL are. No restriction in terms of firing arcs meant I could move them freely and didn´t have to care about being in the right angle. It was so much more enjoyable that way. I rushed m fleet towards my enemy taking cover behind asteroid fields and shooting torps until I got close enough. Also I could not care less about shooting on turn 1 as I had barely anything in range . My opponent tried to cicle around me, which proved to be a terrible mistake in a game where you are trying to get as many dice rolls as possible. (I know that this strategy works for turret races but Relthoza isn´t one) The result was 12:3 for me
  5. I like them because there are a lot of bombers, Tunguskas etc. flying around here in Prague. They usually sit back and wait for the right moment and I find them to be very usefull at striking key enemy assets when needed. Compared to other nations they probably aren´t that special. But in your Ottoman army they are the most accessable high grade firepower you can get. They probably are strong enough to crit a dread-bot
  6. I of course am for the Tarakian expansion. I play them as a core race and I try to build fleets composed only of Tarakians and the only thing I can get into the battles are the same 3 models. The old battleships were fit to make a carrier with its modular design, sadly the new one is battleship only. (I love the old one and therefore dislike the new one )
  7. If I have tim during the week I will post battle reports from a tournament we played at the local den of nerdiness. I played the separatist ottomans and relied heavily on my possessed-by-the-archdevil-bombards (4 sinops and a hisar). Somehow always when firing them I managed to roll three sixes on almost every bombard shot I fired.
  8. I am happy to present to you my list for tomorrows 4K battle. I´ll be running a full core helix a ground attack and interceptor helixes also to their full strength. I will play against another terran army probably utilizing a recon helix and a heavy support helix. Core Helix: 2x Vidar heavy tank 500 3x Heimdal medium tank nukes: 405 3x Heimdal medium tank nukes: 405 2x Ullr Mk1: 240 2x Ullr Mk1: 240 Sinir APC: 85 Sinir APC: 85 5x Valkyrie 250 5x Valkyrie 250 6x Hirdmen – Officer sweepers: 185 6x Hirdmen – Officer gunteams: 170 Ground attack helix: Dellingr 180 2x Haermoor : 260 4x Huscarl: 220 Interceptor Helix: Sigyn: 250 Rindr 280 Following will be a report from the battle. Stay tuned.
  9. In this topic I would like to let you my fellow commanders know about how my Terran strikeforce is kicking some Zenian butts. I shall do so in form of battle reports, which I hope I can make in a fluffy way. Also I´ll be offering you my insights on Terran units which I am using and how well do they fare on the fields of battle.
  10. enite

    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: Enite vs. Zrnozaba Point value: 800 Scenario: Border clash Factions: Tarakian + Terquai vs RSN + Ba´Kash Battle log: 11:5 Players: Enite vs. SirJacob Points value: 800 Scenario: border clash Factions: Tarakian + Terquai vs Dindrenzi Federation Battle Log: -5:7 Players: Enite vs KrweKrw Points value: 1100 Scenario: Hold the waypoints Factions: Tarakian vs Sorylian Battle log: 13:2
  11. I play Tarakians but I borrowed Terrans for a campaign where names were expected for the calculation of losses. I played an extraordinary list with no battlaeships, as I wanted it to be modern navy like. Therefore I used lots of carriers and missile frigates. So assuming the Terra has it´s capitol in Moscow I went for the following names: Ares class carriers NTSC Lermontov, NTSC Marshall Konyev, NTSC Pavlov Artemis class Destroyers: NTSC Ekaterinburg, Oktyaber, Katarina and for the second squadron: NTSC Petropavlovsk, Anna Alexejevna and Saturnin T 3s were diing too often to be named
  12. As being the mentioned Ottoman player in Czech Rep. I feel obliged now to throw in my report, so here it goes I haven´t played the OE since the last update as they have been nerfed horrendously and just did not make me go for a certain loss. So this battle was my first battle after a year of not playing the DW, therefore it was more about learnig the rules again than trying to score high. My list comprised of every kind of unit I had, as I wanted to try as many of the new rules as possible. Hence my 1000pts list: Ottoman Empire: Separatists Large/Massive: Sadrazam Battleship + Mine control, 3x Mizrak Frigate (Escort) Medium: 2x Sinop Monitor + 2x3 Fighter SAS 3x Fettah cruiser + Weather Manipulation G. Small: 4x Avci destroyer 4x Mizrak Frigate 3x Zuhaf Minelayer SAS Support 2x5 Dive bomber Pre-battle thoughts: I painted my Ottomans to represent Bulgarian separatists, which is why I went for the Seps. My idea was the following: Sadrazam will provide cover for its escort. Once they close in on the enemy, the healthy escort is going to unleash the broadside/volley gun hell. Zuhafs shall spott big ships and cover the bombers´ adavnce with their AA and Airburst mines. The previously spotted large ship is going to be shot at by Sinops budou ostřelovat Sinopy and their caustic bombards, while using their fighters to fend off enemy bombers. The Mizraks are there to take care of anything that would close up too fast on my larger ships, I will put them in the middle to be able to cover both sides of the table. My sides are left with Fettahs, which should support the middle and repell anything comming at me from their side of the table. I will place them on the right. Left side is reserved for my Avci , their goal was to look diffident and then, later on, hurl themselves into the battle and beat someone up. At that moment I did not know against whom I would be playing, so this changed quite a bit as I met my opponent: Player: Gobbos Nation: FSA Liberty Battleship - shield a comodore Liberty Battleship - shield San Francisco Assault carrier - rockets, Fighter SAS a Harry Spotter Medium: Anapolis Battlecruiser Rockets and kinetic Lexington Light cruiser 3x Kinetic Small: 3x Little frigate with the wheel in the middle and 2 reckless marines SAS: Spotter, 4 Fighters, 5 Bombers Deploy: I deployed roughly as I wrote above, but I had to shift the whole formation to the left because the yankees had a Liberty, a carrier, Annapolis BC and Lexingtons there. Comodore´s Liberty went to the right pravo with the frigates. I put my Fetahs and Mizraks thee to take care of it. The rest was on the left, to take care of the main force. Avci were looking at the Anapolis, it looked so yummy to the little gangsters. Round 1: Yankees have more activations, I hav to move my smalls, so I don´t give the enemy an appealing. They spott mi Sadrazam, but I don´t mind, he is behind a rock and hitting him on 5 in the 4th RB isn´t going to do much. I let my Zuhafs go ahead, pooping mines to cover my bombers while spotting the Anapolis, which is closer to me since not even Sinop bombards can touch a shielded liberty at RB4. The plan is broken the moment when the Lexingtons rocket themselves into RB 2. And I freak out because their guns look like those on the Liberty and there´s Three of them!!! . The fact, that they are by far not as powerful somehow slipped from my attention . They only mannage to kill a Zuhaf, as all aother ships are in cover behind rocks. Nonetheless I panic because of the Lex-rush and activate my Sadrazam using it in a completely different way than i meant to before. I Activate Meltemi´s Fury, smoke my BB and churn out 2 storms covering my Fetahs and the Sad. Then I take on the Lexingtons, my escorts going in front of the big guy looking to supress this Lex-threat. Sadrazam squad sinks one Lexington and the second one getts a critical hit. Anapolis tries to retaliate but only mannages to kill a Mizrak from the Sad-squad. Anapolis is then hit with anti-Geneva-treaty corosive bomard which is a crit. Fetahs ( anf it was a bad mistake) vigorously rocket themselves to shoot at the comodore´s Liberty dealing only 1 DMG . Meanwhile I underestimated the little frigates which, despite spec. deffs and stoic crew and AA managed to prize one fettah and kill the other one... Round two: Sadrazam is punished severely, but sneaks off some good shooting regardless of the 2 crits. - It beats the therd lexington, and dammages the Liberty. Sadrazam´s escort is dead. I take my revenge on the Liberty without the comodore, the Sinops deal 2 crits with their monster-killer-corosive-ponyslayer-mega-death-bombard (I love sinops). My right wing is chopped to pieces, I have a last Fettah, which kill a frigate, following up is his destruction by Liberty. My Mizraka kill off the remaining frigates. 4 corosives melt the non-comodore Liberty to 1 remaining HP. Round 3: Sadrazam is slain but mannages to kill a Lex in the process. Annapolis kills my remaining Zúhafs but gets in range for my Avci . One Salvo is all i need, Anapolis is sunk. One Avci is then obliterated by San Francisco. Mizraks deal another DMG to the comodore Liberty At this moment de Sadrazam is dead and my units are disordered. My bombers fail to do anything at all. Sinops then mannage to kill the non- comodore Liberty. Round 3: Avci damage the Frisco, but it kills them for doing that, it also rearms Fighters to bombers which hit on the Sinops. Sinops shrug them off and fire their Satan´s-tears-filled Bombards at the San Francisco. which is then teleported into a rock and thence scraped. Game end - a draw.
  13. Thanks for your oppinion, I find it more useful to have high energy on the battleship than one more CR, as it rarely does any difference in my oppinion, therefore I am taking two supporters so my CP stays good and if there is a crit, I can take care of it. Which non-torp squadron would you recomend?
  14. Hi guys, would you please tell me your oppinion on this 800 pts tournament list: Factions: AoK - Alliance of Kurak Points: 800 - (800) 1x (Core) | Ganak Class Battleship | Large | 190 | [1] | Wings: 4 (Hardpoint) | Self Repair MAR | Ganak (2/1) | +15 (Upgrade) | Torpedoes: High Energy MAR | Ganak | +5 2x (Core) | Interceptors | Wing | 10 | [1,6] 2x (Core) | Support Shuttles | Wing | 10 | [1,6] 4x (Core) | Sulan Class Cruiser | Medium | 240 | [2,4] | Wings: 0 3x (Core) | Makalu Class Torpedo Cruiser | Medium | 180 | [2,3] | Wings: 0 5x (Core) | Tarl Class Frigate | Small | 150 | [2,5] | Wings: 0
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