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    Gotta love those crazy Germans and that epic board
  2. That is truly the worst pun so far this year
  3. Best of luck those crocs are nasty blockers once they have unloaded their AA
  4. complicated little suckers those aussies seem to be
  5. Shame - seen some wicked big dystopian wars boards - mainly display as opposed to game
  6. One ship does not make a faction the most powerful, the player in our group with the FSA is tactically naïve, and has yet to win a game, even with the lexitons
  7. That's great - unfortunately I am over 3000 miles away from you
  8. Are they going to release an app that has all of the stat cards on it for your fleet with the option to upload photos of your own models and also allow you to assign damage and critical hits
  9. different time l; historical context in our time line should not be moved into the dystopian time line. gotta love the idea of pirates using "captured" ships... a good scenario would be a "rescue mission" to retrieved said stolen ships... much keyboard tapping required
  10. It just makes the model shorter...
  11. I think the cruisers are fine - Gotta love the amount of torps a KOB cruiser can put out in three different directions followed by linked turrets. The PE cruisers is an AP troop ship COA cruisers are long range snipers (with energy turrets). EotBS cruiser not to sure on that as the fixed broadside limits it - but it does have sharp turn and rockets
  12. Looking suitably dark and evil
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