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  1. DubC

    Back In...

    I'm good with the stats as they are now, but it does change the way the BBs play with the sweet spot for the big guns being within 8"...but like the idea of a brawler type battleship...I usually go, Sector shielding, +1 SR and +2 PD as my built on the Argentina and just get her good and stuck in.
  2. DubC

    Back In...

    Lately...I've been running no battleships. I'm a big fan of heavy cruisers and battle cruisers supporting carriers. If I play a big game...the Argentina comes to the party.
  3. DubC

    Back In...

    I'll continue to use my painted up Razorthorn that I spent some time on. Plus as I said, I feel like the old Battleship has more character than that chubby excuse for a warship they call the Apollo.
  4. DubC

    Back In...

    Finally picked up my copy of the v.2 rules and I honestly was pretty happy overall. The new USRs and each fleet having a truly defined play style was very cool. The Terrans seemed to have gotten a lot better in the medium department...I played minimum mediums last version, but now I feel like they can do things. The pilgrim of old going the way of the dinosaurs was probably a good thing as it was pretty beastly and unbalanced. It made me play a very unfun game for my opponents (Ralthoza/Terran/RSN) and those kinda games are unfun for me as well. I still stand by the old Razorthorn as my primary battleship. Sure the Apollo has better numbers, but it doesn't have the character the old boats have. And now you can't order them off the spartan site anymore? Really? I wanted another one.
  5. I'd like to see actual renders of the current alien races....if they exist can I get a link to them. Thanks.
  6. I'll need a black one as I'm kinda a bad guy around here.
  7. Good stuff...that PM doomkitten sent me made my night. Time to move on to greener pastures... I had a ton of fun on here, but yeah....
  8. Now you're speaking my language.... I do this face to face with people...you got my Facebook, so hit me up on there and we can set something up...add me as a friend, you might like me...
  9. You got it...check peripheral worlds if you want get in on the fireworks.
  10. My Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/MrFister14?ref=tn_tnmn There you go. But, I get a laugh out of how many times I've been able to bait you into these "discussions" we seem to have on a daily basis. And how up in arms you get. Right now, I'm drinking a beer and laughing at the first question in that last post. Resorting to asking if I'm a pre-pubescent bully was pretty classy. I applause your little jab, but what would Spartan think about this? Acting in a fashion unbecoming of a Spartan Vanguard? What I've done or said has no bearing on you crossing the line set for you by the company. Don't they have a code of conduct for their vanguards? if it doesn't cover this, then they're a pretty bush league operation in my opinion. This is kinds cute, but yeah I think I've made some good points too. I think a lot of what I say gets misconstrued by the fact that I fail to use emoticons to signal that I'm kidding and stuff. What started this whole thing was a sarcastic comment that you took far too literally. So, my suggestion....start reporting things that you think are offensive and just ignore what I say. I'll just take it up with mods. Better yet, why not PM me and ask me my intent like an adult, I know I would. You made this one public so I'll keep it that way. As for the v.2 rules, I'm sure they're good, but I've got 750 pts. of Terrans and I'll download the rule book when it hits PDF format. I've got all I need, so yeah. Spartan isn't getting my business as long as it's reps continue to act in an unprofessional manner. As a forum member and customer, I'm held to no such standards. Thanks...
  11. It's also bad form for a rep for the company to drive people away from the game...so yeah.
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