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  1. Just picked up a Red Oak box to do some demos at my LGS in Central Vic... hoping to get a bit happening up here at Bendigo as well. - if all goes well, may even be able to get enough together to have an event at next year's BADGACON.
  2. I have just picked up the Gun Fight at Red Oak for demos at my LGS. - as much of the interest I have from locals is based on the fact that they have existing Dystopian Legions forces, I will be looking into the best way to handle this. Would definitely love some "get you by" lists etc. ... but as the box is still in the shrink wrap (delivered this morning) I haven't yet had time to go over it and see what works.
  3. Being a smaller independent store on the other side of the world means that direct is somewhat impractical. Thanks Schoon, Beth and Frag. As above- it doesn;t appear to apply to Halo ... Halo items always appear to come in every wholesale restock ... .... and the Distributor's system has stock levels visible when I log in. - I will have quite a list on Back Order, a significant portion of the order will be scanned into the Sydney Warehouse, but I have some Naval Starter boxes which have been on back order through at least 2 of the Distributor's restocks from Spartan. TO my mind- there may be a lot of potential money in the Halo franchise- but your core market is your DW (and to a lesser extend Firestorm) - if you alienate and/or lose this core market (your customers who have been feeding you for years)- a large cash injection from Halo will, at best delay problems. - Gaming is a "subscription" deal - you get the customer hooked and they come back over and over..... Dystopian has a solid addicted fanbase trying to pour money on it - and trying to get more people to subscribe.....
  4. As a retailer, I have noted some delays and spotty supply issues on Spartan Core Products in both Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada over the last 6-12 months (which seem to have gotten worse mroe recently) - I have spoken to some other retailers, my distributors, and to customers who also frequent other retailers.... and it doesn't seem to be a localized phenomenon. Halo seems readily and quickly available, but core starter fleets for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada seems to see significant degrees of non-supply... I have some core DW Fleets that have been on back order through at least 2 or 3 restocks at the Wholesaler level.... .. The general impression I'm getting around the industry is that You guys (Spartan) are putting a considerable portion of your available resources into exciting new projects (which is understandable) but seem to be taking those resources from core parts of your income stream... ... There is a siginificant cost in customer uptake.... I have had customers sick of waiting who change their mind. Fortunately for me, they usually pick up another stocked line (Infinity being a popular one) - but some end up getting more computer games, or "go back to 40k".... We have a local Vanguard working hard and doing a great job... his work should result in new sales and players for Spartan... ... I love Dystopian - the setting is great, the models are very pretty and the gaming system is solid (if a little on the fiddly side)... and many of my customers are even more enthusiastic ... and it really annoys me not to be able to help them. Are other people observing similar issues? whether Distributors, retailers or players? Can Spartan advise if they are aware of the issue and if something is being done? .... the DW/FS regulars, and their attendant n00bs are the bread and butter...
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