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  1. First of all if i post this in the wrong place please move it to where it should be. I have been in the gane since the beginning but i havent played since before the new 2.0 rules. I am trying to decide what of my fleets i should keep, what i should add, and if i should bring in an ally as well as which one. I am condensing my fleets solely because i havent played in a long long time. SORYLIAN Dreadnought Mk2 carrier Mk1 battleship mk1 cruisers Mk1heavy cruisers Mk1 gunships Mk1 frigates Corvette DIRECTORATE dreadnought Mk2battleship Mk1 cruisers Mk2 cruisers Mk1 heavy cruisers Destroyers Mk1 frigates OMNIDYNE dreadnought Gunships Corvettes So i am leaning to keep my soryllians. Not sure if any of this is a solid beginnings if a ally is a better add on if so what one. Is there stuff that is useless in these lists is there dtuff that i shoukd get more of.
  2. I was thinking the bombardment box and have looked at the Chinese aerial group as I do love the look, friendship moved me away from the Chinese based entirely on play style so I dunno there, no one around here seems terribly interested the land format
  3. So I am wondering what if anything I should add to my fleet. I currently own the following Operation shadow hunter 2x original naval battle group Support flotilla Hunter flotilla 3 inari gyros 3 onyro gyro Tenkei sky fortress Things that I'm wanting to get the movement trays for all my sas as simple and cheap as possible
  4. Hi there wondered what would someone add to the following French ships that I was able to pick up off a friend who was getting out of the game. Magenta Battleship mk2 Couronne Carrier 2x Voltaire Interceptor 3x Marseille Light Cruiser 3x Ecuyer Support Cruiser 9x Lyon Frigates 15x Tiny Flyer Tokens I do happen to have the ottoman naval group.
  5. Looking great, I find the green clashes a bit too much otherwise it's really sharp makes me wonder if I'm doing the right thing with my recolour
  6. Did some work on brightening up the original scheme Might try going more of a flat grey with some tiger striping. But at any rate tell me what you guys think http://s7.postimg.org/nu43t54e3/DSC_0273.jpg
  7. It looks amazing very sharp
  8. I am looking to do something that pops more all my model, no matter what the game system are all very muted tones. This is not a desire for bright clashing colours but more something like a dheneb stone hull, with some jade green or bright reds something like this. Less cool colours more warm colors
  9. Jor-of-Dan

    Prussian Metzger

    All of that looks great. The water on the meter is brilliant and the bot itself is very clean
  10. Won't adding the red with the green contrast and make it look like Christmas?
  11. Thanks Fracas and tank, I'll leave this here get some feedback, criticism, and any tips http://s1.postimg.org/9fcgc6mlr/DSC_0150.jpg http://s1.postimg.org/dn78kxo1b/DSC_0151.jpg http://s1.postimg.org/5f5azxw4v/DSC_0152.jpg There are some more shots to be critiqued
  12. http://s23.postimg.org/xv7etsesb/DSC_0136.jpg. Sorry about that try that link maybe that will work better
  13. Hey so I am looking for some input, I started this game with eotbs and as you can see in the images I did a locomotive type scheme. It was in homage to late father. I however have never been happy with it,I always feel like my painting skill is better than this. My friends think it looks great. That it just needs to have a lighter grey for the hull. I come to you all for help. Are my friends right or should my 2player starter Ika Sokatsu battleship 5 fujin corvettes 3 tanuki gunship, 20 uwatsu Frigates 1 onyro gyro all in painted go into a new era and get a new scheme I have attached pics of my current fleet for a idea of what it looks like, hope it shows up right http://postimg.org/image/y7yszyx1z/]
  14. God Do I wish my marauder fleet had its rules updated ahh well I am just not feeling like the fleet is as solid as it once was. Not that I dont love my sorylians just happens to be I can definetly see where untill your at that sweet spot your tactical edge is a little bit lacking Thank you guys for the great ideas regarding my list and what to do with it. I will see how it goes
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