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  1. Corsec Engineering has a very nice acrylic turning template. http://corseceng.com/templates/docking-turn-template-set/ And it is really cheap! They have a bunch of nice stuff.
  2. cnizzy

    Sorylian cruiser

    You could use an ink wash, or use a REALLY fine tipped felt or ink pen. The other option (although it is not very fun) is to paint the entire ship in your gunmetal tone and then paint the armor panels on after. Just food for thought!
  3. Well, on the plus side, unless your Directorate fleet is facing off against another Directorate fleet, your FTB against cyberwarfare won't be all that critical right? But i still say we should get a FTB of at least 2. I always thought that FTB were based on the relative difficulty to play each race. Dindrenzi have a 3 because they must be tightly coordinated and positioned correctly to be most effective, whereas Sorylians wight heir FTB of 1 don't require as much experience or strategy to play as effectively. I think the Directorate fall somewhere in the middle especially now that we are essentially an all-turret faction, so i'm an advocate for a FTB of 2. But i suppose a one digit difference isn't the most pressing matter in the long run.
  4. I switched from Sorylians to Directorate in part for the flying saucers actually. I just bought a blister of frigates and a blister of escorts because i am a little obsessed with their looks.
  5. Honestly, i'm kind of in the same boat. I'm not the biggest fan of the new Direction Spartan took with the Sorylians and so i just picked up an old Directorate starter fleet myself.
  6. No, i just trading them for one big one! Not really though, i'm just lamenting our lack of massive scatter cannon is all.
  7. I could accept that. Not a bad compromise actually!
  8. hmmm. i'd still like the option for a precision strike somewhere in the Sorylian Navy though. Maybe we could upgrade certain weapons or ships to be able to use the precision strike rule? Or maybe just not the scatter weapons? But i'd be willing to trade something for a new Scatter Cannon.
  9. Now THAT would make me very happy!
  10. But the model look so cool… and boarding Twinkies filled with assault robots are just to hilarious to pass up!
  11. All the drones shooting boarding Twinkies filled with assault robots! And i must say i enjoy the flying saucer look of the old frigates and carrier. One of the reasons i switched to Directorate!
  12. You know, i always had great luck with the old cannon. i once took out 4 frigate with one hit that way (VERY lucky dice roll though). But i digress, i want a NEW scatter cannon!
  13. No, Sorylians definitely have an very distinct identity, you are all right. I think i'm just sore about losing my scatter cannon. That's all i really wanted
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