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  1. You're right on all counts The Terrains were Razorthorn, Sentinel and Pilgrim. The Aquans were Poseidon, Storm and Piranha. Have a look at theblackocean.com - it's a great site with a bunch of older resources on it, it'll help you identify older models. If you don't roll enough successes to equal the targets DR, that attack has no effect. This is a fun game to play - hope you enjoy it.
  2. You are not being punished, but you always have the option of dropping shields. If your opponent is positioning his ships so your cloak has no beneficial effect for you, surely that's an application of battle tactics?
  3. Big change in these ships from 1st to 2nd edition. Used to be loveable tough little brawlers easily capable of taking out squadrons of enemy small ships once you got close enough. Now weaker with a lot less firepower, I've had to had a significant change of tactics on how to use these. I'm finding that enemy corvettes tend to use their speed to close in and target these early on, reducing the advantage of our better ranges. The increase in squadron size is helpful though. I've tended to move away from matching these up against other Tier 3 ships to sniping at cruisers. I had 18 of the Enforcers and picked up another 8 of the Liquidators - so I'm guessing a bunch of the Enforcers are going to become space debris!!
  4. DDR

    IMG 0998

    Box contents.
  5. DDR

    IMG 0995

    Open wagon, troops closer for better perspective.
  6. DDR

    IMG 0994

    Open Wagon - Troops are on bases making them seem taller. A 30mm base fits inside the tracks.
  7. DDR

    IMG 0992

    Engine with FSA Trooper, the dials are actually at eye height.
  8. DDR

    IMG 0991

    Tracks and Train with FSA Troops.
  9. DDR

    KoB Fighter Plane

    KoB Fighter Plane
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