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  1. Hello all. It's been a while since my last attempt at a DW project log went quiet, and I thought it better to make a fresh start - new forum, new start and all that! (and nothing to do with the fact that the fleet featured in that old log has now been entirely repainted...) I currently have three Dystopian Wars fleets - a large Prussian fleet, and then smaller Danish and Polish-Lithuanian contingents as well. Posting photos of all my existing models here will take a while, so if you'll pardon the shorthand, more photos of everything I show below can be found at my blog here: http://whyarecarrots.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Dystopian Wars But because it's quite boring to have a post with no photos however, have a quick summary of all three of my fleets: Prussian Empire: Kingdom of Denmark: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Still a lot of painting to deal with in all three fleets. My good friend and fellow blog contributor are taking part in a Tale of 2 Admirals, where we are committed to clearing our painting backlog by painting a set amount each month. We are in the middle of month 2 right now, and I'll post more about that once we get to the new year. In the meantime, any comments and criticisms gratefully received. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hello all. Good to see the old place back up and running again! Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada. How long have you been playing these games? I've been playing both since their respective second edition launches, although finding a game has often been tricky! Where do you play? Anywhere I can get a game in a corridor running roughly from Bedfordshire to Oxfordshire in the UK. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? For DW I have Prussians, Danes and Poles, and for FA I have a mixed Terran Alliance and Hawker Industries fleet. What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Haven't seen enough of Warcradlle's designs to be able to say yet, but favourite Spartan designed models are the Danish Ragnarok pocket battleship (such a brilliantly compact design: no wasted space anywhere on it) and the Terran Alliance Tyrant battleship. The designs spoiled so far give me hope that some exciting stuff is coming from Warcradle that will swiftly be added to my favourites as well! Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community It's good to be back!
  3. Good to see the old place back. Although it's kind of strange seeing all the old threads still here but closed - given when the forums closed down it's a bit like the last few months hasn't even happened here!
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/921886974/firestorm-galaxy-expansion/posts/1965726 definitely the modular ship for battle carrier. Will be good to get the option for a BB in there as well. Wonder if we'll get new rules or if it'll just be an alternative model for the Apollo/Razorthorn
  5. My only concern is whether the ships will still be modular, because the battle carrier when originally shown was a modular ship. The 3e rulebook mock up shows a ship which looks like the indomitable with the top section removed, so I thought it would be the battleship version - hopefully they have still kept that feature of the model.
  6. Just when I was telling myself that the DW kickstarter was enough resin for the time being.... Never mind, here we go again!
  7. Potentially stupid question (and sorry if this has been answered before) but does anyone know what the green and red STO flag is inspired by? Given the focus of Prussian Scandinavia on the Teutonic order, it seems odd to not at least have some reference to the order's black, white and yellow.
  8. Prussian player here who is definitely buying in. The new variant of the Eider looks particularly cool. As a naval only player it'll be interesting to see how the rules for the Brandenburg look. I wonder if the Fausts on the deck can be used in boarding actions? Also that ship must be huge - one Gustav alone is pretty sizable, let alone two side by side!
  9. Will hopefully be able to make it down to this if there's still space - will have to get properly practiced before though!
  10. Well the pile of unpainted models is about to get larger... Those STO models are amazing. Only issue I have is how to paint them - my Prussians are already black and white and I'd like to differentiate them a bit...
  11. The problem is it seems to be a less good pile of dice than any other gunship, which are all able to get their huge numbers in front arc without having to get three ships of fore and aft turrets in broadside to make the most of their potential. The new sub does seem really tasty though
  12. The donnerfaust now has primary speers instead of secondary. Not sure if intentional because all other speers are still secondary, and it seems like an entirely unwarranted nerf.
  13. Unless I'm missing something, I'm not 100% sure what the point of the Royan is. The Toulon seems to be faster, just as resilient and has much easier to use firepower. The Royan does have the benefit of being able to flexibly split its fire against lots of mediums I suppose, but that doesn't seem to be a particular problem the French need a 90pt gunship to fix. Would be interested to hear other people's thoughts.
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