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  1. My standard tactic is to take some rail gun armed mediums as a distraction, along with lots (and lots) of mediums & smalls. Finding that their favorite range band & firing lanes suddenly also suits the other player seems to cause most din players a bit of pain and most will try to take them out. Your horde of mediums & smalls can then rush the flanks. Shunt in a squadron or two in the same area to add to the confusion and their deployment zone turns into a knife fight that suits your ships much better than theirs. A few broadsides will cause them some pain just before you turn the thermostat up and send in the boarding torpedoes full of big angry lizards.
  2. I've not tried it myself, but a lot of folks seem to rate 'pre shading' when spray undercoating, especially for 28mm minis. The idea is to do a uniform undercoat of black then hit is with a lightly applied white undercoat that highlights the raised areas. Lots of washes & glazes are then applied to add colour. Yours sounds like a similar idea and you could probably blend the transition from black to white.
  3. I think a staged 'competition' with the ultimate aim of getting a playable patrol fleet painted would motivate a lot of people.
  4. clifford

    Cas's Veydreth

    Those are really nice.
  5. Hi, My name is Clifford and I'm based in Bedfordshire in the UK. I used the previous forum intermittently, but I'm happy to reintroduce myself. Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall & Uncharted Seas. How long have you been playing these games? I've been playing & collecting for the last 5-6 years. Wargaming in general for oh so much longer. Where do you play? Mainly at a local club - the Leighton Buzzard Wargaming Club. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? Dystopian: Russian & Prussian Firestorm Armada: Sorylian, Directorate & Aquan. I'm also looking at the relthoza models and thinking 'ooh those are nice' Firestorm Planetfall: Directorate Uncharted Seas: Dwarves & Orcs What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? I was enticed into the whole range by the imperium sky fortress - who couldn't love a massive airfield on the back of a blimp?
  6. Nicely done. The terrain is splendid, too.
  7. Thanks for the complements folks. Two more directorate ships done. Those are rather big guns. Our club's regular Terran player has agreed to give me a game. He's never played against directorate but he is very fond of his shields & shield cruisers. He might be in for a surprise. @WestAustralian pics of the two fleets together are coming - I just want to get a few directorate done first.
  8. Those flyers are looking good. Is it the camera or is there a slight blue tinge to the metallic areas?
  9. I like the scheme and the concept. Some folks like the grimy look, but If you're not happy with the shade - change it!
  10. The directorate ships seem to paint up really quickly & after struggling to transport the Sorylians I've started using "widgets" to make the stands removable. Some Directorate frigates: And some drones, too:
  11. Oh man, those are good. I really like the clean painting & the detailing. Very well done!
  12. From the timeline " McAlpine achieves considerable fame amongst both his own people and the Relthoza when he manages to slay Dros’Virssen, the Empress’s own judicial champion, through the inspired use of a rocket flight pack and a vibro-glaive." I absolutely need a short story about this incident.
  13. Waiting patiently for next instalment... Waiting........ Waiting....
  14. This sounds good. Your colour scheme should show off the models really well. Looking forwards to seeing your models. Just don't keep us waiting too long.
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