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  1. Hey just Dropping my ideas in I believe that as long as all based are within embarcation distance all units can enter building even if they don't fit. I don't know if you would remove extra. But I personally would move them to closest building edge. As rules also state closest target takes damage first it would only be closest stand within the building to attacks that would take initial damage and work towards the furthest away units in building. In next available move I would them move any units outside building replace destroyed bases.
  2. Hey guys, Love the defence platforms, what an exscuse to get another battlestation . Hehe the defence platoforms are just a good way to sell it to the wife lol
  3. Lol just checked that's an eight hour drive for down from where I am. Hmmm
  4. Lol to me this us funny. NOT because of the delay but the problem itself. Hehe they keep launching and things keep going wrong but to Spartans credit never the same thing twice. And I must admit I find that amusing... And as usual I have to give a thumbs up to this community for the way they are handling the delay. Make sure me proud to be a fellow resin crack addict
  5. +++ Relthoza v Terrans. (1500pts) +++ +++ 1500pt Relthoza Fleet Roster (Standard Fleet)) +++ Selections: Relthoza Fleet (Standard Fleet) Selections: + Tier 1 + (865pts) * Battle Station (245pts) * Weaver (245pts) (Bigger Batteries, Maneuverable, No FSD, Self Repair, System Network) +2 Wing Capacity (5pts) * Bomber Token (30pts) 6x Bomber (30pts) * Interceptor Token (20pts) 4x Interceptor (20pts) * BattleCruiser (240pts) * Raptor Squadron (240pts) Raptor (120pts) (Assault Blitz, Stealth Systems, System Network), Raptor (120pts) (Assault Blitz, Stealth Systems, System Network) * Dreadnought (380pts) * Apex (380pts) (Bigger Batteries, Elite Crew, Impervious, Self Repair, System Network) +3 Wing Capacity (5pts), Corrosive Primaries (15pts) (Corrosive), Stealth Systems MAR (15pts) (Stealth Systems) * Bomber Token (30pts) 6x Bomber (30pts) * Escorts (45pts) 3x Wolf/Stinger (45pts) (Difficult Target, System Network) + Tier 2 + (355pts) * Destroyer Squadron (160pts) * Venom Squadron (160pts) * 2x Venom (160pts) (Ambush (2), Maneuverable, Stealth Systems) 2x Corrosive Primaries (10pts) (Corrosive) * Shunt Cruiser Squadron (195pts) * Bane Squadron (195pts) * 3x Bane (180pts) (Stealth Systems) 3x Corrosive Primaries (15pts), 3x Shunt Matrix (8) (Shunt Matrix) * Interceptor Token (15pts) 3x Interceptor (15pts) + Tier 3 + (280pts) * Frigate Squadron (100pts) * Nidus Squadron (100pts) 4x Nidus (80pts) (Difficult Target, System Network) * Bomber Token (20pts) 4x Bomber (20pts) * Frigate Squadron (100pts) * Nidus Squadron (100pts) 4x Nidus (80pts) (Difficult Target, System Network) * Interceptor Token (20pts) 4x Interceptor (20pts) * Frigate Squadron (80pts) * Widow Squadron (80pts) 4x Widow (80pts) (Difficult Target, System Network)
  6. Hey guys designed this army list was just wondering what you guys think / would change and why?
  7. Hey guys guess I'm changing my deadline till end of October. Just working out how to paint some red stripes on them. Well sort of like lightning strikes running length of the ship on the outer edges. Then it's just highlights after that. So if there's any ideas let me know.
  8. Now I am normally one for jumping into things feet first without thinking about it. But the landers pose a dilemma at the moment. Not about cost or size etc. And more to do with how are most of us supposed to know how we think it would aaffect the game If we don't even know how the game plays yet. So under that opinion my choice is this: RESERVED FOR FUTURE COMMENT.
  9. Cool will remember that from now on
  10. Does anyone know if you can try to bring troops on in the reserve phase of the first turn yet
  11. Lol that's pretty much the expression on my face as we speak lol. Redesigning my entire army list for tonight's game now
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