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  1. The Beta testing for Firestorm won't start until the Beta testing for Dystopian Wars ends and there is likely to be some lag time between the two events so it won't be an instant cross over. It's also going to be an open beta just like the Dystopian Wars one is so you should have no trouble getting access to the information to download it. Sadly the transfer from Spartan to Wayland hasn't been perfectly smooth and Wayland have decided to also use this moment to do a lot of redesign and updating of the games which is slowing the return to market. Dystopian Wars is first with Firestorm Armada appearing to be coming up second.
  2. A lot of the firestorm stuff appeared without photos and without any stock ever showing - I know I figured that it meant it was goin to come "eventually" but was mostly just a page lander waiting for stock to be produced in batches.
  3. True, but the beta is only a beta, it might be the similarities are stronger now simply to allow the team to focus on the mechanics of the rules themselves; once they've a robust working system more variety can be built into the game; unique weapon options, modifiers, adjustments etc... Also note that SG always had a fairly similar spread of ship types for most factions. In fact in their latter year SG themselves stated to cut down on some variety options. Eg early on the Prussians were the only faction with a huge walker. Come the last year or so nearly every large faction had some kind of mega-walker. Meanwhile the cores of their armies - friggates, escort carriers, carriers, battleships, dreadnoughts were all very similar. It was actually a rarity for a faction, like the Russians, to not have something like an airship carrier (though it was nearly patched over by the fact that they had a natural ally faction who provided just that very airship). I do agree the game has to have flare; its got to capture that mad science steampunk inspired world where lasers match against heavy cannon and impossible numbers of smaller ones before a huge kraken machine arises from the deep only to be shot aside by a huge whale with a laser on its head.
  4. @Warcradle Stuart Whilst I know things are not as yet running as normal (since you're not actually in production stage yet) I know you've been doing castings of the resin models from the SG era (and continue to do so). I wonder if it might be worth producing a short video showing the various stages of mould production, development and casting. I think its a neat bit of in-fill content that can be put up and, if done well, can educate those who are interested but don't have a proper understanding nor appreciation of the timescales and production method involved.
  5. Ah but they are only the same if they are equipped the same. They might all have access to the same basic core "Broadsides" however Bretonnia could have "Enhanced Broadsides" which are a different weapon. Now they might have better long ranged ones whilst Russians might have "Close range Broadsides" and now has a close ranged advantage. The standardized naming and stats only keeps things the same if the ships are equipped the same; as soon as a new weapon is introduced it gets a new set of abilities and a new stat line. New weapons might be limited to specific hulls and specific factions. Eg a faction that generally has few large ships might have limited access to larger turrets, even the generic ones. I think the real telling element will be how varied the weapon choices are and what options different races have within weapon profiles.
  6. Not quite, all weapons will have the same stats based on weapon name. So a heavy turret is a heavy turret no matter which faction uses it. However there's nothing to stop them giving a faction a Heavy Ultra Turret that has different rules. I think basically their upshot is if its called X Then it behaves like X no matter what. Which likely makes it easier for learning the game. Esp for things like standard torpedoes all behaving in the same way. Plus they can just add more faction specific weapons and names and upgrades to provide variety where needed. Use standard torpedoes or your faction specific extra long range torpedoes. A faction like the techno force from the polar north might well have lasers and ion beams and not actually share any weapons with other factions at all under this rules system.
  7. I think the question of scale is interesting, though for me when it comes to space ship games the only things that I never feel are in scale are fighters and other such craft. Frigates and corvettes and the like always feel like they are in the same scale as the rest of the game. Personally I'd rather it remain like that as it makes the game much easier to visualise by and large. If they start making frigates one scale and cruisers another and battleships yet another I think it starts to lose a connection for the player. One thing I LOATH (And computer games do this a lot) is when I see a cinematic that shows one scale of battle only to jump into the game and find that the actual playing scale is vastly different. A classic example would be showing big ships next to frigates and cruisers that look small so the big ship looks huge. Then having dozens and dozens of the smaller craft. Jump into the game and your'e playing with 10 ships total - the cruisers and frigates are not too much smaller than the battleship. Visually it feels like a lie. So I'd far rather they stuck to one scale and then let fighters/torpedoes be oversized purely for practical considerations of being able to see them. I feel that's fair in a game where the ships are supposed to be massive -a Dreadnought is supposed to be a big city in space; heck one faction had justthat floating cities in space. I feel if WC stick to that scale they will keep the cinematic feel of the game; the epic sweepings of battles.
  8. Upshot is that Firestorm is still much in the same position. It sounds like a lot hinges on when the Dystopain Wars Beta ends, a shame I didn't catch them mentioning an end date for it (unless its plastered somewhere else really obviously and I've been blind and missed it). Though it sounds like when the Dystopian Wars Beta ends a lot kicks into overdrive - the game starts to go into proper production and final revisions and it sounds like a period of time after (month, two months or something like that) the Firestorm Beta will go out. The video sounded like things at WC have not slowed down so much as they've had a more realistic look at the back end situation after the initial flurry of excitement. There's a more careful air and it sounds like Dystopian Wars is going to be mid year at BEST and most likely a Q3 or even early Q4 release; with a lot depending on when the Beta ends. So it sounds like Firestorm is a 2020 release at best and likely a mid to late year release then; however if the beta goes well and with Dystopian Wars out the door some things might go quicker its hard to say from the outside.
  9. Oh that's sounding like a big and serious team - esp with that many creative people working on the projects!
  10. This should be a big year for WC in terms of Spartan game licences and products. We know that Dystopian Wars is coming soon and should dominate the QA; whilst Firestorm we should hopefully hear about plans for a Beta I just hope that they can start to give us a roadmap of what is to come. Maybe not with fixed dates but at least to say what we can expect and in what order.
  11. Aye, though the sea-scale is still very much of a good size - however if we were to get sea-monsters; whilst I'm totally up for them in Dystopian Wars; they'd just make me want to see Uncharted return to the seas even more (and I'm convinced that IF we see Uncharted return it won't be for years and years yet sadly. Heck its been a year* or more and we are only just getting near Dystopian Wars hitting the high seas once more - and Firestorm after that at some unknown point in time. So I'd wager it will take several years to get those titles running smooth before they'll have attention and time to fit in Uncharted (if they decide too, they can always step away and say - no we're ok where we are we don't need another title). Of course if popularity of the series launches strong and we, as a community, can grow it then improved sales and ships on sea and space flying off shelves could give the investment opportunity for faster turn around! *Feels like a year, might be longer or shorter I honestly don't recall when Spartan died.
  12. Yep though in the DW world it was leaning well toward advance and military use of them and thus mutant/machine monsters. Though as I recall we never saw any models, not even design concepts from SG. Who knows it might be buried in the stuff that WC got a hold of, but otherwise we never saw anything. That said WWX has the ideal scale for introducing such a faction, actually better than Dystopian Wars. Animals fit more easily into 35mm in general; unless you go for animal shaped machines (of which we did get a few before the end like the flying dragon)
  13. Honestly I wouldn't expect big steps in the Firestorm department until we see Dystopian pushed further forward. We've also no real idea of WC's plans for how fast and how much they will roll out for Dystopian Wars - remembering that they are redesigning many of the factions and models to new sculpts as well as some adjustments to alliances. I don't think we've really got an idea how big a team and production setup WC have either - plus they already produce WWE products. So predictions are hard and its honestly the worst of times at present as whilst things are surely chugging along, there just isn't much to tantalize us. Esp since its likely they are still in phases where many things get changed or adjusted, dropped and added and where progress just takes time. It would be foolish of WC to build up hype too much now and leave us with a long period of nothing or have to change plans . That siad they are now making classic sculpts up for sale so there is that to look forward too! : )
  14. Update Basically there's a Beta (like there is for dystopian) coming next year
  15. Video for any who haven't already seen the video It's all sounding great! No firm dates set, but there's the launch of Dystopian Wars confirmed, box art and confirmation of the open beta for Firestorm Armada! They've also said that there will be a Question and Answer (QA) in January and further ones following that. So its sounding like WC are upping their marketing and communication which means each day is now taking meaningful steps toward those great Spartan Games returning to the vast seas of Earth and Space once again!
  16. Oh Uncharted how I wish you'd return! I still recall Spartan teasing us with getting two new dragons for Dragon Lords that never came And the continual hope that they'd get resculpts as comparing the old to the new designs was night and day in difference on the hulls (DL did get upgraded to the new casting methods, just their ships were terribly boring on the hulls) I want a game where I've got ships using magic to power dragon sails whilst dragons fly past to breath fire and fumes down whilst ballista fire magical bolts that scream through the air; whilst undead armies beat drums so that legions of undead can row vast ships; catapults throwing huge rocks and undead whales rising from the depths to pull ships and then to collide into the enemy. To see large ships swing and fire row after row of cannon and and and and........
  17. I've got a couple of the classics - Russian ships - not problems with either and very pleased I'm half tempted to get some Dindrenzi ships. I was pretty much bought into the Kickstarter for FA and was buying a Dindrenzi fleet almost the very week that SG crashed and burned (in fact I had to file a Paypal* payment dispute to get a refund for an order from SG at that stage - note at that stage filing a dispute was the official advice and it was not contested). So I'm very much eager and glad to see FA stuff! That said I like the re-design that WC has performed on the Dystopian models that I've seen so part of me is tempted to wait and see what they do with FA. I've already got a dreadnought and buying bigger "one off" ships in a fleet would be more sense to me to have a few of those kicking around along with a "new" updated fleet. Sadly I know that we are likely looking at Q1/2 for Dystopian and then it might be even another year before FA reappears. *Fairly sure it was paypal, if not then debit card. I honestly forget which but its more likely paypal.
  18. Don't forget these are still Spartan moulds for the classic range. WC haven't made any new ones for the classic range; the product we get is basically them testing them out to see what is within each one and what works and doesn't work. That said I agree that the production, quality control, machinery and staff is all WC so the quality they achieve here is certainly what we can expect from them with their own designs and moulds!
  19. Honestly I suspect FA will have an easier time as even the large factions in FA were fairly modest in unit count. The only messy area was the way in which Spartan released its own updated models and kept them on separate stats to new versions of the same ship class. Personally I hope that WC simply strips that out and simplifies it. Eg there is 1 Battleship per fleet and any update they make in the future to that model is simply an updated model; whilst any new type of battleship is its own thing. That way the range always remains current. Older fans can then use their own legacy battleship models in place of the new versions. That way everyone wins and its kept simple and there's no legacy element either from before or within the WC system that results in a disconnect between new and old fans.
  20. @Bad Idea Comics Aye the question will really be if WC wants to invest in new moulds. Also I seem to recall that it was mentioned that the digital files they got were sort of dumped on them too. So again its actually quite a bit of work for them to work out what goes with what - esp as digital files might have new and old versions and alternate versions all of the same core model. WC made the choice when they bought the line that they were going to update model sculpts to their own designs. A bold move which has slowed the return of the range, but possibly a good one for them as it lets them put their own stamp on the range. Plus it gets around the issue whereby some games had armies which were very new and some that were older in design (though honestly that only really harmed Uncharted Seas). I think we might see some popular recasts under classics but otherwise I fully expect that once WC rolles out their Dystopian wars we'll see the Classics dry up. To be honest I prefer that - I'd rather see the game push forward rather than get stuck in muddy waters trying to be both halves. The only game that might faulter is their re-design of the land battles for Dystopian Wars due to the scale change - we'll have to wait and see how that comes.
  21. @murphy'slawofcombat I don't think WC has given us a long term view on their classics range. I would guess that once they are producing their own models the classics range might dry up. Mostly they are just testing the moulds and seeing what does and doesn't work and what comes out of them (they basically got a huge pile of moulds and no paperwork that linked up what was what). That said they might end up doing limited runs of some in the future again - its hard to say. The real limit is going to be when those old moulds wear out as whilst resin moulds are cheaper than plastic they are still not dirt cheap - so it might be that once those original moulds break they are gone for good.
  22. Be sure to pop around the store booths that are local once you're running - whilst their staff will be busy at the very least give them an invitation and let them know you are there and where. If they get a slack moment one of their covering staff could head over. You could even arrange a "store demo" moment for those attending (although you might do this before/after the open period rather than during - but that would require you to setup and invite before the main day).
  23. Can you network with other traders at the event? You might not be selling, but if you know retailers that are taking stock of WWX there then you could have a chat with them before the event. At the very least it means you can easily direct people to their booth/table for buying the minis that you've just shown them.
  24. I think we are well due for a nice big news and blog post with loads of preview photos and 3D sculpts and details What we need is someone who lives locally to the WC team to go give them a poke!
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