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  1. Overread

    More info on 3.0 imminent?

    Aye its something Spartan Games did a lot to the community - preview something way too early and then nothing - anyone remember leviathans which they previewed years ago and then never released - not even a hint until their last ditch panic kickstarter which then folded as the company died.
  2. Overread

    More info on 3.0 imminent?

    I'm hoping this is the quiet before the storm - esp since Dropfleet/zone is going thruogh a big update and is basically the current biggest competitor for the space and ground market (after starwars in the space market though as that is pre-painted and star wars its in a league of its own really). I agree this first half a year has been rather quiet after we got quite a bit of news in the build up to last christmas. That said I hope its just Warcradle taking their time to get things right so that we get a really powerful successful launch! It's just in that ugly phase of development where there isn't much to reliably market nor talk about in the open.
  3. Overread

    Permissions to see new posts

    Odd I can still see it as normal in the subsection - activity log and the window on the right showing latest posts.
  4. Overread

    Permissions to see new posts

    It's hard to say until we get other regular users posting in this thread. Hopefully if others are suffering the same problem either they can post here or email wayland direct with details.
  5. Overread

    Duetzefix' weird little ships

    Really nice work on the lenses in the last photo - and I like the way you've split the contrast on the ships with a darker top and then a brighter underside to bring out the detail of the underside in a way that often gets overlooked in spaceship games.
  6. Overread

    Permissions to see new posts

    I can see new posts on the "latest posts" tab over on the right (like this new thread that appeared); as well as in the forums normal pages. That said I've got moderator access so if there is something glitching in permissions I might not see it. Have you made sure to 1) Clear your web cache 2) Try a different browser 3) If you can try a different computer/phone/tablet or even different connection (eg work/school/friends).
  7. Overread

    Model availability

    Far as I know whilst Warcradle is part of Wayland its not the same team behind it and Warcradle operates on its own - though yeah you'd think the staff at Wayland would be able to talk to Warcradle staff more directly for a clearer answer.
  8. Overread

    Model availability

    I had an order for a ship that sat for a couple of months if I recall right. It was waiting on stock and I was happy to let it sit there (the Wayland team did contact me once or twice asking if I wanted to keep it open or refund). I think the real issue is just the lack of clear communication on deadlines - then agian I think its also because WC is doing these castings on the side and that classic stuff isn't in a standard production chain. So its all a bit ad-hock. Which likely makes orders for it sparring (esp when the Wayland site shows so many out of stock)
  9. Overread

    Warcradle Studios Salute 2019 Round-up!

    Carrier has arrived! Also that techno-serpent looks fantastic! Really excited to see those models appear on the tabletop. I think WC has a touch more flare in their designs for the 35mm scale game and I think that's going to do really well if the models even half live up to the sketches.
  10. Overread

    Hypnotini mass paint thread.

    I like the purple and blue; a very retro feel to the paint scheme on the models! I do wonder if its a little dark a scheme, but it might also be the exposure in the camera and real life viewing it a little brighter
  11. Overread

    A Spartan Video on how to play V3.0 when the rules are set

    Far as I recall we don't have a specific time-frame as yet. There's hazy estimations and most are expecting Dystopian Wars to be out this year - if we assume that from the end of Beta to print ready rule books there's going to be a few months then you can at least expect the Beta to end by mid-year if not before or very soon after (otherwise the yare fast running out of 2019!) Though of course with any major project delays can happen. Hopefully the next update video will have some more firm estimations of dates.
  12. Overread

    A Spartan Video on how to play V3.0 when the rules are set

    The Beta testing for Firestorm won't start until the Beta testing for Dystopian Wars ends and there is likely to be some lag time between the two events so it won't be an instant cross over. It's also going to be an open beta just like the Dystopian Wars one is so you should have no trouble getting access to the information to download it. Sadly the transfer from Spartan to Wayland hasn't been perfectly smooth and Wayland have decided to also use this moment to do a lot of redesign and updating of the games which is slowing the return to market. Dystopian Wars is first with Firestorm Armada appearing to be coming up second.
  13. Overread

    Model availability

    A lot of the firestorm stuff appeared without photos and without any stock ever showing - I know I figured that it meant it was goin to come "eventually" but was mostly just a page lander waiting for stock to be produced in batches.
  14. Overread

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    True, but the beta is only a beta, it might be the similarities are stronger now simply to allow the team to focus on the mechanics of the rules themselves; once they've a robust working system more variety can be built into the game; unique weapon options, modifiers, adjustments etc... Also note that SG always had a fairly similar spread of ship types for most factions. In fact in their latter year SG themselves stated to cut down on some variety options. Eg early on the Prussians were the only faction with a huge walker. Come the last year or so nearly every large faction had some kind of mega-walker. Meanwhile the cores of their armies - friggates, escort carriers, carriers, battleships, dreadnoughts were all very similar. It was actually a rarity for a faction, like the Russians, to not have something like an airship carrier (though it was nearly patched over by the fact that they had a natural ally faction who provided just that very airship). I do agree the game has to have flare; its got to capture that mad science steampunk inspired world where lasers match against heavy cannon and impossible numbers of smaller ones before a huge kraken machine arises from the deep only to be shot aside by a huge whale with a laser on its head.
  15. Overread

    new rules set

    @Warcradle Stuart Whilst I know things are not as yet running as normal (since you're not actually in production stage yet) I know you've been doing castings of the resin models from the SG era (and continue to do so). I wonder if it might be worth producing a short video showing the various stages of mould production, development and casting. I think its a neat bit of in-fill content that can be put up and, if done well, can educate those who are interested but don't have a proper understanding nor appreciation of the timescales and production method involved.

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