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  1. Overread

    Prussian Imperium future

    The important question is does this mean we are going to get a Prussian harbour building with traintracks on it!
  2. Overread

    Model availability

    Spartan Games were taking modular to the next step and I believe some of their ships had slots in the design for magnets to fit into. They weren't selling the magnets, but they provided the option right out of the box. A bold move for a company as it lowers the potential number of customers who will repeat buy the product, though at the same time provides a quick magnetic option for those who might want to use magnets but who are not as bold/skilled with a drill (ergo its removing a barrier to magnet use)
  3. Overread

    Firestorm fluff

    Thing is there is nothing stopping the story behind the game having Alliances. I always think that the model and game side should only have a tentative connection to the Lore of the game. Even a game like Warmachine, which is pretty strongly tied to its models, doesn't do daft things like force players never to use a model when they killed one off in the lore or had one change sides etc... If players want to put down two battlegroups on each side they can as an option, but there's no formal "this faction and that faction can/can't ally". It's a bit of fun and something like Apoc in Warhammer - ergo its doing something which works, but which can be broken in balance, but which is done more for the fun and isn't really expected to be the standard nor the competitive end of the game. The story can do what it wants - forming and breaking alliances; allies of convenience when a greater threat appears; backstabbing and all those twisty things that happen in stories and in war that makes it feel more real than simply everyone hating everyone non-stop. The only factions that should have formal alliances should be those built around that concept; the mercenary factions are often a good choice here and indeed it can be good variety to have one or two factions which are a motley of different smaller races with varied ship designs as that becomes their visual design and theme on its own. In that case you've basically got a full faction just with different races owning and building different ships; with a possible option that major races can hire some of those races for their own fleets. I think Spartan got caught up in the same thing GW did with story based alliances and, honestly, its often not fun. Remember in 7th edition when they story crafted alliances and Tyranids wound up with not a single ally whilst marines had an insane number of choices. 8th still retains some of that though I recall reading that there is a push to try and shift the game away from the "soup" approach to armies. Of course the other angle is that souped factions means more potential sales per player as now they can more freely and formally buy what they want; but I think its short term. They buy bits here and there, whilst a more formal faction structure encourages them to instead build second and third and fourth whole armies, not just cherry pick the best from each.
  4. Overread

    Dystopian Legions?

    Thanks for the clarifications Hannibal!
  5. Overread

    Firestorm fluff

    Actually the Big Alliances moving away is a good thing in my view. Personally I've never liked the whole "soup" approach to wargames. I totally understand from a business point of view it often really helps boost sales and interest; however I feel that it destroys not just balance, but also faction identity - factions lose their visual theme and style and appeal when the game is basically a soup of multiple factions all pressed together. So hearing that WC is moving away from it is a good thing in my view; it shows them getting the game tighter and hopefully having clear powerful factions with their own visual identity.
  6. Overread

    Dystopian Legions?

    Bwana it wouldn't surprise me if they do relaunch the range in some form in the future. Thing is when Spartan died it wasn't pretty, they already had supply problems of their own and the administration process meant that WC couldn't just take over Spartan, instead they basically bought machines, moulds, designs etc... So WC has had to rebuild their whole own factory for production. Basically Spartan had a lot of games to support and often pushed out a new game when it wasn't always the best idea (in terms of supporting their other games). I think these are lessons that WC is keen not to repeat. So seeing the SG products return to the highstreet is going to be a slow process. That said WC has already shown interest in relaunching games such as Uncharted Seas. So there is every chance that we'll see Legions, in some form, return or reappear. It just might be a very long time before it does. Of course SG made some fantastic models and ship warfare is pretty empty in terms of competition; even Space warfare is fairly empty (there's Dropfleet and Starwars and Startrek and not much else and Dropfleet). So hopefully once games like Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada are back on the shelf they'll sell well and strong; providing more money for more game investment.
  7. Overread

    Dystopian Legions?

    Dystopian Wars franchise is essentially now merged with Wild West Exodus franchise into a single combined game (since both are a steam-punk inspired with aliens and - now - a degree of magic). So Legions as a separate product won't be returning, however because of the merger its my understanding that a selection of factions will return in Wild West Exodus. That said I don't think there are any dates set yet. The only dates I can recall is the Dystopian Wars sea-battles relaunch later this year (and after that there's the Dystopian Wars ground battle which has changed scale (Thus far the only spartan game with a scale change) and is shifting to African battles on fully land-locked battlefields (no longer sea and land combined). After that it sounds like Firestorm Armada is on the horizon (so that will be well into next year).
  8. Overread

    Faction Decks?

    One thing I've seen is that a lot of people, esp those online, often push for more game apps; however in the real world I find that apps are not always idea. Whilst smart phones are common enough they are not always big enough to be easy to view and tablets are more ideal; but not everyone owns a tablet. Plus its another thing that has to be charged up and ready to run for many hours during a game. Crashes, freezes, low battery etc.. all add annoyances. Of course if the cards are updating fairly fast an app allows distribution far cheaper and easier than multiple card releases, which of course cost in development, production and shipping. I know that Privateer Press, who really pushed for game cards being a thing in the industry, have mostly given up with them for their range now that they are looking at faster updates to their model rules to keep up with balance.
  9. Overread

    Future FA rules

    The main problem repair has is the number of turns that it takes for a ship to be damaged; then experience the damage; then be repaired; then operate whilst repaired. If you've got a dedicated repair ship then you've got to look at games which are going to last as many turns as possible, otheriwse the investment in buying the ship is offset by the fact that the ship primary function will only work once or twice; which as that is a chance at repair mid to late game it holds less viability than bringing another warship that instead might have a damage dealing ability. Personally I think that this means repair and support abilities have to be fast acting so that by taking the repair option you can let a ship shrug off a critical hit or high damage almost in the turn it takes that damage. Whilst this might not be "realistic" it does mean that the repair ship holds its own and has a good chance of repairing more times and makes itself more valuable for the player to have.
  10. Overread

    Looking for Advice on Modelling

    Few thoughts to add: 1) Before you assemble you will first want to clean off the mould lines on the model. These lines are where the two halves the mould meet when its being cast. Depending on the material, the mould and also the age of the mould the lines can be quite distinct or very to nearly impossible to see (generally the newer the mould the less). You can file them with a simple small hobby file; you can scrape them either with a mould line remover or a scalpel blade. My personal choice is a scalpel blade where one scrapes very slowly and gently to remove the line (I prefer files on metal). Mould line removers work well and tend to "catch" a little less than a blade will (since they are not sharp). 2) Plastics "tend to" not have problems with gaps, though a bit of GreenStuff can be good to have to hand incase there is a minor gap that requires filling. 3) As these are plastic they shouldn't require washing. Washing tends to be more a required step for resin or metal models where warm soapy water and an old toothbrush are used to clean off the mould release agents (if not done it can mess up glue and paint). Plastics typically don't require this. 4) Undercoating is typically done with white undercoat spray. White being easier to paint onto; some very dark paint schemes can work better with black; or those that are mostly metallics; however if in doubt white is best. 5) Your paint and basing approach sounds sensible; though if you want to detail I would still put the painting all before working on the base (as you have done above).
  11. Overread

    Future FA rules

    When you say new do you mean new sculpts of core ships (eg the standard cruisers/battleships/frigates); or do you mean that there will be brand new ships alongside the existing ships (existing meaning Spartan designs sold by WC as opposed to current ships owned by gamers)
  12. Overread

    Future FA rules

    I'd expect it to be more like they'd aim their starter fleets at being plastic or having plastic components. So that might well be plastic frigates/destroyers or could be everything including a plastic battleship. Then use resin for things like dreadnoughts, experimental, gunships etc.... So that plastic is focused on the big core boxes that are intended to sell in larger numbers whilst the resin remains for items that might sell in smaller numbers; or which are larger or more detailed.
  13. Overread

    Future FA rules

    PAPERWORK HAS BEEN SIGNED! PANIC! Or Celebrate - yes CELEBRATE! Big news indeed for plastics - looking forward to seeing what comes!
  14. Overread

    Future FA rules

    Kaptyn Krys - If they can get hold of something like the plastic Hawk Wargames uses then by all means lets go plastic mad! That said if not then I'd say resin is best for detail. I can't see anything except Dystopian Wars being viable for plastic at this stage; even then it would be a huge risk. From what I've seen on the job advertisements WC is going for resins . Maybe plastics one day - but likely not for many more years and that assumes good growth of the core games to a point where demand makes the investment into plastics a sound financial choice.
  15. Overread

    Future FA rules

    @Warcradle Richard - any thoughts on the scale of battles themselves - ergo not specific points, but a sense of how many ships we might expect to use per game in a standard battle?

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