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  1. I think casting technology/skills have shifted. Early Spartan stuff was VERY spartan in design. Look at some early stuff like the old Dragonlords ships from Uncharted Seas and they were, honestly very boring ships for the most part. The hulls were very plain with, whilst good plank details, not much really going on. Now as they developed and grew we saw big strides on how they could achieve new things with new methods. Their designs got more gaudy and more ostentatious steadily. I think we saw it starting to happen with the newer fleets, whilst older ones retained their original design ethos. Warcradle is clearly starting from a higher initial point of casting skill and technology so I think they get to put that more showy design into more of the core forces right from the launch. For me I'll be interested to see how WC handles army variety, army size and also supermachines. I loved many of the bigger machine designs from Spartan so seeing them from WC will be very interesting. So far the only WC choice I dislike is the change in scale of the ground game and the resulting removal of land assets from the sea game. Though I can see some logic in that - Spartan did have some issues balancing ships (which traditionally are very heavily armed) with regular tanks on the ground at times. And you could also see that some of the land and sea ships were mirrors of each other. Though I think the greatest loss is that the scale change means we won't see supersized land units appear in the game. We won't get thundering rolling mobile airfields, though we will at least get flying ones. Still we've not seen anything on that beyond the proposed ideas made a year or more back so things could always change and betewen the sea game; the legions (28mm) and then bringing back others like Firestorm - there's a LOT to keep WC busy before they have to commit to design choices on support/side games.
  2. From what I can gather many older ships will get updated designs in the new game. For example the core sets are already featuring battleships, cruisers and frigates as standard. So you should be able to swap-in many of your old ships as counts as under the new ships. Of course some specialist units might not return; others might take a long while to come out and some might change quite dramatically in size and scale from what they once were. So I don't expect it to work perfectly, but I think old fleets will still be viable; just using legacy models. I don't expect WC to release rules specifically for the old designs. It would split the community and also the rules would either be on the whole weaker (thus old ships would feel redundant) or could end up better which would feel like old players have an advantage over new customers who can only buy the newer ships (I don't know how long WC will keep legacy casting going for).
  3. I don't mind fewer models so long as the number is functional within the game and comparable to squad sizes. So if you get 3 frigates then I'd hope that frigate groups cap at a multiple of 3 and increase by single or multiple of three models. That way you can just buy another starting box and continue to expand the fleet without waste. I'm also open to them doing boxed sets a bit like Planetfall, indeed the helix system was very interesting in that it helped out on two fronts: 1) It defeated unit spam by giving players diverse pre-designed unit blocks so you couldn't break things so easily with min-maxing units. 2) It helped keep the stocking and shelfspace down. this is a big concern for games because you are only going to have limited space at most stores. So if you can get more models by having more boxed sets instead of dozens of blisters then that can really help. IT also makes the game simpler to newbies even once the armies have increased in diversity. That said however they come I just want to see more models appearing. It was such a shame spartan shut down the way they did when their armies were getting thick with diversity and creativity. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see what Warcradle has come up with and to see a return of some old favourites and ideas and new twists! Huge hovering mecha-squids; vast sky carriers; machine sea monsters, whales with bombs strapped to them like a torpe...oh wait we got that!
  4. If I recall right weren't the tokens in Spartan sets just printed card (not perforated pop-out card), so whilst it was additional content it was cheaper than we might get in a dedicated token set. I don't mind reduced content since we don't yet know any prices, plus it sounds like they are aiming for quite a fast year if they can do 1 faction a month and support other factions with smaller ship releases. Next year is a shame, but at the same time, personally, the end of this year is shaping up t obe expensive so I can't complain at having more time to clear the decks for fresh ships and purchases
  5. I'm still not sure about their Armoured Clash approach, time will tell on that one with the scale change. But that is a freaking cool looking airship for Dystopian Wars! Darn it I hope they hurry up!
  6. Production is VERY encouraging! Concept fleets and 3D printed models are all good but we need some real models for the tabletop! Fingers crossed for a Christmas/Q1 release or sooner!!
  7. Thing is you can bet Sorylians will show off all their small and major side guns. I think showing the side guns helps create the idea that these are vast warships not little fighters with a single weapon (barirng those ships that might well have a single weapon of course). I think it also lets designers make more alien and creative designs and yet still show how they "function" as a ship. You can see bridges, engines, launch bays, gun platforms etc... It all helps build up a visual identity of the ship in question. I think it also helps to remind players during battle as well. If you can't see any side weapons you might suppose the ship has none and some likely will have no smaller side weapons (or smaller fore weapons etc..). So from a gameplay perspective it speeds things up if you are visually aware that the ship has side weapons from one which doesn't have any. Thus being a critical part in how a player will approach enemy ships. Of course some iwll have visual guns others might have curved domes or other unique shapes that identify their alien weaponry .
  8. That's a big change to the Dindrenzie! They've gone from square to a prism shape and I like it. Very alien and mysterious. Also those sides make me think that seeing a carrier from them is going to look very cool. I also notice that the railgun muzzle design is closer to the smaller support ships that Spartan released nearer the end (I forget their name, frigate sized or so and basically a small flying railgun). Which I think really highlights that super powerful fore weapon far more so than the smaller circles that they had originally. The only thing I dislike is that I can't see any support guns on its sides. I can clearly see the massive rail gun forward, but I can't see the smaller weapons. To me that's essential for a ship game, even if they are a bit out of scale to the rest of the ship, you've got to see the support weapon batteries. Otherwise it kind of loses the effect of a huge warship in space if you can visually only see the one weapon. Of course this is a work in progress look at the ship so there's ample reason that the support weapons might just not be on this render or worked out yet.
  9. Overread

    Fleets ahoy

    Hey @myrm I dropped you a pm - check your inbox
  10. Overread

    Fleets ahoy

    Really nice work and some heavy ebay hoarding and gathering to find all those old ships! Some look to be the first generation sculpts too!
  11. I figure at launch its going to be a skirmish game functionally anyway. With the way Spartan was winding down things near the end and bleeding players and with how its taken WC a long time to bring it back and they are doing a full make-over chances are many gamers will have small fleets at the start. So it might take a year or two before we get to a majority having bigger fleets on the tabletop. Plus we'll need that time for WC to have time to release more ship variety and airships as well. It took spartan years to build it up originally so its going to take a while to get the game back on its feet once again.
  12. I think that all ships should ideally be priced well for what they perform on the tabletop otherwise there's the risk that some really cool stuff gets left behind or just never performs well enough to sell. Things such as unique limits can easily prevent players losing an army's theme. Being able to only take one unique ship per 1000 points, for example and even just one of any specific unique type in a fleet already cuts down on the potential to lose army theming. I agree armies want to keep their visual and weapon based identities because those play into their designs a lot; at the same time I think some cross-over ships is a neat way to represent several aspects: 1) In world alliances, former and current. When two factions are allied in the lore then on the table a unique ship type that blends features of both can appear for the faction. This gives them some real visual element that ties them together in the game; even if in the practical battle sense they might gain no bonus otherwise when fielded at the same time in doubles games. 2) Technology theft. In a techno world many races might well steal each others tech and make limited use of it. 3) Joint tech ideas. Eg a faction that uses electricity might steal torpedo tech from another and produce a ship that uses lightning torpedoes. They might only have one such ship; but it represents a technology fusion that might otherwise not happen. Also I'd not expect to see every faction get blending from every other. Not only would that dilute the faction diversity in itself; but at the same time it would also dilute the range and end up bloating it with too many unique "one sale" products.
  13. Looking at the Russian ships in the art properly now I'm really liking some of the changes I see. The first is that the round engine section has a clearly defined "front" to it, which I appreciate in the design - spartan ones had a front but it wasn't always quite as clearly defined or obvious. I'm also really liking the look of the deck guns and the ice generator. I get a really strong "Defenders of the Earth" vibe off the art style and designs (pew pew lasers). Russians were always a fleet I wanted to build and never got too so seeing them appear would be great. I just really hope that they get their own air-armada this time around. Whilst I respected Spartan's desire to have variety in ship types and the Russians did get some freaking awesome looking allied flying aircraft carriers; I still felt sad taht the great bear didn't get a flying fortress of its own.
  14. EXCITEMENT! Darn I like those Relthoza designs! Though I kind of hope they don't got for the last one - I like the idea of a huge ship with spider-web like linkages, but the sane part of me thinks that it would be a nightmare to cast. Super thin parts that will be susceptible to snapping when just cleaning mould lines off. But still looks really cool and the basic concept of the ship designs is creative and I think brings out more of their spider influence. For all the greatness of the Spartan designs they never really said "spiderships made by superspiders" in the same way as their ground models did for Planetfall; which I think captured their designs far better as a species.
  15. In fairness the pace of WWE releases suggests that once Warcradle is over the hump, releases should come at a pretty decent pace! It's just this long, long, long endless waiting that is killing us. Though all signs point that we will see battle once again on the high seas this year.
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