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  1. It might also be that they hope a simpler game mechanically is easier to pick up and that depth will come with specialist units in the future along with overall tactics on the tabletop. Sometimes simpler game mechanics work better for allowing deeper strategy during the game; rather than highly complex and varied mechanics which can overcomplicate and mask the depth of strategy on offer. There's also the fact that simpler games are easier to pick up and get playing with and that we might see diverging profile and more rules depth evolve steadily over time as the game is added too and changed for new editions etc... Balance is also a factor, the more similar your varied factions are the easier it is to balance them against each other. There can be a lot of elements in play, though I think for DWars as it is right now the biggest issue is just that we don't have much out yet. We've not even got the sky theatre of war functioning as it will with larger airships
  2. Really nice clean painting and a neat scheme! Looks like you're ready to darken the skies with fliers!
  3. There's a lot more planned to come, expansion packs of ships, battle groups, more factions!
  4. You mean for the beta? That makes sense, the beta is over and WC has taken on board the viewpoints raised and is now focusing on releasing the refined final versions for the new version of the game. Some profiles might be changed some might be the same. They'll come out steadily over the following months as more and more ships and factions are released steadily to the market. I suspect they are choosing a steady approach because there's not really an active gaming scene at present in many regions (corona) so they can likely afford a slow growth of the game and release it earlier to fans as it grows. I suspect if it were a normal year they'd potentially be releasing more up front, but perhaps not until much later in the year.
  5. From what I understand Warcradle is going fully with their own designs on the fleets and races. Now what we might see are themes, designs and ideas resurface from the past and I'm sure they'll use the past for inspiration. However from what we can gather the actual casting of old models was a tricky thing for them, many arrived in bad condition or not properly paired/labelled etc... So I figure most of the classics might be long gone or might only come out now and then. Otherwise its full steam ahead iwth the new direction and new vision. As for scales I believe they've aimed for the same scale so there's nothing stopping you using classic ships as "counts as" within the current rules. I would not expect any "legacy" rules version to appear; this is a clean fresh start for the game.
  6. Overread

    Fleets ahoy

    Have to say their elf ships were some of their more creative seafaring vessles! They certainly took a very unique design approach for them and would have been nice to see them advance them further.
  7. The handover from Spartan wasn't smooth, Spartan had already been having trouble before they hit administration and WC bought the company assets through administration rather than as a company buyout. They got a pallet full of stuff and had to spend ages sorting through just to work out what moulds went with what. Because they've got their own sculpting ideas and focus they aren't recasting sculpts (I'm not even sure what masters or what condition masters they've got). So when the moulds wear out they get pulled from sale. It's just not viable for them to be investing into moulds for models they aren't expecting to support in the long run. It's only a pain for fans because its taken WC longer than anticipated to get the games back on track - plus Corona has thrown their Dystopian Wars release into a bit of chaos (though I believe they still expect to ship this year)
  8. I'm sure if we just give WC time (and lots of money for resin) they'll get armies as big and diverse as what old Spartan gave us!
  9. All very true points indeed. I well remember comments that not only were many of the moulds old/not in good condition, but that they also arrived in a very haphazard fashion and took a fair bit of time to sort out what was actually what. That said for us fans on the outside much of it is just ideas being thrown around. I suspect many of these issues will steadily reduce once the new range starts to hit the high seas and the shelves. In fact those looking to build their classic collections up might actually find the secondhand market picks up as whilst some will want a full old style fleet; others might start "trading up" selling old versions of the ships for new sculpts so it could take some pressure off that aspect of the market. In the end we are all gamers who are just super keen to see something we love back on the shelves, especially as the whole steam punk sea warfare market is basically empty (heck lets be honest SG was the biggest brand in its scale in a very long while - traditionally a niche that tends to only survive with historical games and with micro companies where there might be just one guy casting and producing everything). So here's to 2020 the year that Dystopian Wars returns to the high seas!
  10. I think it sounds like a bit of a catch22 in that demand for classics is low because most are listed out of stock and/or take a very long time to get cast when ordered which reduces the number of orders which reduces the amount of resources that WC is able to devote to them. Resin casting is more labour intensive than, say, plastic casting and when there's a huge library its not as profitable if the sales are really low as the prices are designed to work with volume rather than 4 of one ship then 1 of another etc..... Instead of 50 of each being cast in batch style production. I think it didn't help that Spartan had already started the process of killing off its own fanbase somewhat before the end and the end hit hard and many casual fans might not even be fully aware that the classics range is out there- having moved on to other games. Plus WC isn't marketing things all that heavily right now (a few events are attended through the year and there IS marketing in that - but its not the major "we are launching with a date" kind of marketing. Personally I think the Classics might actually become more viable if they were perhaps done a bit like how GW does it. Release DW the new game; release an army with a big focus on them and then do a push of classic castings only for that army on order to cast up for. Whilst I dislike GW's "1 week" policy with that (because its REALLY annoying and short term with little advanced warning); it does focus customers into a specific window and builds on the marketing interest already generated by the new models. In theory the new marketing gets old fans back who do take up the option of grabbing some old classic sculpts.
  11. Some of that Prussian chunk is because of their new train system. Don't forget they basically shoved two railway tracks with engines (which have impressive detail on them from the photos) running right through the middle so that they can move different weapons to the fore. It's actually something that would work great with some Prussian themed docks and terrain features showing trains pushing and ready to load other weapon types toward the ships; or even deploying them on their own warfs and docks for defence.
  12. It's more likely that as the forum doesn't see much attention they don't focus on viewing it every day - whilst facebook they likely check along with their own personal social media accounts. In the past I've reported posts to bring them to the attention of WC staff since the volunteer mods don't see any of the back-end of the company so company focused questions we cannot answer (save to repeat what WC staff have already said).
  13. Don't forget whilst the Uncharted Seas miniatures got updated moulds the actual sculpts of many are very dated. The Dragon Lords really show this. If you compare their regular ships the hulls, whilst having nice panel detailing, are exceptionally boring and bare of detail or even ship-like styles and features. Not even anchor holes and the rear window is very "slapped on". They were very early sculpts and if you compare the designs to a lot of the newer stuff that Spartan did, esp for Dystopian Wars, you can REALLY see that they came a long way. Even the Invoker new ships were a world apart from the earlier designs. Of all the Spartan ranges this one would need a re-vamp in terms of updating sculpts for many of the races. Sadly it was also the most dead in the water even before Spartan closed doors. Chances are even if WC have the moulds a good few might be broken/damaged beyond casting quality (esp since they'd put the range on mail-order only and had run it down heavily so chances are many moulds just never got replaced then and were run till they dropped). I do recall WC showed some early design concepts for Uncharted a year or so back. I think its on the cards as something they would like to do, however "when" is a massive question.
  14. Part of the reason some of the old castings haven't come back is because: 1) they were in poor casting condition when they arrived at WC. Because WC is going with their own vision it doesn't make sense for them to remake broken moulds so they remain lost. 2) They didn't get everything on a neat pallet. Spartan Games wasn't bought out it went through administration. Sadly this resulted in a bit of a messy situation. I believe they also said that the system that archived what mould numbers went with which products and stuff were all lost/inaccessible when they got them. So they had loads of moulds and no way to know what they were for; if they were old or new current or outdated etc... 3) They used metal or multi-material. I know early on WC was only casting all resin models. I'm not sure if they've advanced to resin and metal.
  15. To be fair rebuilding is going to be darn hard until there's a concrete release date from WC for when they are going to launch the game. Until then its all ticking over really unless your local scene has a lot of legacy ships to play with and you can get into the beta through the FB groups. That said every day we get closer and closer to that magical time when WC announces it!
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