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  1. Overread

    new models

    Ahh missed that this was in the firestorm section. At present Firestorm is anticipated some time next year and there's no fixed news on it -a few hints of pictures in their podcasts but nothing solid from them as yet. Remember WC didn't buyout or take over Spartan, they bought it up when it went into administration. As a result everything was shut down and shipped out to them - some machinery and such went missing whilst things like the moulds were just lumped on pallets. So they've spent quite a long time working out which castings go for which models and the like. It wasn't, sadly, a clean affair and its why WC has had to basically spend a year setting up their own factory and rebuilding things. Though they are taking this moment to stamp their own identity on the models and redesign many and revamp them - giving the line a fresh overhaul and bringing it all up to modern standards as well as giving it a face lift. They have said that they've hired a writer and are looking to develop the lore for Firestorm much more so than Spartan did which is a great thing! Spartan always had some neat lore but it was oftne kind of in the background or locked in the designers heads more than on clear paper in books/manuals.
  2. Overread

    new models

    The beasts of war photos and video from the last Gencon which shows the Prussians! https://www.beastsofwar.com/liveblogentry/step-into-warcradles-saloon-for-wild-west-exodus-and-dystopian-wars-comment-to-win/#snav
  3. Overread

    new models

    When is still "This year" we have no fixed date on the release itself. They have thus far shown some renderings and master casts from events they've attended. The Bretonian and Prussian core ships have been shown off and a few other bits and such here and there in their QA sessions. They are also selling some classics as they come through them in the moulds they've got - mostly sticking to whatever is made fully in resin rather than resin metal or metal models.
  4. Expect to see Classics remain on Dystopian Wars up until they release the new stuff for them; at which point a shift to FA would be ideal; giving WC something to tide the FA fanbase over until they get some stuff out. What interested me most was seeing at the Gencon the massive spaceships on sale now - SG never got their leviathans onto the tables; but it seems that both Starwars Armada (which honestly released a VAST BEAST of a Super Star Destroyer) and Dropfleet commander are both now getting bigger ships onto the market. Gives good hope that we might see similar vast ships appear one day from WC!
  5. Overread

    Across The Pond at Gen Con 18

    You know having had a look at the original models again in photos I don't think these are as big a departure as we might consider. The funnels are still the same, the hull is mostly similar; the biggest difference is the shift toward trains in the middle and the loss of tesla broadsides and replacing them with what look like small turrets. Mechanically I think this might well change the faction or make it so that its core is similar to others in having decent ranged offence. We might even see the rules shift around to favour range more over close combat. Another thing is that the trains seems to come direct from the giant ice carrier. The big tesla weapons on that were on train tracks so who knows this might even been the direction SG could have taken them (SG always had way more designs than they could make and a very active creative section so could be these are even old or revised designs tweaked or influenced by). STill looking forward to the day that we hear dates and such! Getting on to August now so hopefully only a month or two before we start to hear big news (assuming they release Q4)
  6. Overread

    Across The Pond at Gen Con 18

    To my eye they've gone more traditional steam punk in style - not that the old weren't good but they were certainly more smart and almost modern looking with their turrets (even futuristic). It's certainly a big change even through to their train system (I really hope we see WC release terrain packs like Spartan did - I'd love a proper themed Prussian base with railroads and such - plus the video did mention attacking coastal installations! )
  7. Overread

    Across The Pond at Gen Con 18

    Loved to see all the models - the 20-20 model and its alternate transformed mode look really great and I love the Bravestar nod it gives! The Prussians are also very interesting. I recalled the train system from the previews shown earlier and its translated to models really well! I love the idea of the trains being in the ship and it gives a sense of scale to the models as well when the steam trains are small models just sticking out the back of it. I'm also going to say that seeing the twin turrets and the design of them is giving me a big flashback to the glory days of PC gaming with games like Red Alert an the heavy tank from there; as well as all those cartoons from the 80-90s. Really loving the designwork. Interesting to note that there don't seem to be any electric weapons on these Prussian ships. Does this mean that their electric warfare has changed? Originally they were much more close and board you type faction; these ships seem much more bombardment and long to mid range. Or have they shifted their mighty tesla into a new breed of ships that we've yet to see!
  8. Overread

    GenCon 2018

    Where's the photos from Gencon - we must have some crazed fans there to ambush the Warcradle team for questions, pestering and to see any preview models or ideas!
  9. Overread

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Polaris I love that - massive fantastic looking fleet! Makes me dream of seeing FA back in the world and getting a chance to have it advance from squad to fleet scale battles with that many models (given time and enough hours and mad enough players to field that many warships)
  10. Overread

    Warcradle classic Dystopian age releases wishlist

    Don't forget Uncharted sort of died whilst being updated - most of the factions got new moulds which could create sharp results; but many of the designed were very dated. Dragon Lords come to mind as a faction with very dated designs for many of their ships - very simplistic. The new Mage ships they made for the Dragon Lords were streets ahead; but they never revised the whole line. The other matter is a lot of the ships had metal parts - be they turrets or sails so that might further hold them back. Still I'm hopeful that we will see Uncharted return - undead whales pulling gallions of undead slaves rowing vast ships battling against dragon lords furing magical bolts from vast ballista whilst dragons fill the skies; whilst ships adorned with cannon blast out white hot metal and thick smoke
  11. Overread

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Based on my gaming experience I'm going for Space Cat Attack!
  12. Overread

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Bumping this thread to remind people that its TODAY in just under half an hour!
  13. Overread

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    The Helix approach was a very solid idea and I'd be hopeful that WC might consider using it for at least Planetfall. What the Helix did was a couple of interesting things 1) It lowered the footprint per-faction for stocking and meant that players had a very simple purchase model for each faction. Buy the boxes. No filling in squadron gaps, no extras or upgrades just a bog standard box of minis 2) It actually increased diversity of units because if you wanted a certain helix you had to take all that helix offered no matter what it was. This increased the potential diversity of units and cut down on the potential to spam very good units. 3) It made army building quicker and easier because as a player you only had a few key helix choices. Even as the game matured and evolved it was still very simple to slot together a couple of helix and have an army. This lowers the complexity for new gamers. It was a very neat idea that made things simple without actually taking away from army variety, tactical depth nor visual style of the armies. It's actually a measure that likely makes balancing a lot easier because the number of unit combinations is far smaller. Much easier to spot and deal with unbalanced setups.
  14. Overread

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    Right now Games Workshop is about the only company that really invests in "bling" on models. Most other companies stick to fixed attachments. Detail additions would be nice, but don't forget the weapon choices you make would be the first line of telling your ships apart from each other; and subtle paint marks can do the rest. Though heavier armour addons or optional detailing parts would be neat.
  15. Overread

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    I think I recall a post by someone from WC stating that they were going to focus on individual factions standing alone rather than in a "soup" system that DWwars was heading toward near the end of Spartan's life. Personally I prefer distinct armies over souped armies as when you start having formal competitive alliances between major factions you can fast end up eroding both balance, variety and astethetics as it allows very extreme min-maxing (and makes it harder to balance armies) It is, of course, different when you've a single faction intentionally made up of allied smaller factions (eg mercenary forces).

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