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  1. Well personally like I mentioned, I prefer the aerial combat, seems pretty cool. But knowing so little as I do, I was just curious about... Well... Everything really haha. Like mechanics, strategies, pros/cons etc. sorry to be so vague :s
  2. I kinda discovered spartangames and dystopian wars recently and me and a few friends are going to start collecting. None of us know much about it and we haven't yet gotten a chance to see the rules. We all nerded out over the concept of the Victorian/steampunk/post-historical miniature war game. Just wondering if some of you could offer to give as much of a run down as you can about the different nations an their crunch (not really interested in fluff ATM). We're curious about the pros and cons in the mechanics of each faction, cost-efficiency (in game points as well as actual purchasing cost), strategies/playstyles, etc. etc. I like the idea of the airships and flying battles and stuff , whilst the other guys find the land and sea battles more appealing. Some info on the ups and downs of those would be awesome too. Any useful information would be greatly appreciated, whether comprehensive or concise. I'm sure there are many other noobs out there that would benefit from it. Thanks folks! Phin
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