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  1. I simply put them in a bowl of thinner and start scrubbing with a toothbrush. Smelly work, bad for your hands without gloves, but it's done in 5 minutes. Then wash em again with water to make sure no unwanted stuff is left behind, leave em to dry on a towel spread out under your window in the sun, tadaa!! New models! Just make sure you leave them to dry long enough. The fine details everythere catch waterbubbles like crazy. I usually use my nose to determine if they've dried long enough. Even after washing with water, some thinner smell will be there on your model. when that smell is gone, they're safe for new paint. As an added bonus, they're absolutely free of any mold release there could ever have been on there. I know thinner sounds crazy, but Spartan's resin can take it without damage. I love that stuff to work with.
  2. Thanks for all the opinions and insights guys! I think I'll start planning out without a Leviathan. As for conversions, would the heavy armor model be big enough to fit all the weapons of the leviathan on it instead of it's own? Haven't found a size comparison of those 2 yet. Guess I'll be working something out if I ever find myself needing the leviathan in a game. gotta start with the core anyway, so enough time to think about that!
  3. Thanks for the responses guys! Apparently the big guy isn't really needed. Yay! 2 Heavy Helixes sounds pretty cool. I haven't even looking into the rules of planetfall yet, but a spare centerpiece model sounds like my style. I always seem to get something epic blown to rubble without really achieving anything himself. I think I've got the start of a plan here. Any more opinions are still very welcome of course!
  4. As the title says, I've got a question here, first I'll explain where the question comes from.. I've been collecting Sorylians for Firestorm Armada for a while now, and absolutely love the designs for every model. Even the older style ones. I can proudly state I own at least 1 full squadron of every Sorylian ship currently available. From there, with the recent addition of the Bastion Fleet into my armada, I've been looking to Planetfall aswell. Natural choice for an army would be Sorylians! Been looking around here for a while, Loving all the stuff, except for that giant centerpiece Firepower Leviathan. I've really been trying to like it, been imagining it in my personal fleet colours, but just can't. The whole idea of sending your great overlord giant lizard (weird in it's own right) off to battle with a cannon strapped to it's back while everything else is a heavily armored, mechanical walking warmachine just looks completely off. It just looks way to "fantasy" in a Science Fiction universe. Everything else looks awesome though. So here's the question I've warned you for: Is the Sorylian Collective in serious need of their Leviathan? Or can I simply collect an army of everything except that big weird dinosaur and instead ignore the living hell out of it's existence? I really am in serious mental hobby pain here, as my usual style to select an army is check out the biggest model first and go from there. However, this time, I feel a strong push to Sorylians to tie them in with my space fleet, despite the weird centerpiece model. Can the Sorylians function on the table unhindered without the big weird one and instead use the Heavy Armor Helix as the eye-catching big model? Or will the Leviathan have some special function to fulfill in larger games and will a Sorylian army without it eventually just be doomed to fail? What are your thoughts on this? P.S. This is in no way meant as a hate post to Spartan despite the critisism inside. Apologies to the people who designed the giant monster, but it really just doesn't do anything for me. sorry.
  5. That's looking awesome. My only suggestion would be this: Use that scheme on your fleet!
  6. Those are some awesome sorylians!! I collect their space cruising brothers in that other game, the official pictures had me worried I wouldn't like my chosen race for this game. You've convinced me otherwise. Thanks for posting your amazing paintjobs in close up!
  7. I just clicked on the Spartan page front on "latest pre-orders", and got redirected to "Planetfall". Still only has Dystopian Wars Indian Raj on that page... Would that be the site under construction giving hints of what's gonna come next?
  8. Dutchies here? Not those West-Prussian Coast dwellers right? ... hate those guys.. huh wat? Ohja, Nederlanders. Hoi!
  9. I use paint thinner for removing paint off metal and resin models. Metal can just soak in there for as long as you want. Resin should be out of there within an hour. Resin seems slightly porous, and will absorb thinner a little bit. You'll notice this when it starts feeling a bit soft. (in about an hour) In this state you really don't wanna scrub it with your old toothbrush or whatever. Thoroughly wash off the thinner with regular running water. Wait for the thinner to dissolve out of your resin and you're done. I just let them dry overnight. to be sure. I can't say for sure what will happen when you spray your models with the thinner still a little in there, and I really don't wanna find out either. If you wash your models using regular washing up liquid to get rid of any remaining mould-release agents, I'd advise to clean them again after that with regular running water. Otherwise your washing up liquid may not vaporize completely along with the water, and will act as a new layer of nastyness to disturb your paintworks. Same as mould-release.
  10. Awesome! I wasn't really planning on spamming 1 unit, just in the case of the Königsbergs I would have had way more than I would ever be able to field that way. In the case of the Sturmbringer, I was just curious. I don't have too many of those. Yet...
  11. WHOOOOOOO! Guess what just happened, roughly an hour ago? YEAH! My reinforcements arrived! They're awesome. Every single piece is cast perfectly. They're currently having a bath in soapy water as I type this... Stuff came packaged in a sturdy box with so much tape wrapped around it, it was almost waterproof , safely transporting everything across that little pond. Shipping must have happened by speedboat for sure. The only thing that wasn't as it should have been, was the amount of SRS tokens in my carrier pack. I got 1 too many. OMG those mispacks. This was my first time buying stuff directly from Spartan Games, and most likely far from the last time! Oh, and those Battlecruisers are HUGE! Didn't expect that. And they're way better looking in real life 3D model than on photo's. They're just hard to do justice with a single picture. Those Warwolfs, damn, they just look evil. Sexy evil! I'm sure they'll enjoy blowing stuff up. They certainly look that way. I'm off now, got some toothbrushing to do on my shiny new Space Lizards. Thank you, everyone at Spartan Games!
  12. A quick glance though those new stats + a read through here to confirm I'm not making it all up in my head = HAPPY!!! There's 2 questions in my head now though. I never saw this "Limited Availability" MAR anywhere in these new stats. Combine that with some units losing their Squadron size 1-2. (Looking at you, Metzger and Königsberg!) Does that mean I can still field all of those units without worrying about fleet size? And, the Sturmbringer lost that MAR aswell. Can I now field multiples in a small points game?
  13. EXCITED, EXCITED, EXCITED!!! My reinforcements are currently shunting to a location near me! Within 1 day. Spartan sure is fast! Now let there be a nearly 2 weeks holiday somewhere in my near future, starting: Wait for it,... The day after tomorrow!!!! Now just hope this ship is a speedboat. All it has to do is cross that tiny little pond called Northsea.
  14. About those Arrows, they're now resculpted and renamed. Now called Kontos class. What's more, they're in the same boxset as that Xiphos carrier! Just because this can't be stressed enough I'll also add this: any old ships you may have are still useable. They may be discontinued in model, not in stats. yay!
  15. What an amazing forum this is. Venting random happiness inspires people to post informative stuff to help us attract ladies... ... What are multiple ladies together called? A horde, herd, pack, smack?
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