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  1. Mortaal

    Green RoF finished! [30-07-2014]

    Exactly that , hint: "we all live in a..."
  2. Mortaal

    Green RoF finished! [30-07-2014]

    My RoF are finally complete after waiting for a long time on my skimmers to arrive, here are some pictures: I also had a friend cut some flight stands indicating the plane type and unit strength, very handy to have And of course we did not forget to give the skimmer thrusters a nice finish Now this chapter is closed it will be time for me to start on my submarine fleet. Regards, Mortaal
  3. Mortaal

    Best ship class per faction

    I believe the Cherbourg deserves a spot in this list.
  4. Mortaal

    TO LANCE OR NOT TO LANCE? That is the question

    In my games they survive longer, as well as bringing 5ap each for boarding purposes is great for late game assaults imo
  5. Mortaal

    All sub (almost) KoB/FSA/BW vs Chinese

    This battle report makes me want to build my KoB sub force even more, perhaps trying something gimmicky with flanking of the vanguards to make a nasty surprise ramming force
  6. Mortaal

    TO LANCE OR NOT TO LANCE? That is the question

    Or going with 4 Alma's to do the screening worked great for me so far, as well as leaving more space in the medium section for Toulons and the likes of those
  7. Mortaal

    TO LANCE OR NOT TO LANCE? That is the question

    Tbh, I would not put the Cherbourg forward, and hide the requins behind your magenta until boarding. This is because they are big threats if left undamaged, and as the cherbourg is our most powerful lance ship for it's cost it probably will get targeted first of all ships.
  8. Mortaal

    SCANDINAVIA gaming table

    Oh wow this is amazing would love to learn how you did this so I can make my own!
  9. Mortaal

    Full sub list viability

    Oh yes please, a writeup would be great!
  10. Mortaal

    French bombard list

    I do not know if you mean if it is as squishy as a small? Because it is classed as a medium in the pdf
  11. Mortaal

    French bombard list

    "Medium naval Diving Model" v1.3 RoF
  12. Mortaal

    Green RoF finished! [30-07-2014]

    Just using a handsaw and cutting horizontally does the trick Here some more pictures with finished Couronne and Cherbourg: Now just waiting for my attack Flotilla and Alma's to arrive to finish my fleet Regards, Mortaal
  13. Mortaal

    French bombard list

    Just to look at the french possibilities without their heat lances: Saint-Malo - mine control gen Saint-Malo - mine control gen 3x Epaulard 3x Epaulard 4x Alma 4x Alma 5x fighter planes 5x fighter planes 1000 points Loads of corrosion, spotting capability and mine field defense lines
  14. Mortaal

    Full sub list viability

    Alright, how about: Vengeance 3x Bastion Vengeance 1x Bastion Vengeance 1x Bastion 3x Vanguard 2x Vanguard 5x Valliant To be honest, this list does feel pretty nice, as well as balanced and defended against SAS.
  15. Mortaal

    Full sub list viability

    Could the bastions not protect the dominions from small & medium fire at the start?

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