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  1. Define "near", because way too many of the Denver metro game stores have gone under in the last few years, with the suburbs handling most of the brick and mortar duties.
  2. If the RSN are the "good guys" of the Zenian League (the "bad guys"), then their Kurak Alliance opposite would be the "bad guys" of the "good guys" - which would suggest Veydreth.
  3. Well, going back 10 months to January, I found this thread which gives us this, unfortunately unsourced, description: "The Kedorians, however, look nearly human. They are taller than average, long and thin in limbs and fingers. Their facial features appear vaguely regal to most humans due to a long straight nose and high brow ridge. Two sets of vestigial eyes are nearly hidden in deep creases in their brows, and they are completely hairless. Most wear a variety of hats and head-dresses to indicate rank and social status."
  4. Fluff question - what do Kedorians look like? We can imagine lizard dudes with the Sory, fish dudes with the Aquans, crab dudes with the Ilosans, spider dudes for the Relthoza, human dudes with the half dozen or so human factions, even Veydreth are dragon dudes. What kind of dudes are the Kedorians?
  5. All right, I haven't even played my first game with my Dindrenzi, but I'm in love with the Kedorian aesthetic. Now to figure out how to get the American dollar closer to parity with the British pound so I can get the Alliance and Support Fleet boxes. EDIT: Or I can just show poor impulse control, and go ahead and buy them today.
  6. cappadocius

    Rsn Fleet

    I'd love to, just once, however unlikely or impossible, play a game of FA where all the distances are to scale with the models.
  7. Maybe I'm stupid, but the link in the pinned post takes me to a redirect to the Spartan Games online shop, and there's no download of the Planetfall rules there. Is Planetfall a closed beta?
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